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hi, hope you are fine

By the grace of the Lord Im doing great. Yourself?
Why do you want to live in Haiti?

Hello Y'all,

My name is Jude Celiscar. I am Haitian but I live in Dallas, Texas the last 4 years. I have strong ties with Haiti and I go there at least once a month for the past year. I am pursuing a joint Bachelor and Master program in International Political Economy at the University of Texas at Dallas. I currently started a small courier services to help the people in Haiti to get small packages to Haiti at a lower cost and efficient timing. Since, this forum it is not for advertising, I will not say more about the business. I am also working on several projects that will help disrupting the ecosystem in Haiti. An economic revolution is all we need in Haiti right now. I am so amazed to read many posts of people who considered working in Haiti but are experiencing the hardship on finding jobs.

Thanks to y'all. God bless you. God bless Haiti!


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