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Good day everyone  :)

My name is David, I recently came back from Georgia and I must say that I was amazed by the country and the new projects that they are working on.
I recently got my bachelor's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and I'm doing my best to find a job in Georgia. I hope that with my skills and multilingual background I can find something that suits me even if it's not in my engineering major.

Why Georgia ?

May i have your email/skype or cell no?

Sure Imtiazh

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my name is atif

trying to visit tbilisi soon

hopefully we will fly tomorrow

after reaching there i will update

i m pakistani national living in dubai for the last 6 years approx

doing i.t. / mobiles / electronics related work here

Iiam livig in qatar i need move to gorgia porpos of job or invetmet can you advise me my whats up no xxx

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contact me irma 2


I'm pursuing to study in TSMU for the next years, kindly advise to get the right kind accommodation 1 br flats or 2br in nearby locations such as 5 minutes walk


Hi Dear All Respectful People.
My name is Altamash Shaikh from Mumbai now living in Oman since 1980.
Being known as a beautiful country and people of Georgia Tbilisi.
I would like to start a small business in Tbilisi.
Which required a small shop and a place to stay, I would like to know the cost of renting a shop and the cost of living in Tbilisi.
And weather I can import goods from any part of the world to run a shop.
Can the forum advise me the wright path to obtain my goal.
Thanks & Regards

Hello!    My name is Kathleen and I am an American who has recently moved to Tbilisi. I am a former professor who switched to humanitarian work a few years ago. I have been working in Ukraine since 2015 and recently decided to move to Georgia. I am looking for consultancy work in the region (Caucuses, Eastern Europe), while keeping Tbilisi as my 'home base'. I love this city!  I don't have many friends here and would like to connect with other ex-pats (and locals). In my free time I enjoy exploring the city, reading, feeding stray cats, and sipping good Georgian wine.

i am in Tbilisi  and hope to have friends here . can we are friends?

Hi my name is fin and I am looking to move to Georgia for about a year so I can write a book, like the walking cliche I am. I am from england

Hiiii nicolaz thanks for yur help. My question is it TRC available is very easy to get and how would be the duration or validity.and how much for a foreign worker would be paying ,who doesn't know local languages. Thank u.

Barnabas is my name. Very glad to join this forum. It's my passionate desire to be in Georgia. Kindly guide me with your advise and the possible means I can use  to get there and the immediate job opportunities. Thanks for your recognition.

Hi, I am Indian citizen looking to move to Georgia, looking for better opportunity. Basically, I am an Engineer working as a site engineer and Russian translator in power plant sector with a Russian firm, I do have command of the Russian language as well. Please guide me is it possible to get the job in Georgia or I have to start something else there.

Hello Everyone,

I'm Sohrab, from Tehran, Iran. I lived in Azerbaijan few years. We are running a Hotel and Travel Agency in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Now I came to Georgia to start same branch of Travel Agency here.

I have many experiences in Hotel, Apartment management, Making Tours and activities and in sales and marketing. If anyone is interested in this filled please send me a message for corporation.

Also I'm Musician, Songwriter/Composer, Vocalist, Sound engineer and teacher.  I'v been playing Electric Guitar more than 12 years and I composed many songs for TV, Radio stations, Movies, Singers, etc. some of my songs played in famous Europe and USA radio stations. I released my album 8 years ago.

I'm interested to teach music, playing Electric/Classic Guitar, working with professional songwriting and arrangement software (DAW). 
If anyone knows how I can start teaching in Tbilisi please send me a message.

You can listen to some of my songs here.

I'd like to meet with musicians in Tbilisi for play some songs together, compose new songs and create some good musical events in Tbilisi.

Also I'm founder of "International Friendly Gathering Baku". We're having a gatherings every weekend in Baku for Improving English Language, meet new people and make networking. If anyone interested to start same thing in Tbilisi let me know, I have experience to create good events  :) 

Best Regards,

I’m currently in georgia any advice to get a residence card

Options are clearly described and process for each option is simple enough if you qualify. Justice Hall is very helpful for all enquiries and guidance about requirements. English speaking staff are available. Start here:

they also have a chat facility - it does not work properly with apple safari browser but fine with Google Chrome and other browsers.

Hello everyone,
My name is Esther from Uganda and planning on moving to Georgia next year. I have a diploma in entrepreneurship and business management with a 2yrs experience in sales and marketing. I would like to find a job that deals in the same field something to do with customer care. I love interacting with people and hope to get more help from u guys on this platform.
Thanx Esther.

Hi, my name is Ahmed, nice to find your small community.
I'm welling to visit Georgia for a site survy as i'm thinking to start my own resturant business.

Kindly for your advise for
-Which place is better for a sea food resturant?

- what about accomedation prices for ( 3 rooms flat)?

- what about school fees ( 11 and 3 years old) and cost of living in Tibilisi or/and batomi....i'm open for your suggestions.

Tnx all in advance.


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