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i am kanishka.i am from sri lanka.i am now living in my previous job is room boy,in dubai.i have 7 year experiences .

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Hi all I am new in Erbil kurdistan one week old here.

Hi im Menche Batula 1 month in Sulimaniah
Working one of public Hospital

Hi Yall, I'm from Oregon, here working for last 4 years with US Embassy. Work for another 3-4 years then travel. I don't get to see a lot of Iraq, one thing is for sure the temp is a little out of control! OK thought, just have to deal with it! Hope to meet a lot of expats and get advise for future travels!! Go Ducks! Go Dallas Cowboys!

Hi All,

I have been living in Erbil now for over a year on and off, But I have mostly friends from work. I would like to meet more like minded people in the area. I am from Cork in Ireland. Enjoy eating out and any group activity's.
I enjoy sports, But have not had much opportunity here. I used to play tennis and would like to get back into it.


Hey James,

I have played Tennis in University :))
It will be a great idea to meet in some good place and play such interesting game.
Sami Abed Alrahman Park have two Tennis courts but most of time a lot of people, so we may need to come very early...

Please any other ideas where we are can gather our self and play.


you well com am know in hungary am in 14-8-2015 will be in erbill for faster contact xxx

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I am Tanzanian lady. Have 12+ experience working with international NGOs. I was in Erbil Iraq for few months working with an International NGOs, I have completed the mission, and am now back in my country. Tanzania.

Hi everyone.
I am mechanical associate engineer and Bsc in physics. I am here in Baghdad in Almco. I have one year multiple visa for iraq. Any suitable job in oil company for me . Plz mail at me **********************

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Any suitable job for me
Mechanical associate engineer and Bsc physics . One year multiple visa for iraq. I am in baghdad now.

hi iam Nashir uddin..Next month i am coming in iraq.please advice to me ,have any problem in iraq.i want to  your friend,you agree please answer to me **

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Good day to you.
     when i came in 2013 for the zayarat of muqadas shrine of imam ali at that time i was intersted in iraq job :)


Hi, my name is Ashanti. I am from the States and I will be moving to Suliman next week... Just saying hello to the room.

Well come.. Bro....

Hi, welcome.  I'm in Sulaymaniyah too.  Have you found things to do here?

I came from lebanon, i work as engineer, i am in Erbil, i am interested to find nice friends, please do not hesisate to write me :)

Hi friend ,

I hope every thing is fine with you in Erbil.

I'm originally from Baghdad, currently i'm in Egypt.
I like to know your suggestion about living &working in Erbil.

Wishing you happy times.

I recommended you and you are most welcome........

Hi Maurice , Hope you are doing well.. are you still in Najaf? how is it now in terms of safety and life style? and do you know anything about Karbala? is it as safe as Najaf?
Would appreciate your help..

Thank you,

Hi all,
I will be moving to Suli in August, and I will teach at the AUIS.  I love playing tennis and travel.  Please message me with any advice you all may have.  I am from Florida, USA.

Hi, I am moving to Erbil in a couple of months with my family. Currently I am living in Amman fir last 4.5 years. I hope we like the city and life in Erbil.

Hi All

Am Mokhaled from UK/London, currently in Iraq working as an Admin Manager, my contract is almost due to expire and before I accept the renewal offer, am trying to find something else can anyone help.

Thanks in advance.

IS there any alive on this forum

I'm alive...I'm alive.

We're here!

Is any one living in Basra Iraq

Hey There...

I worked in Basrah for one year and a half.
How i can help you, mam


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