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Newbie on the Georgia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Georgia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hiiiiiiiiii how r u..? my name is Zishan from India (New Delhi) prsently i am living in Saudi Arabia, i would like to move Tiblisi, Georgia for business.

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Dear I am interested in study in Georgia. I saw that you are living in Georgia and thought you can help and advice me. Please advice it is good to do in Georgia. worth and job situation. Country situation. I am currently in Pakistan and whats the best way to apply and get visa. Job market, job is easily available or  not. During study can student do job or not.

People, it is not possible any more, don't you read Georgia's new politics what's happening, new Government makes it not possible any more!!!
As a matter of fact people who are there dont get visas to stay, they are leaving already, even students cant get visas to continue studies, i read it all in Georgian papers, Georgia is 3 mil people and 80% unemployment!

Hi everybody,

This is to remind you that this topic has been created for the new members. On this thread they can introduce themselves and share with us their project about moving to Georgia. :)

However if you have specific questions to ask, it is therefore recommended that you open a new thread. ;)

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Hallo everybody, my name is nikoloz i am From Georgia and i am living still here and planning to live here :). see my topics and aske me any questions in my competences. i will be glad to answer you! waiting for you, thanks!


My name is Wayne im from South Africa and will be moving to Georgia within the next few months. I am REALLY excited about the move !! We will be starting a Print - Design & Marketing company in Tbilisi.


Thank you for the welcoming message :) . My name is Nico and myself and the family we will soon relocate to Atlanta. I will assume as soon as end November 2014. I require advice on what small electrical items I can bring along should I obtain the adaptor in the US. Is it worth it or not? I know that big appliances such as washing machines, freezers, tumble dryers, etc will definately not work. Can I consider to bring my TV along or will that be a waste too?

Please i want to be linked to a nigerian schooling at tbilisi medical university

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I have been in and out of Georgia since 2012 but just joined Georgian
Am from Singapore and would like to know expats living in Georgia, in particular Poti, my present residence.  I have a personal blog on Georgia,, though it needs updating since the implementation of new immigration policy in September 2014.

I did not renew my temporary residency in 2014 because I could live here without visa for 1 year.  However, that has changed in September 2014, so I  had to apply this year.  Will be getting my ID card at the end of this week.  Please read my blog on how to apply for one.

Welcome members to contact me.  I am also looking for opportunities here.
Thanks N Regards

I am visiting Tibilisi on Thu. evening 3rd September and all day on Fri. 4th September and
I would like to see as much as possible.

Some tour companies advertise some very expensive tours for 1 person..... is there anyone or any tour company who can assist me and show me Tblisi?

All information on Tbilisi is welcome..... thank you.... tartanjim

I am from Nigeria a Private Pilot Licence holder looking forward to relocate to Georgia for a lucrative Pilot Job to earn a living. I have never been there before.
Please I need assistance from the forum for direction and connection. Thanks.
I am looking forward to hearing from the members.

for how long will it take one to obtain visa in Georgia?

I am Jimmy from anyone available as a guide to show me TBILISI in half day or all day on Friday 4th Sept......I will watch the football match Georgia v Scotland in the evening ko 8pm therefore I have all day Friday to see Tbilisi.
Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you....Jimmy from Scotland :)

hey guys!

well me and my wife where on vacation to Georgia it was awesome!

hope this helps you


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Hello there ..
My partner and i are planning to visit Georgia hopefully in a couple of weeks time depending on how soon we are being granted a visa .. We will be visiting as tourists , I am originally a Ghanaian and the problem now is how to apply for the VISA , I have tried the e-Visa on official site but nothing seem to work for me so i would appreciate any advice from you how and what to do .


Thanks James....anyone with more info. on 'where to go' on this Thurs. evening in Tbilisi....I am staying in Central Tbilisi Old Town....I am on my own and if anyone from Georgia of the EXPAT members is free to show me around...great...I will buy you a drink!
Thanks....Jimmy from Scotland

Hi Jimmy, Hows ya doing?

are you in Georgia?


I am a Nigerian. Can .anybody help me on how to get job in Georgia and how to go about getting the work permit ? I had Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Administration and Management, Master in Business Administration (MBA Marketing).

I am a Nigerian. Can .anybody help me on how to get job in Georgia and how to go about getting the work permit ? I had Advance Nabteb and Diploma in Mechanical craft with Federal Trade Test.

Hey all, I'm a 30-something American who moved to Tbilisi about a month ago, I'm finding it difficult to meet other expats :/  If anyone is interested in chatting or if anyone has info about where to go to meet people, I'd love it if you'd reach out to me. I'm interested in travel (lived in and visited many places!), languages, reading, crafting, running, drinking coffee.... well, lots of things. Professionally, I'm a teacher and sometimes a writer :)

That's all! Pleased to meet all of you :)

Thanks for the welcoming remarks.  My plan is to buy a property at Tbilisi or Batumi and make Georgia my second home.  Also may be starting a business in training work force for the oil industry.
Any thought of where to buy and what will be the appropriate location.  I am a retired engineer and look for a happy place to live in.

Hameed Bukhamsin

am prince adeshina adebayo by name'am from nigeria planing to visite georgia which i need some one to tell me more about georgia.

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This poor people must know what we,Georgians think about their immigration in Georgia.
Also Somebody must explain,that in Georgia they can't get job,because many Georgians are themselves without jobs.

People let me explain what is happening in Georgia. If you are rich and want to invest/ BIG money I guess there will be no problem but if you think to go there and get a job forget it!!!

Let me tell you the truth which you probably don't know and if you knew you will run as far & fast like Georgians run from Georgia(if they get the possibility)

I am Georgian born living in NL and want to live in Georgia, I come every year to get a job, any kind, believe or not there is NO job there at all! only 20% of the entire population has a job! yes!
I speak 5 languages! have university degree! I can not get any job in my own country(so many others/Georgians )and how do you think you get anything there?!

Even if you get a job the average salary is 300 lari($170!!!) that is not even enough to rent a place to live as renting costs twice more, now let me talk about food/products in markets, it is very expensive and even more expensive than in Holland! meat costs 12-15 lari!!! also cheese the same price and all other... you will ask how people survive? I tell you how, ALL families have a member that left Georgia to work like slaves in US & Europe! they take care sick and old... they can not see their own children for years who are brought up without mothers, now you tell me if there were a n y jobs in Georgia why would anyone leave own family and kids go and take care of sick and old like a slave they work to support their families in Georgia!

If Georgians can not get a n y job in their country(I am talking about ANY job they are willing to take to be with their own family and kids)how you think to get a job there, you don't even speak Georgian, what do you expect to get ?! you can not get any kind of job, let nobody tell you otherwise! and pls don't trust people who tell you come you will get jobs here. This is a lie! sorry to tell you that but there are also some racists active lately, sorry, they don't want you to know this and many more

After all you can not get a vizum more than 3 months, there are people who bought lands there because they were promised this and that(someone that makes his own business by selling lands), these people thought they could stay..but...they are trying to sell their lands now because they can not get vizum and the local population don't let them use the land they bought! ie Kakheti and many other regions, they try to sell and leave but can not even for the half price and I know this very well because i come to Georgia every year to find a job and can not, that's why I am selling my house and will never come back again.
So I don't advice you to come , stay out of this country, like I do! this is my own story and 100%  true story

Sorry that i have to tell you this, but this is the only truth !

Hi my good friends in Georgia my names are Leonard Egbunonu form Nigeria getting ready to move to Georgia for business I am into automobile maintenance

Leonard, read my post here

Let me tell you this, I have a couple of Georgian friends doing what you do but not even one has a job, so dont be mistaken my friend, you can not get not that but not any kind of job and speaking about a visa? forget it! you might get 3 months, might. not sure, nowadays very strict policy

Hi i am Rajendra Poudel from Nepal. i am planing to further study in Georgia. So can i get part time job in Georgia during the study time

As most of the people already mentioned, getting a job here is pretty hard already and for foreigners its almost impossible. You should get to know the country's situation first before just applying and hoping to get a job

Am Alla. New in this forum, but not very new in Tbilisi. Here since 2013.
I was reading few last comments about living and working in Tbilisi... I am writing Tbilisi, because the rest of this amazing country normally is not considered to live in by expats.
So, Tbilisi. Live costs are not thaaaaaaat expensive, comparing to other more or less civilized places. To be employed - in 95% cases must speak Georgian language, which is not easy to learn. So this option is usually the "mission impossible".
A lot of expats are self-employed here and I would say this is the best option. It's very easy to register and pay taxes as per your activities, which also gives the possibility to apply for temporary residence.
Locals are not very eager to learn, improve and compete, so if you are professional and can prove that you do something better than everybody else - there is always will be work for you. Sure it takes time to spread the word, which is also the most important point in Georgian mentality - they only follow references from friends or people they know. Don't get high expectations from regular advertisement options or introduction of totally new product or service here. Word of mouth - is a main advertisement vehicle here.

Good luck to everybody!! :)

My name is faheem . I am living in Dubai . I am CEO of Excel group . I have been running my company in UAE for almost 8 years . Now i am planning to Move to another level . As i have been visiting To other countries like Qatar Saudi etc. Now i am going to Georgia next month August -2016 . I was looking someone can give me heads up about my planning . I do appropriate, if someone could reply.

My name is Gert, I live in South Africa. I am planning to visit Georgia late august. I am looking for business opportunities in Georgia. Any help would be appreciated.

Your very right ....

When you get someone please do forward his/ her details we to are in search of some one to help us plan a venture

Hi friends
Georgia ............
I would love to visit there from some friends I may find in my beloved Dubai or alone
I heard  we get on arrival visa there since we are residents of UAE
Let me know what all things there to see in a limited offer time by holiday factory
also tell me if holiday factory we can trust and the guide and air port pick up guys will appear on time
i love exploring the world in a simple way with a companion
So guys .....when is the right time...just a run away from my Radio Jockey job....
i close my lips and open my eyes to see the beautiful Georgia
what to see where to go what food to taste  of course what drinks to sip....
simple man waiting

Everything you said is absolutely true. There is no economy here and ZERO opportunity for return on ANY investment. The likelihood that this will ever change nil. If you must come, get a job FIRST.

hi friends, i was born in georgia and i am still living here. if anyone have some question about this country ,i try to answer all of you . i am dealer of cars, if you need buy,sell or rent cars or other things you can contact me here,best regards from georgia

hello ibrahim
my name is goga, am from georgia and have my own company here . i am working on car exports from georgia to azerbeijan ,armenia,iran and tajikistan.
what about your plan ? why did you decide to come in georgia?

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