New members of the Nicaragua forum, introduce yourself here

Hi Donna

I'm currently doing a TEFL course and am looking into the idea of going to Nicaragua..
Did you go there... have you any tips? is work in the TEFL sector easy to come by?


Hi people! I am Jason, 27 year old Electrician originally from Ireland, currently residing in New Zealand. I have been a keen surf tourist for many years now and I am currently planning out my trip to Nicaragua & Costa Rica. I will be checking out San Juan Del Sur from late July - August, then onwards to Costa Rica. I am hoping to score some waves and develop some of my business ideas into realistic plans which incorporate all information I absorb during my travels. I can see myself setting up a hospitality based business in a surf tourism destination and I will be hoping to meet people who have had experience with all forms of legalities and procedures. Also keen to avail of the government incentives, gain residency, and do everything above board and legit and fun. I speak mid level Spanish and I am very approachable and adaptable. If any of you guys can offer help or just want to hang out and have a coffee and share information that would be great. Cheers!

Ciara what's the craic. Hope you find what you're looking for with your TEFL teaching in Nicaragua. I'll be in the Pacific coastal region from end July - end Aug. I speak Spanish, and i've lived in Ecuador before so if you'd like to grab a coffee while you're in Nicaragua just let me know i'd be happy to meet up  :D

Hi Michael from Michigan~I am a Tennessee resident and also looking to move to Nicaragua for my retirement...I have to have a life style change,,,I have lived in the eastern United states my whole life and am over it...need to expand my
horizons !!! Nicaragua looks beautiful and relaxed and real... I am retiring in coming April and am looking forward to this move..and I must say I have researched many different areas for retirement and this looks like the place !! The beaches are awesome and I need the freedom...If you have time... ( as I know you go 100 miles per hour in our crazy American lifestyle ) Please send a note and would like to keep in touch,,,I could use all the helpful hints on making this journey !!!  Thanks,,,,Charlene

Hi I am Doctor and planning to move in Nicaragua with my wife ,I like to live in Tropical Nature .
So looking for some nice friends here ,who can help me out to Nicaragua !!!

I am 32 years old , American guy who speaks multiple language like Hindi, Urdu,Gujarati,Russian and sorry for Spanish
going to take classes for Spanish soon.

So far anyone who like to become friend ,most welcome .

Kind Regards

Hello Expats,
My name is Terry and I am looking to be part of this awesome and wonderfu group of people who have taken the plunge of expatiness. I plan on moving abroad August 2015 and I would love to hear any recommendation or advice on living abroad in Nicaragua along with locating a safe area. My goal is to immerse in the culture and learn the language. Thank you for any help and advice.

Thank you for the nice welcome.  I am 72 and my wife and I have been going to Nicaragua since 1969.  We now have a project where we are building 3 condos in San Juan del Sur.  One of these condo's we intend to live in and the others we hope to rent.  The development we are in is just getting started and I believe it will be an ideal place for expats.  I now own one condo in one of the other buildings in the development and all the finished condo's are already rented and occupied.  After staying in my first condo we decided to make  some adjustments in the next one so we can have a more personalized home.  We started to invest in Nicaragua to spread out our assets to other parts of the world because tax's are getting to be too much in the US.  Also we chose this development because we wanted to be close to expat's and Nica's who we could meet by the pool and just have someone close by to chat with.  I also have two great properties with the ocean 100 ft. away but the thing I noticed was that the other neighboring properties were never occupied.  I realized that if we were to spend a long time in Nicaragua we would like to have more neighbors. Where as this development is always active with expats from Canada and the US.  I look forward to reading about the other forum members.

Hello Terry;  I am a new member also, but very well traveled in Nicaragua.  The best thing you could do is to rent to 6 months and try a few places.  I like San Juan del Sur.  But you may like Granada which has a large expat community.  But if the weather is too hot try Maltigalpa.  But I would try to stay clear of Managua.

my name is Nasim I am an Architect ,at first i wanted to move Ecuador but i change my mind and i want to move Nicaragua because of their life style very simple and friendly .that's what i want.

WE are thinking about retiring in Nicaragua.  WE prefer a cooler climate within an hour drive of a beach area.  Is this possible?  Where there are some Expats.

Procrastination is not a good thing! I am almost 3 years behind on relocating to Nicaragua. I have visited in the North, but I am planning a trip to San Juan del Sur for the month of June. Also interested in Granada. What I "think" I would like and reality are often so far apart that it is almost comical. The reality is I don't really want to be a farmer, I just want to be able to grow some veggies and have fresh eggs. I want to enjoy life and stay busy when it suits me. And it would be good if i got off my behind and got busy writing!!! I also like to be near the beach, but I do not want to live in the sand. You know, just visit the beach. I am a crazy ex hippie who loves Montessori and if I find a place to volunteer, then I'm all for it.  So, after the June visit when I gather my thoughts and my information, I will decide where to relocate. Even at that,I am a bit of a gypsy. Peace

Check out IN NICA NOW. Its a blog post by a Canadian couple in Nicaragua.

Hello everyone,

This topic is specially for the introduction of new members of the Nicaragua forum. If you have any questions about your expatriation, please start a new thread on the Nicaragua forum.

Thank you.

Hi everyone. I am Judith from Louisiana in the US. Will be going to SJDS in June for a month. Hope to travel around a bit. Plan to relocate in the Fall. I am a retired educator focusing on Montessori. Looking forward to a life with less stress as well as less of a financial frenzy!

Hola Everyone,

my husband 50 yrs, son 15 yrs and I 36 yrs are planning to make the move to Nicaragua in the next couple of months. We are ready to leave the cold climate of Newfoundland,Canada behind. We hope to be in San Juan Del Sur by end of Feb! :)

Hello Nasim, have you moved yet? I am also a newbie and would like to share any information about the country, it's people and cultures. Please Email me if you like *.

I plan to move to Nica sometime around mid March of 2016. Would love to learn from your experiences.

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I may have done this already but twice is always nice! I will be in Nicaragua this June & maybe July just to check things out. I will be visiting San Juan del Sur Day School at Finca Las Nubes. I am intrigued by the whole self sufficient community idea. The old hippie part of me will never die.  The Web site only shows  luxurious  vacation rentals. I hear there is more to experience. On the way back to Managua Granada is on my to do list. Retired educator, pastor, and jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none. Time to slow down, enjoy the Latino pace. Meet and make new friends. Looking forward to visiting many places before I find a place to settle. Life is good and gonna get better. 😁😀😊

I am taposh dey from kolkata,india . I am a exporter of cotton and silk scarves as well as handicraft jewelleries. [Moderated]

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Hi, I am Nico.   Nice to  meet everyone.

Hello, my name is Mario and I have lived in Nicaragua for the past 7 years. I was born and raised in the US and I have settled down with no immediate plans to go anywhere else...

Just getting started location is of course the first choice we have to make.  I am torn between Belize and Nicaragua.  We are looking to move in the next year, i would move tomorrow if we could sell the house.  I just want to find a better quality of life for our family.  My husband and I are looking for a child friendly location.  I plan to continue working my telecommute job that is in the US, I am a NP but would like to eventually have or work in a clinic.  My husband speaks spanish and is a teacher and football coach he would probably eventually like to work.  Our issue in deciding on a location is:
1. Safety
2. Being able to work, buy a house... those things
3. School - we can home school if need be but would like our child to have friends, which is why we initially lean towards Belize because of the language.
4. Economy - We would like to buy or build or rent a nice sized home near the beach, i will have a 95k salary, and my parents are joining us soon so they have SS and Retirement funds.

Location is very difficult but we need to decide because I have to get a plan in place!!
Thanks for the input

We are expats in waiting. While we wind down things here in California...we will be coming periodically to research if Nicaragua is the right spot for us. (I have a sneaking suspicion it is)

We have two kids 8 and 9 (any thoughts on schools in various areas and how you did it would be great!)
We have a very successful salon business here... thinking we may start a small salon there too

We are attracted to so many of the various areas and would appreciate feedback so we can visit this upcoming trip in January/ february for two weeks. So far we land in Granada for 6 nights. Is that too much?

We want- acces to a beach, schools or some kind of expat community to help with homeschooling?, interesting expat community with families of the like and entrepreneurial in mindset, would love some volunteering work. We are foodies, gluten free and all that (health reasons)
Thanks for any feedback

melissaryan :

We are expats in waiting. While we wind down things here in California...we will be coming periodically to research if Nicaragua is the right spot for us. (I have a sneaking suspicion it is)

We have two kids 8 and 9 (any thoughts on schools in various areas and how you did it would be great!)
We have a very successful salon business here... thinking we may start a small salon there too

We are attracted to so many of the various areas and would appreciate feedback so we can visit this upcoming trip in January/ february for two weeks. So far we land in Granada for 6 nights. Is that too much?

We want- acces to a beach, schools or some kind of expat community to help with homeschooling?, interesting expat community with families of the like and entrepreneurial in mindset, would love some volunteering work. We are foodies, gluten free and all that (health reasons)

Oh yes, and we don't really speak any spanish... but we are learning!
Thanks for any feedback 

Given you are looking to go into business, I would suggest considering Uruguay. The negative to that is the airfare to get there. But looking into business considered that best. If for working I thin Panama. They have a huge labor shortage and so allow Tourists to work for 6 months. I am retired so Nicaragua seemed the most attractive. My wife is both a Citizen of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Took two incomes of hers and my retirement to live there. And we can live better here on my income alone.  Ecuador might be worth a look as well. I advise to check out several countries to decide which best for your interests.

Hello all

I am from the US, have been around for 65 years,  currently living in Ecuador. I am thinking about moving to Nicaragua, having been there a number of years ago and missing the tropical coast.  Interests are surfing, trekking,  amateur radio, building computers, some coding, sailing, reading  and camping.

Great to be here on the forum. Many thanks to the other expats postings of great information--  and the civility and courtesy  demonstrated by different members toward each other.

Regards and possibly see you soon


Thanks for helping me keep an open mind! Part of our issue is to be close to the states. I've heard panama is "too much" like the states, but you make an interesting point.

For awhile we will be flying back home every month or so to work and then fly home. So we will keep a presence in the states until we know where to land.

My wife and I have bought a house in northern nica around Aseradores. Planning to spend winters in Nica. And summers in Canada. Just starting the process of getting residency in Nica and trying to learn Spanish. Looking forward to hearing from new neighbors.

I think Costa Rica is most like the US, especially government bureaucracy and a very poor balance of spending. I found Panama to be the least expensive for living at least outside of Panama City. And due to the Canal nearly everything manufactured is more readily available and less expensive. You will see many more Chinese and Arab owned businesses in Panama and a significant percentage of their population is Chinese, African and Asian going back to the building of the Canal.  But I find Nicaragua  least like the US and much the reason I prefer it here.  But all three have something I really like. Freedom. And largely that freedom comes from less developed technology. In the US, your every move in a populated area is on camera.  Nicaragua also has much lower crime rates than Panama or Costa Rica.  Living in Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador I was always warned of dangers. And a person really has no freedom if their movements are hindered from fear. I have walked all over Managua even at night. The only bad areas warned of were not to go alone to the Oriental Market, area near the Military Hospital or Zona Rosa. But never experienced any problems  avoiding those. Plus we all have thoughts regarding traffic. Again I prefer Nicaragua to that of Panama or Costa Rica. I think Ecuador is best on traffic though. But my familiarity is in the Guayaquil area. Every country and place has advantages as well as disadvantages. Explore and find what is right for you.

Buenaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. I'm Jess. I'm a home-grown, North Dakotan, farm kid happily married to a Nicaraguan which now makes me a Dakotaraguan. We are here stateside until he gets citizenship and then we will start thinking about living down there again and work on my citizenship down there. I have many years experience living in Nicaragua and would love to help answer questions that people might have about living down there, cultural stuff etc.

Hi, I am a sociologist staying in Managua for 3 months as a voluntary consultant for a humanitarian organisation. I am not sure if this really qualifies me as an expat? 3 months is enough for me to need some social life outside work, however nice my colleagues are and though the work is interesting and rewarding.

What I would particularly like to find is network/forum for trips in and surrounding Managua. I am constantly advised to stay safe in the house or on main roads only is making me feel a bit incarcerated. Would like to see and move around more:) For the moment, until I have created a better picture of the dos and don'ts on my own, I think I will stick to daytime trips, joint transportation on longer trips etc. Any active groups aiming at hiking etc?

I also welcome any advice on safe things to do as a solo (mid-40es) female with clear gringa features...

I speak (some) Spanish + English and Danish.

Best regards,

Hi Jason,
We just got back from Nicaragua and purchased a lot at Big Sky Ranch near SJDS.
There is so much opportunity there and there is a road that will be connecting Costa Rica with the southern area of Nicaragua. There is  alot of building going on there, which I'm sure your skills will really be appreciated. What I love about it is that there is truly an entrepruenerial spirit there.

Once you get there depending on what you are into. I'm sure you will be able to make easy contacts. its a very small expat group!
Good luck

Greetings and thanks for letting me be part of this group.  I am an American, USA specifically, preparing to retire in two years.  Just doing my homework now.  I will mainly be lurking in the background here as well as many other sites trying to obtain information to help me decide where to retire to.  I am quite attracted to the Esteli, Jinotega, Matagalpa region.

How is you leather export business going. I am interested in the coast near Leon.


Hey mate,

have you moved to Nicaragua yet? I am planning on opening up a surf hostel in the Central Americas and am considering Nicaragua. Would be good to get in contact...

Dan H

Hi all,

I am planning on opening up a surf hostel in Central America and am considering Nicaragua. I have some money for investment, am learning Spanish, and am planning on realizing this within the next couple of years.

I was initially considering Costa Rica, but it sounds as though the regulations are much more lenient in Nicaragua, prices are lower, residency requirements much less demanding, and a government that is doing all they can to make foreign investment in the tourism industry as easy as possible.

Of course, there are also downsides to a less developed and poor country. I have read that work ethic can differ quite substantially from more developed neighboring countries, very limited range on products and services, bad infrastructure, and other factors that may make it a less popular tourist destination.

Firstly, if any of you would like to voice your opinion it really would be much appreciated. Secondly, I am also looking for partners to start this up with. So if owning and operating a laid back surf hostel in Central America tugs at your heart strings, be sure to get in contact :)

Not sure how it works on this page with notifications of responses and if you can create a separate thread from a response.
Pura Vida my friends!
Dan H

Hi Everyone! New member planning my move! Going to do a lot more reading and listening for now. Hope to make some friends and have a great day to all you other adventurous people wherever you are!

Hello everyone. My wife and I are planning to move to Nicaragua at the end of the year. She is Nicaraguan and I have spent a lot of time there over the past 10 years. We plan to start in SJDS and planner lives from there. Currently I am a we developer and can work freelance, I am also getting my TEFL certification. Ultimately, my wife and I plan on starting a business. We both have experience in the restaurant business but we will keep our options open.


I am from San Diego, California and I have been thinking about moving to Central America for a while now. I am 30 years old, and I have a good job that requires me to travel a lot. Instead of going home to San Diego, I have decided that I would like to call a place down south home. I am really interested in the Southwestern part of Nicaragua. The beach areas North and South of San Juan Del Sur have all caught my attention (I love to surf). I am planning on taking a vacation later this year down to this part of Nicaragua. I think eventually starting off renting a place would be best.
I am excited to begin making my dream a reality.


Hi All,
I am Dutch, moved from the USA with my fiancee to Granada Nicaragua Nov 2016. We are working as licensed real estate agents building homes and helping Buyers find a new home, or rental property. My fiancee is Canadian, born in Chile. A new adventure for sure, and so far we are enjoying the people, food and culture, lots of things to explore. We are looking forward to getting to know more people and just have a blast here.

Hi all-- I'm a wannabe expat, carpenter, anthropology student, traveler, surfer, and mountain rambler. I’ve spent the majority of my life in Colorado and Hawaii. I’ve been involved with a NGO that works in Nicaragua for over 20 years, and I’ve dreamed of living there since my first visit. I am interested in the anthropology of tourism and expatriatism. I expect to be residing and conducting ethnographic research in Nicaragua within the next few years. I see anthropologists abroad as a type of expatriate and/or tourist. I would like to ask for volunteers for my current online ethnography project, but I have yet to hear back from the admins as to whether this is permitted here. Either way, I see myself as a future expat, and I'm happy to be part of this community.

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