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Hi all,

Newbie on the British Virgin Islands forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the British Virgin Islands if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Super excited to chat about experiences in the BVI's - as I'm thinking of moving there! Thanks SO much!

Hello, I'm Alison and I am currently living in San Francisco, CA but planning on relocating to the BVI. Any specific tips/advice on how to get a job there would be great!

Hello everyone! My name is Celiah. I'm 25, I live in Georgia, and I will be moving to Tortola to teach at Cedar International School! I will be going solo and I know no one there! It will be an interesting move, a huge adventure and I'm excited for what's to come! Any/all advice is welcome!!

HI All

I am seriously interested in moving to the British Virgin Islands to start a new life but Teaching is my passion and I would love to continue along those lines. Virgin Gorda is my home away from home as I visit every summer vacation and really love it there. So I need help in making that dream a reality. I am not one who just jumps into something without critically thinking and so I'm ready to start that new chapter of my life. Only thing standing in my way is getting that teaching job.

Hiiiii!  I am Elly and my husband is Nick. I am a nurse and Nick is a retired English teacher. We live in Iowa and would like to move to the BVI after we visited in 2010 while I was working on St. John in the USVI.  We enjoy sitting on the beach, snorkeling, swimming,  reading, spoiling our 3 grandchildren.  We have been researching a place by the sea that is not too popular to live.

My name is Beverly.  My husband and I visited Tortolla a year ago and enjoyed it very much.  We are looking hard at relocating as expats but there is little online to help with that decision.  All the blogs and most comments are years old.  We are retired and looking to find a long term rental of anywhere from 4-10 months to give ourselves a chance to see how we fit in.  We would want a furnished apartment that rents in the vicinity of $1000.  We have many questions but can't seem to find a spot to get help.  So, any help anyone can provide would be appreciated.

Most blogs we've visited have had no activity for several years.

I'm not finding there are ever any responses to our posts so do I need to post elsewhere?

Hi I have arrived on the island in a new position and new company on the 20th March

Still trying to "slow down" as my previous entity was Cairo and I am a scouser from the city of Liverpool (Obviously support the best team_EVERTON)

I am trying to find where clubs are at social gatherings etc, meeting up

I am in short term accommodation close to the Dolphins and ideas of locations  best suited long term within local communities( I realise they appear all over the island)

I have drove to Cane Garden Bay, Brewers Bay, and Nanny Cay and had good swims etc,

Any ideas would be helpful



Hello everyone 😀.
I'd like to introduce myself as Heath the helper,over here in not so sunny Shropshire,I have worked in people's homes for the last 30 years,I started as an apprentice electrician,moved on to work for sky vision installing Sky TV and aerials,I have been plumbing gas systems and cold water supplies for the last ten years,along the way I've worked alongside painters,slablayers and Balfour Beatty installing gas mains,I've worked in minus 15 and soggy farms in the hills of Shropshire,I'm now looking to work in warmer climates,I'm 48 with my wife of 28 years and son of 18,looking to initially move over on my own,until son finishes I.t. College course in 2017,then both will join me,I'm ready this winter if hopefully any one knows of where I could utilise my skills,mainly electric and gas or plumbing,all of my skills lie in domestic size installations,

thank you all.

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Hi, and gosh, where to start. As an aussie, went to the BVI mid 70's hoping to escape London's winter and an ongoing miners strike (from memory). Mid 85 I was still there and had been an architect, a real estate business owner, and a fishing charter capt. Now a lot of water has gone under the bridge, my new and only wife wants to see what i have been prattling on about ever since i have known her, and methinks time to learn to relax again, and spend some time fly fishing again in the BVI.
In short, in the process of planning a year long visit back to paradise.
And not sure where to start. Would like to maybe swap houses with someone. Anyone want a year in Brisbane, Oz.
And just today, say a 40 foot Striker for sale for just 29G; with a tender. Mmm, accommodation and a wee boat.
But that's the planning ahead. Early days.
The name Julien is familiar, and of course there are just a few million around the world. But I did know a son of a BVI banker by that name. Sort of a munchkins 30 years back so probably a little older.
And that is my intro.
Cheers to all. Anyone have an itty bitty house they want to rent in Tortola?

Dear Christine, We are Hans and Tinka, couple from The Netherlands moving to Tortola mid September to work in a nice Project. We have no appartment yet but trust to find one soon. 2 bed 2 bath nice view Road Town. Nice to be in the blog. Has anyone heard the Elmtree Boys play? Are they ok? Cheers, Hans

Beverly, call trude real estate on Tortola for housing. It's been 30 years but i did start it and I'm sure they will help you.
John Trude

Dear Mr/Ms,

I am Nour Eddine Oulhuor, I am 22 year-old, and I am from Morocco. I have a BA in English Studies in Meknes/ Morocco,and I am a trainee in a private school.

I am applying in this program because I am looking for a job as an international tourist guide if it is possible.

My best wishes,

Nour Eddine.


I am very interested in coming to the islands to live work and most important help rebuild. As a Canadian I have no idea how to begin. Do you have any suggestions?


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