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Bluubell :

I live in Poland
I want to live in Madagascar and invest here.
I'm looking for partners.
I know French.

Hi Sylwester, What are you planning to invest in? I speak Polish (Polish origin) and French as I live in France. Maybe I could help?

Hi Sylvester, Are you still looking to move?

Hi,I'm from South Africa, I have interest to stay in Madagascar and have a work permit for my shipping and logistics business company.

Hi, I'm a native from Madagascar, I was fortunate enough to travel in few countries and to live there. Now I went back to Madagascar for about one year for personal reason. Please feel free to share your expat's experiences in Madagascar. I will do my best to share tips for living in Madagascar, best places to live, to eat, to find good people with positive attitude....Madagascar is big so I trust you will not be bored there. Cheers!

Hi, my name is ANDRIANAIVO Nisi, Would you help me to build my own primary school and secondary school in our country?

Hello everyone,

Welcome on board Nisibe,

Please note that this thread should be used only for the introduction of new members (name + brief account of your project).

For business purposes, please drop an advert in the appropriate section : Business partners classifieds in Madagascar

Thank you in advance,

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Hi everyone ! I live in Nosy Be and currently not working. Was teaching English and private home schooling to 4 kids for 2 years in Nosy Be. I enjoy playing golf in my spare time.

Hi, welcome to Mada club :)))

Hello everyone!  I've recently moved to Tana and would love to meet people. I'm living in Tsiadana, so I'm very close to the centre. Hope to hear from you :)

Hi, nice to hear you. My name is Simon, I'm in Tana since last weekend ! Would like to meet you

Simpa :

Hi, nice to hear you. My name is Simon, I'm in Tana since last weekend ! Would like to meet you

hi =) do you speak french Simon ?
you welcome on =)

Salut, merci de m'avoir répondu. Yes, ofcourse I do

Simpa :

Salut, merci de m'avoir répondu. Yes, ofcourse I do

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I want to set up a manufacturing Business so I am searching Opportunities in different part of world.I am an Indian and have zeal to make things come true.
So want to start Battery Manufacturing Business and Solar Lantern In Madagascar. I amy also start farming if scope in there.
Pl. guide me wit your experience.
DD Sharma

Hello I need friends in Madagascar. I am from Ghana and just moved here. Pls somebody should contact me let's chat. Thanks Dominic

Hello great to know you have been to many places. I love to be your friend and hope we can share ideas about your country together. My name is Dominic Apere

I am DD Sharma from Delhi, India. I want to move to Madagacar. I want to start engineering Comapany and Battery Recycling Business there.
Please guide me how will the prospectus there.
DD Sharma

Hi, I'm Lauren. I want to move from South Africa to Madagascar. The area where I am struggling to find information is the buying of properties - how to go about it.

Hi. I saw on your post that you live in Nosy Be. There is a little Island in the area which has captivated me, and is, in fact advertised for sale by an international agent on the internet.

I have two questions for you, if I may:

I would like to know how to make enquiries if it is in fact for sale - I assume if it is, the Government themselves will be the seller? So I am needing to know exactly who I can enquire from.

My second question is how is the weather in that area? If I was to come live there, what can I expect?

If you could help me, I would be extremely grateful.

Hello there everyone,

Welcome on board  :)

@ LaurenDR, to whom is your post dedicated to ? There are so many members on this thread, it may get confusing.

Normally, the new members thread should only be used for the introduction of new members and then, if members have questions, they need to create a new topic on the Madagascar forum here :

All the best,

Hi Bhavna. I was actually replying directly to Indian South African, however, anyone who can help me is welcome to respond. Sorry, I'm new to blogs. I will repost it in a private message to her. Thank you

I am an experienced electromechanic and heard of the developments going on in Madagascar.
Mauritius is a very small island, so are the opportunities.
And I have also heard about the kindness of most Madagascar inhabitants.
So, I wish to try to come and see what is the real Madagascar and if I can adapt myself there.

If someone can kindly help me out.

Kind Regards,


currently living in zimbabwe and working as car rental coordinator. i have been in this job for 1 year. previously i was in the banking sector for 22 years. i am looking for job in madagascar in the following areas, customer service, business development, banking and management

Hello all,

I am not sure if this thread is still being monitored for new members, but I am a new member. I am living in Tana now and hoping to find some interesting people to get to know the city with. If there are out door activities, dancing of various types, art shows, cultural activities, etc. I'd love to join in.

I've been around for a few weeks and will be here for at least a year. Looking forward to meeting some of you.


Hi all,
They are Gariel and am married and have a baby for 4 years.
We want to move to Africa / Madagascar to work and invest money.


Hi I'm Belgium guy, 56y old
I would like to live in Madagascar but feeling to energetic and to young to retire I would like to find a job.
If possible in import-export. I have no experience but I'm aged to learn.
I'm dedicated towards work and completing a deadline to satisfy the company and the clients is a prior goal
I'm reliable, hardworking and honest
I know 4 languages,
I also have connection in transport company's that maybe could be helpfull
If someone can help me out or give more information just send me pm

Hello, I am looking for Agencies from Madagascar that can supply Housemaid for Saudi Arabia.


I am trying on the English forum as well. I am a new member from France, but I used to speak English for my previous job so it'd nice if I could keep my English level by practicing here.
I've been here in Tana for a month now and I would like to meet some new people to discover the city or even the country with a group, or simply have some drinks in Tana.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested or if you have some good advice to share.


A big hallo to everyone, I am from Pretoria, South Africa.....................Madagascar hope to see you soon!!!!

Hi Brett

My name is Nora I live in Pretoria South Africa.........................thinking of moving to Madagascar, any info will be appreciated!!!!!!!!!

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Hi - I live in Tasmania (Australia) - have a Malagasy wife and daughter here- sometime in the future I would like to live at least part of the year in Mada - and do something useful- I am a Red Cross worker here assisting refugees mainly but also have many years experience as a silviculture contractor- and Mada needs trees! My wife is from Tamatave but spent her last years there in Mahjunga - I think that is the place we would like to live - seems safer for a vazaha like me!


Hi my name is Martin from South-Africa can some one please help me .I am looking for work I did Commercial diving Class 2 and 3 and I am a PADI dive master . Married no kids and willing to relocate .Please let me know if you have a suggestion or can point me in the right direction .THANKS Martin.

Hello Martin,

You should drop create a detailed resume under the Jobs in Madagascar section.

Good luck


Hello, i'm Tunisian and just moved to Antananarivo and i'll stay here for work some years.

I'm interested in hiking and i want to do trip to the famous tsingy of Madagascar and visiting the Nosy Iranja island, if someone have the same projects i'm ready :)


Hie Brett ,I am an expatriate professional and lived in fort dauphin before. I want to relocate with my family back there. Currently I reside in South Africa. I have a Malagasy (fort dauphin resident)wife been together for 9 years with two kids. How are things going there. Haven't been there for 5 years now. I'm tired of the rat race and want to start something on my own now. Contact me on xxx

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Hi Colleen here, lived in Madagascar for 7 years now working with a family who are keen to relocate to Madagascar.
Brett from Australia are you still assisting people with relocation?
Please email me ***
Thanks Colleen

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Hello everyone.  I am new in Antsirabe.  Joined expat in order to post for a job offer.  In which I completed.   Hope to meet some expats who can speak english and can help me learn to speak french.


Hi everyone, so glad to join!!!!!
I love Madagascar, such a natural and beautiful place!!

Your reply...Good evening.Cuurently working and staying in South Africa.I am a qualified artisan from 1989 in different sectors. Aviation , machine tools(engineering mahines) ,injection and blow moulding, mining (open pit worked on excavators and shovels) an also on  a fruit processing plant.  Experience in mechanical, electrical ,pneumatics and hydraulics. if someone can help me or send me some details of companies.

Jan Mienie

Hi Everyone and welcome onboard  :)

@ Jan Mienie, please drop an advert in the proper section of the website if you are looking for a job.

Jobs in Madagascar

All the best,

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