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Hi all,

Newbie on the Sierra Leone forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Sierra Leone if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi everybody,
I am from Mauritius...Married. three daughters 18,16,&12
I just learnt that I will be moving to sierra leone....New country to me.....I went straight to the to gather a max of info to be prepared...since I will be moving alone living the family behind, I wish to know now about internet connection,  cellphone network, cost of living.....

Hello i was born in the Nothern part of sierra leonea Bombali District Makeni. i educated in Makeni up to my high school level,and then proceed to port loko teachers college and pursue a H. t. C teachers college.
In the Gambia I  a social work course at   S..O. S  for one year intensive course.
Am presently a teacher in the Gambia Banjul.

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Dear Sir,

Venkat here from INDIA, Very soons am travelling to Sierra Leon, i would like to know about Sierra Leon is that safe country work and security reasons and food and all ..

Am waiting for your reply

Thank you

Hi all!
My name is Angela Fjordmark, 31 years old. I am in Freetown, Sierra Leone doing research for my thesis on urban youth in Freetown as part of my bachelor thesis.
I live just off Cambell Street in town and spend most of my weekends down the peninsula in Bureh, surfing and doing some yoga.
If anyone has any tips on places to go and things to see - please let me know!

Thanks :)

My name is Id, working at Aml. Tonkolili site, always make sure safety is first.

Am not Sierra Leone man but am working this side from Tz

Hi all,

I am Arno from Brussels, Belgium. Happened to be in Africa for a bit but just moved to Freetown and planning to stay here for a while. I work for a solar company.

I am new in town but I want to discover. I am ready to meet new people, try new experiences or take part of any social gatherings.

Any tips? Who is out there? Allo? ;)


Hi Angela.

Arno. Nice to meet you. Where do you surf over the weekend? Would be glad to resume surf.


Hi all, single (divorced) Brit, now in Sierra Leone by way of Juba, Nairobi, Kabul, Burundi, Monrovia, Pristina etc etc.
Father of 2 girls, both in Uni, here for 18 months.
looking to meet people and get a social life. Currently in a very boring hotel nut looking for a house.
Kitesurfer, fanatical squash player, and then photographer when not doing the other 2, love to cook and more into a good meal than a wild party, however......
any hints on where to go appreciated.

Hi, Kenn here from Nairobi visiting for a while

I am a UK based journalist.
News is breaking of a British national living in Sierra Leone who has contracted Ebola.
I am trying to find more information as to the circumstances and identity.
Please DM me if you can help or email steve.myall[at]

Hi all,
I am Daniel K Mattia, a born Sierra Leonean and am current;y residing in 117 Mattru Road  Bo City, Southern province of SL. Am a young Graduate (Bsc. in Accounting) seeking for a job. I'm very much happened to meet new people, and am ready to  try new experiences or take part of any social gatherings. I pray that this epidemic Ebola disease may eradicate from this Country, Amen.
Once more, thanks to everybody.

Hello I am jaco van der linde from south afric I am a shift boss in mining and woul to work in sierra leone I am44years old and is immediate available

am a nurse and i want to com and work as a nurse

tank u all

Hi, Friends

I am glad to know you all.   I am a Sierra Leonean.  I am in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  I am happy to meet you.
We will get to know ourselves better as we go along.


yeah that nice I too lives in Sierra Leone Freetown central part nice to be friend my whatsapp number is [moderated: pls avoid posting personal details on a public forum]

Kekura Koroma  a sierra Leonean living in Sierra Leone presently, a former worker of Hope Micro presently looking out for job.

Hi, I am a  Sierra Leonean presently living in Nairobi. HAPPY TO MEET YOU ALL


I'm Helena and I'm moving to Freetown from the UK on 30 June for work (healthcare management) for 6 months.

I'm really looking forward to arriving and starting to settle in, meet new people and start exploring. I'm into biking and hiking if there are any enthusiasts out there?!


Friend !
  You are welcome to Sierra Leone , and may God  be on your part so you will have good story to tell about Sierra Leone when you return back abroad ...

Hi All,
My name is Owen ,38 yrs old from Zimbabwe. A Boilermaker / Metal Fabricator by profession.  I have been working in Sierra Leone for African Minerals at Tonlolili Iron Ore Mine near Mbumbuna since February 2012.
It has been a great experience ever , given the great and diverse cultures that made up the AML workforce. I am a good communicator and would like to share news on new projects and prospects. Very much availble and have a flexible character. I still regard myself a learner though I still train some work mates.
I am married and have 3 loving daughters in Zimbabwe.
I will be happy to have correspondence with you.

Hi all, I'm born and raised in the US and have Sierra Leone roots. My name is Santigi. I manage land in SL. Looking to get to know you other expats and swap info. I'm happy to have a beer with you when the bars are back to normal. Weekends on the sand are still fun though i guess. Im back home visiting currently. But I'll brb in a couple of weeks. So just message me if you want to link up.

Hi my name is Anthony kyei-mensah, a Ghanaian formerly working with the Ghana immigration service and relocated here to Freetown for marital reasons. Am currently enjoying the country capital as really it sounds like its name, a free town indeed. Am looking forward to secure a job in order to be able to settle down well...nice to meet you all and hope to have the best of years to come.

I am a Civil Engineer from Nigeria,having more than 15 years of experience, parts of which 1 year plus was in Sierra Leone, working on Road & Drainage construction, at Pehunjem, Bo & Mattru Jung 2013-2014 with First Tricon (SL) Ltd. Also having a track record as Chaplain in the above province Prison / Hospital. Still having interest to go back as an Expatriate.


As this is an English speaking forum could you please post in English only so that members can understand your post.
Thank you.

I am Mohamed Kunowah Kiellow, a Sierra Leone-Dutch human rights lawyer. I have worked in Sierra Leone for about five years, building the capacity of human organisations. From December 2014 to February 2015 I worked in Sierra Leone with various human rights organisations who were  giving a human rights dimension to the fight against Ebola.

I will be in Sierra Leone come September again for 4 weeks. I will be delighted to meet expats presently working in Sierra Leone.


Hello i was born in the Southern part of sierra Leone Bo District . i educated in Freetown up to my high school level,and then proceed to Government technical Institution and pursue Diploma in computer hardware and software .

Am presently Working in sierra Leone .

Hi,before the  Ebola out break of Ebola, sierra Leone was one of the safest country in the world. despite of the civil war, we had stand toll,  forget about the past and move forward. Friendly people and beautiful attractions to visit. to know more about sierra Leone when you come. **

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Hello, My name is Yusif Fuad Kamara and am a Sierra Leonean living in Sierra Leone. I'll be happy to meet fellow sierra leoneans to make new friends.

This seems to be an old thread but I will add my comments anyway.  I am Tess.  I just moved to Sierra Leone  in July.  I live in Makeni, I would love to meet other expats.

I m a youngman from Zimbabwe very considerate,hardworking,ambitious and likes travelling. Professionally I m a qualified Boilermaker with over 6 years post apprentice ship training.

Hi Julien

Thanks for the welcome im actually planning to move to Sierra Leone but have not got a  job offer yet.


I m a youngman from Zimbabwe very considerate,hardworking,ambitious and likes travelling. Professionally I m a qualified Boilermaker with over 6 years post apprentice ship training.

hey, me too would love to meet up!

Hi all! I'm JIbbs, I'm from NIgeria and a telecoms specialist. I get to travel around quite a bit and I enjoy meeting new people, sight seeing and learning different cultures.

Hey Santigie
I just came across ur post dat was posted abt two yrs ago. Are u still in salone, if so, plz send me an email to: fatty2k[at] 
I'm looking to make friends and would definitely like to link up. I was also born and raised in da states.

Hi My Name is Ivon Fortes,I am from Cape Verde Islands the paradise of Africa .
I love to meet new friends ,I speak French,English,Spanish and Portuguese fluently.
I am a IT/Telecom Engineer and love to have fun.

My whatsup is ***

Please get in touch!!!!

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