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I am Johnson from Malaysia, working as High School Teacher in Sabah for more then 25 years.  I am teaching Sports Science and Physical Education and also qualified coach for track and field, softball and also handball. Always involve in State and National level tournament.

Now I am divorce and planning to go abroad, and decided to work in Brunei.

Please guide me.


Hi! I am very pleased to be part of this forum , that we can change critical ideas and skills. I would like to go Brunei to undertake masters program to increase my level best of my education for the benefit of my country. Thank you all , I need your opinions.

My name is Gharib , a graduate of bachelor degree in Procurement and Supply management , I am a job seeker and I would like to start my work career at home country but my biggest difficult is experience , so that I need your help to find me a job that do not require experience so that I can master an experience from that particular work. Thank you

Hi Julian,

good day,

I am Johnson from Malaysia, seeking for Job Opportunity in Brunei.  experience sports science and athletic coach.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi all,
this is Ken. Am new in Brunei since April and working for a reputable construction company. Cheers  ;)

thank u brother

hai,have a nice time to all,
                                          i am siddiq from india,i want to move brunei,kindly help me ,as i am aelectrical engineer projects with 12 years experience in construction & engineering field

Hi all,

Looking forward to hear any job apportunity in Brunei especially in oil and gas sector. Nice to meet you.

Thank you.

I am dr sikandar, did my mbbs in year 2009 and than worked one year in Jinnah hospital karachi as house surgeon, passed fcps 1 in year 2012 and completed two years residency in general surgery from jpmc karachi,Including 4 months as casualty medical officer in accident and emergency department jpmc karachi..

Hello everyone.

My name is Ivan, I am Ukrainian. I am looking for a job opportunity in Brunei.

I have over 3 years experience in commercial banking and consulting. I have a bachelor's degree in finance and credit. Besides English, I know Russian and Ukrainian languages. I am 23 years old.

In this topic I wrote in detail about my situation

I would be very grateful for any advice and assistance. Thanks very much for the attention.

Hi all,

Just came back from working overseas, currently in Brunei. This blog helps a lot during my stay back in Vietnam. Hope it can also help you guys here with all the infos needed.

I am a Syrian citizen living in Syria in Banias town.
I am a Civil Engineer USA Graduation with 17 years working experience in oil and gas construction in UAE Qatar Kazakhstan.
Due to the unfortunate Circumstances  Syria, I am willing to leave the place and go anywhere I can work and live and be safe.

Hello everyone! I'm Elina, new to this forum. I live in Brunei in Jalan Subok, which is around Sg Akar. I thought i'd be able to help/learn/share where and when needed. This website is great!!

A recognized Canadian IT and Program-Project Leader willing to move to Brunei, any advice about contacts or executive search firms?

I'm looking any vacant as a cooker in brunei. Hope i can find it. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hi Julien, and evryone.
Hope you all are doing well
Well This is Akib originallyfrom the Indian part of  Kashmir and current living in Malaysia. I am 2 years of experience and looking forward to find some luck in Brunei in terms of a secure career(Finance, banking, NGO kind of industries).

For any other inquires. Please feel free to ask. 

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My name is muhammad ali imroni i come from indonesia, i really interest to work in one of hotels in brunei as a housekeeper , i have excellent experience in this department,
And now i work in marriott doha hotel QATAR.


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Hi all
I spend my last 30 years in different arabic I know reading and writing speaking arabic very well.this all my experience if Brunei need for transleter or as a arabic teacher I'm ready to come there.right now I'm in Malaysia.

Hi, My name is Vivek Kundapura, 58 years old management professional, having 30+ years of experience in Operations and Finance field in various Multinational companies including 5+ years of banking experience in Kuwait.  Looking for a good opportunity in Brunei to work and share my expertise in starting up companies, streamlining the processes, internal controls & laying down company policies and procedures.

Looking for a good opportunity to work in Brunei.

Thanks & cheers

Vivek Kundapura

Hello everybody,
                         Glad to be part of this group. I'll be coming to Brunei in Jan 16 for one year. Its a good forum to know and learn from each other. Esp for a person like me who will be new to this beautiful country. Looking forward for a wonderful and fruitful year in Brunei.

Assalamualaikum and hi everybody..
I am Alicia, a Malaysian from Sabah. I joined Expat yesterday ☺. Wondering if there is an opportunity to join healthcare team in Brunei as a Senios Nurse. I've posted my ads.
Currently, I am working in one of the private hospital in Penang.
If there is any offer, please kindly let me know.
Nice to be here. Thanks!

(Sabahan in Penang)

Hi I am Claire from Makati Philippines. I am just new on this site.

Hi, I am Kelvin, a Singaporean, and am newly joined this forum. Hope to gather more info on Brunei. Thanks.

hello,  i mauritian planning to study at ubd very soon.  i hope i can get an idea of how life is in brunei from this blog.

hello yeshan, im a mauritian too n i am planning to study at ubd soon.  would be great to hear from you.

Hello Guys,

Since More than 4 Months I get any answer or Help about Brunei except One of members ,I don't know if it's very very difficult to get an Information or advice about Living in Brunei because even searching about this topic in google is hard stuff and there is No Informations

Please help us if you Know anything about how we can Expat in Brunei? and how we can Find compagnies there?

I am from Bangladesh. Currently I am working as HR & Procurement Manager in Bangladesh in a Life Insurance Company. I am an MBA major in Human Resources Management and Master of Commerce major in Management. I have started my career in 1998. I have working experience as Accounts Officer, Customer Care Manager besides HR & Procurement Manager.
I am very much interested to relocate in Brunei or Singapore.
I am looking forward to hear from you.

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Thanks for nice advice .
Mohammad Waliul Islam Sikder

hi every one i am Zulfiqar Ali. i am interested to move in brunei but can any one what is the process? i am from Pakistan, i like brunei but i don't know about brunei to-much.

Hello Julien,

I'm Hasry from Kuala Lumpur.

Married to a Bruneian. Brunei now is my second home + country.

Brunei is very calm & peaceful.

I'm currently looking for a job opportunity in Brunei since my wife is working with one of the local bank. 

Please do let me know if the an opportunity for Corporate Branding / Media / PR available in Brunei.

Thank you.



Hi my name is Hasry from Malaysia.

I would like to know how do i get a job in Brunei.

I'm married to a Bruneian and i'm looking for a job in Brunei do i can be with my wife and pursue my career.

I'm 33, current position as Assist Vice President, Corporate Affairs at Johor Biotechnology & Biodiversity Corporation. 11 years of experience and i look for a job in Corp. Communications or Corp. Branding. I don't really mind about the position.

I hope you can give some advice on how do i go about this. my email ****

Thanks for your time.


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Hello everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Shasry, since this present thread is only for the introduction of new members of the Brunei forum, could you please drop a job looking for advert in the dedicated section of the website : Jobs in Brunei.

Bonne chance,

I m already in brunei and wanted to search for jobs

Hi Friends,

Good day to you. I am Suresh from Malaysia. I am looking for either an IT, HR or any suitable role. I have 08+ years of experience that includes experience in the Information Technology (IT), banking, insurance, Human Resources (HR), manufacturing industries and currently in the transportation/logistics industry. Are there any currently in Brunei? If there are, please feel free to drop me an e-mail. I can be contacted at ***. Looking forward for a favourable reply. Thank you.

Best Wishes,

V.Suresh Kumar

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@ suresh > This thread is for the introduction of new members only.

For job search, it is best that you post in the designated section > Jobs in Brunei. :)

Good luck,


Hello, I will be in Brunei in November.  Do you have a list of used cars?  Any tips on buying a used car in Bandar Seri Begawan?    Even the oldest used car will be good, I will only be in BSB for two years.

Thank you very much.


hello andrew, Its me Dom i have been in Brunei too since January 2014 until now. It has been my desire to have lots of expats friend here in Brunei.

Hope to meet you and  your lovely family here is my ***


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Hi, am really  very happy  to meet a great team of different  kind of individuals  looking  forward  in working  with you people  in brunei if have been offered a job by the almighty  willing, am a very humble man ready to interact  with different  kind of  people  with different  cultures  as per the society,I will be able to be corporate maximum  to boost up my carrier  and well being,I can't wait to join this thanks  in advance.
Hasan Ahmad lemin.

Good day all,

I am currently located in South Africa and have applied for a Numeracy coaching job in Brunei.
I am a Science educational Specialist here and Labour Relations Officer at a District level, and have just completed my Masters in Maths and Science Education at UJ.  I aim to get a job either in Brunei or UAE.

My concern is, on average the cost of rent there, and also , since i am expected to buy my own car once there, with little subsidy i suppose, the monthly installment one may have to pay back if i secure a loan for a car equivalent to a Polo vivo to take me from point A to B without qualms.

Dear All,

How are you doing?
I am an Oracle DBA with 5+ years experience looking for a job in Brunei. I am currently in India. Can I have your guidance of getting a job over there.
I will be very much grateful if you can help me on this. 

Any help is much appreciated.

Hoping for a positive reply!


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