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Hi all,

Newbie on the Gambia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Gambia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello Gambia,

We have just recently moved here and I am interested to get to know who is out there!! I am going to be here for a while so looking to meet like minded people that want to do more than just the pub....although that is fine too of an evening!!!

I am hoping to pick up work while I am here if anyone knows of anything I would love to hear about it.

The kids will be joining me in the summer so any families out there please get in touch.

M and R

Originally from Sweden. Been living in The Gambia for 3 years now.
Working at a hotel as front office manager.

Running a personal blog about my life in Africa,

Hi I am living in Gambia since October, 2013 and working in Gam Petroleum as Senior Accountant.

Hi, I am hoping to move to Gambia one day. I have visited there for long periods over the last 13 years. I miss it so much when I am not there! I am trying to decide how to make this happen as I don't know how I will support myself and friends and family without an income, so wondering what I can do about that. I have lived in Bakau,mostly, also Brikama, Gunjur and Tanji. I hope to see you all there one day not too far away!

kia ora tatou from nz
I was here for a couple of months three yrs ago. Found it great, except for the bumsters [do i hear a YEAH?) Volunteer teacher. Rugby mad, Want to join the Fajara Club but don't know how. I used to play tennis there but have forgotten the names of the locals lol and my 'elder brother' who invited me there dropped dead since i was last there.
Love boats so am keen as to be crew if anyone needs one. Keen as to visit further south and north along the coast.
Spent two years in the Philippines, so feeling real relaxed about adapting and being flexible here. Accommodation is in a school compound lol. Here for the long term.

kia ora! :) Jim

I've been living in Sanyang since 2012. I took early retirement from my job and we moved here for the sunshine and the cost of living. I spend some time at the Rainbow beach bar and occasionally go to the pub quiz at H Bar on a Tuesday evening.

Hi all,
I am Chop Adeline Mange, a female Cameroonian. I have a Master of Science Degree In Botany. I currently live in Cameroon but am interested in moving to Gambia. Since Gambia is the smallest continent on the African continent, i will very much like to exploit and acquaint myself to  the Gambian flora and its much talk about tourism sector.

Hey all,

don't really know what to post, I arrived in Gambia over the weekend and will be staying for some time. I'm currently working as sports coach, originally from UK. Living with Gambian national who studied and lived in UK for 6 years.

I studied third world development degree level and would love to pursue that more. Really interested in getting to know some expats here, hear about their experiences etc. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi, I will bearriving from Australia shortly, itwould be interesting to meet you. I will be staying only a short time as I needto get back for family business, then I will return mid next year to take up residence. I have spent a few years staying in Gambia inthe past. Australia ifs now my second home! good luck, Molly

Hi am Tracey , been in The Gambia now 18months. Am a professional hairdresser, having run my own salon 20yrs in uk, a little too young to retire so looking for work ..

Well I've been in the Gambia since 2010, teaching in the secondary schools and running my computer technician workshop. It's been fun and peaceful. Looking for a change though.

Hello  i  want u to help me out am nigeria i wt to work and live in gambia


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For those who are looking for a jobs, please post an advert with more details on the Gambia jobs section.

If you have any specific questions, please start a new topic on the forum.

Thank you.
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Hello am olusola adetunji am in nigeria i wt to come to gambia to work and stay there am an eletrical engner and also a driver

Hello Molly,

If you are still undecided about work you want to do in Gambia then write on my personal email address xxx and we may be able to help each other.


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Hello Furqan,

I am trying to make friends or find business contacts in Africa.  Since most of my questions will be of little interest to other readers of the forum, I would prefer to talk to you privately so can you please write to me on my email address, iftikhar57[at]  Many thanks.


Dear Iftikhar,

I will surly do when I will be free from office as it is 2:37 PM in Gambia at the moment.
Inshaa ALLAH we will have a nice conversation.

Hi Furqan,

I will wait for your email.  Jazak Allah.  Many thanks.


I am cameroonian working in the gambia. U can reach me on xxx i may be of help if need be.

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Am olusola adetunji  frm  nigeria i wt to work in gambia and live in ganbia am single am an eletrical engner

Mr Olusola, from the little experience I have got in my few holiday trips to gambia, I do not advice that yu would do better than yu are doin in Nigeria if u got to Gambia. Gambia is rather a tourist place full of tranquillity and security but to go there for greener pasture, uhm, I advice otherwise. Try Dubai pls.

thank you  :)

Myselfandmywife have been traveling to the Gambia for ten years now .First four or five years staying at Footsteps Eco Lodge and the last few in SenaGambia .We have a plot of land in Gunjur where we plan to build one day.we have many friends in both places,my Gambian name is the green bottle man was given to me by my friend at footsteps because of my taste for julbrew

Hi Green Bottle Man,
You need to move north to Sanyang. A friend came to our compound and I offered him a drink. He asked for "something cold, in a green bottle", I got a Sprite from the fridge...

Thanks for the offer but it has to have the kingfisher on the label for me.I hope your friend wasn't offended .I am missing the place been 12 months tooooo long

Good afternoon!

So I am coming to the Gambia on wednesday for good, I am very excited!

I have been scouring the net for employment opportunities and regularly check this site for vacancies

I would very much appreciate any information on vacancies and possibilities for someone eager to pay their way :)

Thanks in advance


Hello my name is Sulayman Krubally. I am a Gambian national. I engaged in pest control service. The Gambia is a nice and beautiful small country full of nice and beautiful people in terms of business investment. The country is peaceful with lots of business opportunity.

I am  Hamilton  Hamma , a Liberian living in the Gambia , The Chairman of the Liberian  Community in The Gambia
  IT Profession  presently  working with the Ministry of Education The Gambia.
Head of the Computer Science Department  at Mayok  Senior Secondary  School ,

Good Morning & HI to All

Myself and my wife have recently completed our move to The Gambia, we have spent the last nine years traveling around Africa and three years ago  - found the Gambia. We have been building and now opened our new Eco resort & beach club, in Gunjur - Tree C`s Eco Resort & Beach Club by Thornberry.

We have worked in Hospitality all over Africa and have with our company over 16 projects in various countries but we are now calling The Gambia home.

We are looking forward to welcoming people to our new resort, but we also want to enjoy life in The Gambia so we are looking to meet other people, join a golf club and make new friends

We would love to chat to other expats in The Gambia
[link moderated]
Hope to hear from you soon

David & Presh

Hi All,

I am living in Gambia since March 2013 and working as Finance officer in Euro African Group / Gametroleum Storage Facility.

Hi y'all. I'm new here. I hope to meet new people

Hello I am Henry, l move to Gambia since 2015, July 4. I got a job with G4S BUT never enjoy working with Gambian.
I hit working with ***
I am a liberian with a degree in criminal Justice, but work  as a security guard

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Henry I'm curious about your agenda in writing your post because it's just so negative. Are you forced to work in the place you mentioned?  As you hit it so much perhaps you could leave and look for a job elsewhere with people you appreciate more, who are as educated as you and do not use any African cham? It seems you don't use it yourself. Is Gambia at all better than Liberia?

Hallo Gambia a Gambian by birth but currently live in Germany ,,am s train teacher in the Gambia college ...i work in the Gambia with children and am planning a project for kindergarten ..i love to work with children and help them ..anyone here with an good idea.. thank you all ,am happy to be here..

Hello, you are welcome to The Islamic Republic of the Gambia.
I am Jay Jay, I live here, and I do real estate and property management, and also, other business like the IT sector. Feel free, and a dinner would be highly appreciated so we can connect more.

Thanks, and make sure you enjoy your stay, ask me whatever you want to know, I am open for discussion.

Hi Molly, thanks for being so positive. We need people like you in this world.
No one forced him to come to our peaceful nation, I don't know why he is complaining, and you know, it's easy to leave, and go to where that suits his heart. Instead of you as an expat to recognize the goodness of God in your life, you are here slandering people that accepted you into their country and gave you a job! Be good to mankind bro. Life is not easy. Be grateful

Hello, you are welcome
I am Jay Jay, I live here, and I do real estate and property management, and also, other business like the IT sector. I am also a charity worker, I work mostly with Children and Youth, my website is
you can read more about the organisation, we can work together because i believe in the developement of children and their communities.

Feel free, and a dinner would be highly appreciated so we can connect more when you are in Gambia.

Thanks, and make sure you enjoy your stay in Germany, ask me whatever you want to know, I am open for discussion.

Hi bro, you are welcome, I am Jay Jay live in Bijilo. we can connect.
Feel free

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