New members of the Kazakhstan forum, introduce yourself here

I think you can be more clear about what you can offer! :)

Erzhan :

yes thanks. I have been working in International company and saw a some problems with adaptation in KZ of many expats. If so, i can be like as an adaptation person or help in any question regarding Almaty and Kazakhsatn, Also consult with documenation as the guide (own car) or representative person of expat or foreign compny in any question

Hi! My name is Mike. I'm American and I'm going to be teaching at NIS in Aktau starting in a few weeks (October 2015). I was hoping to find some current or recent expats in Aktau who might be able to give me some advice and answer some questions.

Not in country yet.  My wife and I will be moving to Almaty in November.  Will be working on a contract to build and operate a laboratory.  Don't know very much about the job yet as the contract is just being awarded.

hi to everyone, i graduated law faculty in Almaty and fell in love to this fine city and still remember it and wish to back there again but couldnt become a lawer here in my country but i became a good teacher of english and that way i would like to get an experience in Kazakhztan in this field of business and of cource share with my own experience i mean i would like to work there in that field of business.

Hi All,

I'm David. I'm a Dietitian preparing to work with Astana Football club. Looking to do some research into the food market over there before I go so that I can know what to expect and what type of meal plans I can start planning.

Nice to meet you all!

Hello po! Looking for filipinos in Almaty kasi we wanna have filipino friends here! Please message us to: xxx    :)

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I am Foman and i am in Karaganda City for almost three years working as a Mathematics teacher. I am a certified IB Mathematics teacher and an IGCSE Certified  teacher for Maths and Combined Science.

I have an amazing experience in Karaganda City...
Hope to meet the other educators in Kazakhstan....

Spasibo! Do V stretchi!

i am requesting a transfer there in Aktau City Mr Mike

Hi, I just moved to Astana about a month ago, would love to explore the city and meet new people.

Welcome in Astana! Where are you from? Regarding your Russian course post, I will contact you in the evening.

Hi, everyone. I,m Ainur. I have been living in Kazakhstan, Astana.
But lived in singapore and Malaysia. I would like to communicate with new friends here.  :cheers:

Hello Ainur, welcome to the forum. Keep in touch!

Hello. Thank you  :top:

My name is John from Zimbabwe. Currently living in Astana.

Hi Ainur. How are you


Have recently moved to Almaty to teach English and am looking to meet new people to socialise etc.

Hope to hear from some of you



Hello everyone! My name is Tanya, I'm27 y.o. I'm looking for a language partner (russian-English exchange) If some of you interested in please send me a message.

Hi all,

I have been living for a long time is Astana. I have been working as Health and Safety Manager at a constructon company.

Nice to meet all of you..

Hello, guys!! My name is Aziza. I live in Almaty and i would like to make new friends.  I speak English and French a little which I am dying to practise. I have a passion for music and cinema, art generally.

Hello) I am Aiym from Astana, you can ask me freely about everything, I would be very glad if I can help you.

Hello Aiym )
Am Thaer from Jordan , I work as a civil engineer in Saudi Arabia , I dream to work in Astana but I have no connection there , how can you help me in that?

Thank you


I am Galiya, I am looking for spanish language teacher in Astana, nativespeaker.
thank you!

Hello everybody! We are the team project  Eat and Culture. We are launching a project that will allow foreign guests to visit the local home and have dinner with them. This will provide the chance to try  national dishes and  become more exposed to cultural environment.Each country's food makes up the DNA of their culture.
We would appreciate your opinion. Please share the link with others.
Link: xxx

Best regards,
Eat and Culture team

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Just made it to Astana 2 days ago. I'm currently in the process of getting settled and setup with my new employer. The Abu Dhabi plaza bus our company's project and I look forward to exploring the city on my days off. I don't speak Russian so common tasks become a bit difficult like ordering food or paying for taxi. But I'm loving it! It's so beautiful already, despite the cold.


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