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good evening sir.thanks fore yours great replayed.i have a small business in Nepal in biratnagar like travell.per month my income is 1000$.so what kind DOC need to apply get a visit or business visa.please assist me sir if you possible.any way.also i had work with US military Base in iraq KBR company 2004 to 2010 security guard.and 2011 to 2014 dec Dyncorpinternational company in afghanistan rowpu operator like water plant operator.i am married person i am 46 years old i have 2kits.i have 2home in biratnager city and i have land in biratnagar city.please how is possible what kind visa can i get easy.
kindly request.
khagendra gautam.

Dear all,
Iam ram Barakoti from nepal now I came here in bangkok for few days and going back to nepal soon. As you all aware few weeks ago 7.9 earthquake hit to Himalayas  including Kathmandu capital Still aftershocks happening I was there for help to people more than 16 days anyone wish to hear story and what's is going now please let me know I am happy to meet anyone here on bangkok and share.

My skype : ram.barakoti

I am in daily contact with friends in Nepal and have a good idea about how things are going... News and information of the reality in Nepal going out through international media is very incomplete, so any news and observations you can share would be welcome.  There is an "earthquake" thread in the forum that would be appropriate for this.

Evening Everyone.

I'm a Nepalese American currently visiting Nepal. I was born and raised in Kathmandu and moved to the US when I was 19. Once I graduated college, I worked for a few years, naturalized as a US citizen, and decided that working in corporate sector wasn't meant for me.

I currently own/run a Pashmina/Cashmere factory in Nepal.

I'd love to meet expats to gain some perspectives - be it about cultural diversity, transition, or anything else.

I'm also open for new business ventures pertaining to tourism, software, handicrafts etc.

I live in Lalitpur.

Hi, I'm abhinaya from Nepal.

Plz. Suggest me I have to return from Abu dhabi due to medical unfit, they told i have got  tv and scar in chest, but i didn't got tv but scar in chest now i am ok & want to go abudhabi by visit visa , May i can go, i have hear that i have been lifetime ban . Plz. suggest me ...Is there anything do to got a visit visa......

sonamyonjen :

Plz. Suggest me I have to return from Abu dhabi due to medical unfit, they told i have got  tv and scar in chest, but i didn't got tv but scar in chest now i am ok & want to go abudhabi by visit visa , May i can go, i have hear that i have been lifetime ban . Plz. suggest me ...Is there anything do to got a visit visa......

If you have been found to have TB and be medically fit you are banned from the country. You could contact an Abu Dhabi embassy for information.

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hello friends..m new to ExpatBlog..if any1 can,please reply..i m searching for a job in portugal,so as to permanently settle what way can i get help?where should i apply?since nepalese govt. cannot supply qualitative jobs, please help me..

Hi all,
I am a elderly female Nepali citizen working as an English language speaking Tour Guide in Kathmandu, Nepal.  I am government license holder guide.
Do you have any queries regarding visiting Nepal ( ASIA) I can help.  Please feel free to write.
Welcome to Nepal.
Email address – ++++

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This is Vinay Bhandari.

I am coming to Korea to explore possibility of Nepali investing in 11 MW Tallo Khare Hydropower Project in Dolakha. We have recently completed 4.4 MW Radhi Hydropower Project in Lamjung.

heelo bata huna sakne kei help haru..please remember hai..from biratnagar

anup poudyal :

heelo bata huna sakne kei help haru..please remember hai..from biratnagar

ENGLISH ONLY please as this is an English speaking forum. Tagalog is not accepted here.

hello "the walker"
its good to hear about you.i am from biratnagar,presently, i am a medical representative.

Have plans to relocate to Nepal soon.
Look forward to learn about the experiences of expats in Nepal.
Also open to genuine business opportunities......

Welcome to Nepal. What is your background for work/business? There are many things that you could make money with in Nepal. Don't get into too much of a hurry to invest because you need a Nepali partner. Scary!

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Iam Basant Risal from Pokhara worked in engineering field and like to get new jobs in abroad

Looking for other people thats learning nepali for practising together.
Im currently staying in Pokhara, Lake side

Namaste - We are Jess and Abe, and we have now been in KTM/Pokhara for nearly 25 days (now in Pokhara) ... we are from the US, and we work online, thus helping with the schedules.

We are looking for people to meet, even a travel buddy - look fwd to going into the far western Nepal region in the coming months - and even Central Asia (read Baku/Tbilisi)/India afterwards. 

Love to hear from those interested!

Hello everyone, I am Nirmal from Kathmandu Nepal, you are most welcome in Nepal, the country of Himalayas.

Hi there,

We'd love to meet up and exchange tips etc on life in Pokhara. Please see our profile and send an e-mail if you'd like to meet up for a coffee.

Jenni and Philip

I'm travelling to Tbilisi too on December 1 for two weeks!

have great time    friends

What kind of online work do you do? I recently founded an NGO in Nepal and we seriously need some internet skills. Would you be willing to volunteer for a week to help a little NGO with some internet work? Please take a look at our work. Our village is lovely, at the edge of the Kathmandu Valley where the air is clear with gentle breezes and quiet days.

Anyone interested? Our NGO to help our village recover from the earthquakes. Please send me a PM.

hey y'all! I'm planning to visit Nepal from December to January! Most specially in Pokhara. See y'all!

Dear MadagascarNow
we are planing to start business in Nepal. we need the best partner like you and we hope if we got like you person we will success in our business.
can we discuss with officially by email
Thank you

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Hello everyone,

Welcome on board  :)

@ Roz123, this thread is about the introduction of new members of the Nepal Forum. You may send a private message to MadagascarNow if you want to discuss with her.

Click on the member's profile, on the upper banner you will see a "Send a message" button.

All the best,

dear team
thank you for suggestion. even i post on the board as well
but am new user on this blogs that's the reason .
many thanks.

Hi,this is shiva raj acharya from nepal my contact number ***

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Hello my friend. I have lived in Nepal off and on for many years. Please look into the Thamel apartments long term at very good cost.  Gauri Giri is the owner and very honest man. He will be of great help.

I am Tom from Niagara Falls! I'm contemplating teaching in Pokhara, Nepal. Is this a realistic desire?

You can easily find a place to volunteer with anywhere in Nepal. Most NGO's charge for food,$5-7 per day, but don't pay for a placement with any  volunteer placement companies. You don't need them.

We have lots of projects in our village in the Ktm valley. It's really a lovely village, a gentle breeze, clean air, lovely views. We work with one local, government school in our village, Changunarayan. We have a nice, modern guest house and probably one of the best opportunities in Nepal volunteering with Kay Garnay for Nepal, registered NGO. But any of the NGOs will be happy to receive you.

Anyone who would like to volunteer can easily go to the Kathmandu Guest House in Thamel and look on the message board for agencies looking for help. Several places in Ktm have message boards. It's a very safe country so you won't have a problem making contacts once you arrive.

Please do not volunteer or support the orphanage industry. It's extremely corrupt. You can check out my blog, A recent volunteers experience in Nepal. We have some tips for a positive volunteer experience in Nepal.

If you are coming this year please try to bring some warm clothing to give to people. You can easily take them to a temple to find poor people. I strongly suggest giving the clothing to people directly because many of the NGOs will take the clothing and give it to their friends and family rather than the children you brought them for. PM me if you have any questions I can help you with.

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Hi Friends,

I am moving to Nepal this December, maybe for a relatively longer period of time.
I have a rich experience living in mountainous/Himalayan region but just on the other side. Hope to see you there. If you'd be free we can roam around and explore it together.



Thanks for your post can you tell me the price range of the said apartments. Or should I look it up somewhere specific.


Hi i am jitendra and i am living in pokhara,nepal and working in travel and tourism can ask me for any travel information in nepal and also apartments in pokhara.

Thanks Jitendra!!

Hi, I am Saif from Pakistan. I am currently in Kathmandu Nepal and will be back to Pakistan on December 03. I will be back to Kathmandu by end of the December 2016 for my 2 years assignment


Hello all, We are non-profit volunteer organization in Nepal who links international volunteers with Nepali people We wish to enrich and improve the lives of both the local people and volunteers by providing new and memorable adventures and experiences.

NVDP Nepal Organizes voluntary work placements. The placements are based in community projects. Voluntary work is a unique way to spend your time abroad, as you can until you immerse yourself in its day to day life whilst doing in Nepal.

Our projects include working in an orphanage, Teaching English, Teach to Buddhist monks, and other subjects to kid’s medical and health care internships, women empowerment programs, wildlife conservation projects and also journalism internship.

Volunteer in Nepal, Volunteering in Nepal spent your time abroad to Nepal

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