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Hey am looking for a new challenge. I wanna join guys in mining industry

Am Gassien Tshituka from Drc congo,I do work as a qualified mechanic at  Bell equipment,I did my aprentice ship at Bell SA

Hi,my name is Patrick Ventura.
I was born in Paris,and I am still fluent in French.I carry a French Euro passport.  I have spent most of my life in South Africa. I ran a successful business manufacturing and marketing Time Management systems.Times have changed and those who still believe in Time management have opted for laptops, tablets and cellphones to manage their time.As a result, I cannot rely on the reduced income generated by time management sales to live comfortably.I have tried the Security sector , but they discriminate against anyone my age (69) and even younger.
I have a code 10 drivers license + PDP and I believe I have a better chance of generating income by driving trucks in French speaking Africa.

Hi Christine

Thanks for the invitation. My name is Fai Franklin Ndi, I am a Cameroonian, based in DRC for 3 years + now, but never had an opportunity to find a forum for experts like this specific to DRC.
I working as a Regional Finance Manager (DRC, Congo B, Gabon and Madagascar) with an IT company, partnering with Airtel Across, and IBM across Africa.  Before DRC Congo, i had lived and worked in Uganda for closed to 5 years, in various different functions, 3 of which i spent as a Senior Consultant at an Accounting firm.
I am an ACCA Member since 2011, and a CPA (U) member since 2012.

I look forward to knowing and sharing experiences with more experts in DRC and also looking for more challenging career opportunities.

Thank you.


I come from Belgium and I like living in Lubumbashi.

Swedish 32 year old man moving to Lubumbashi in June. Would be Wonderful to get some information or New friends down there.
Im only speaking english but dont know how far it will get me there so Im planning to start on a New Language . Should I choose swahili or french? What is the normal income there as a project  manager ? How much do you need survive there ?   Thanks

I am new in Goma, to serve your nation. Please reply if I can add value to your mission.Staying in Goma Ville. Bless you. Fiona

Hie I am Kainos Matarirano studied Diesel plant fitting as an apprentice in Zimbabwe I am a Zimbabwean.

Dear Fiona

Hope you are well.

My partner will be coming over soon and will be working in Kolwezi.
I will be following behind once I have sorted things out in Durban.
I am trying to get as much information as I possibly can about housing in Kolwezi (if there is) or alternatively in Lubumbashi.

Please advise if you would be able to assist.

Kind Regards


How are you Julien
I am Francis T Mupinyuri 31 year old Zimbabwean living and working in Zvishavane at Mimosa Mining company as a Dril Rig Technician. I did National Certificate in Diesel Plant Fitting and National Diploma in Automotive Engineering at Gweru Polytechnic. I also did Basic Electro Hydraulics and Andvanced Hydraulic courses with Sandvik. I am looking for a job in any part of DRC preferably in the mining industry.

Hi Cyndy
I am also from Durban:) I live in Beni now but have a friend in Lubumbashi... Will ask him to inbox you if you leave your email.
Wishing you all the best in DRC! You will love the people :) names are mwansa chikoti.i studied electrical technician course at Northern technical college in zambia and i graduated in 2006.since then i have been working in open cast mines within zambia as an electrician to assemble and repair earth moving machines.

Hi guys.

My name is Harrison, I live in Zimbabwe Harare. Iam an Engineer by profession specialising in Fluid Handling equipment, pumps, valves and process equipment for mining, agriculture, municipal and industrial.

Iam a job seeker. Iam prepared to relocate to DRC if I get a placement. I have travelled alot and have been to lubumbashi and kamina. I speak English and little Swahili.

May you assist me please.

Hi everybody  :)

Welcome to expat-blog all new members of the Democratic Republic of Congo forum  ;)

To begin with, if you have any questions or search for information, you can create your own discussions on the forum. Follow the link below :

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Eventually for jobs search, you can go through the adverts and even create your detailed cv on the appropriate section of the website :

- Jobs in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Finally, this thread is only meant for the introduction of new members and a brief presentation of their project.

So, let us keep this thread clean and continue sharing.

Best of luck everyone,
Bhavna  :)

Good Day am Tendayi Nyatsanga and currently working for a local caterpillar dealer, am a diesel plant fitter and interested in joining out there through your help in marketing me, i would very much be grateful of your assistance

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Hi All

I am a Cameroonian, I am a skilled and certified  logistics and Supply Chain professional. I am currently looking for a  job that will give me the opportunity to unleash my potentials. Though I am currently working, I am making arrangements to move to Lubumbashi. Joining the is an opportunity for me to expose my self.



HI All, My self Praveen. I am an Indian living with my wife in Golf Lubumbashi. I have been here (L'shi) since 2010, its really nice place to live, had lots of fun around here.

My wife is Master's in Computer Science and Networking, she is looking for any opportunities around here, If any thing please suggest.


I am a CONGOLESE living in south africa i was born in lubumbashi, I am a skilled and GRADUATE  AS  lT PROFESSIONAL AT COMPLETED MY DEGREE AT VAAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY  . I am currently looking for aN Information technology  job that will give me the opportunity to unleash my potentials. Though I am currently UNEMPLOYE, I am making arrangements to move to Lubumbashi. Joining the is an opportunity for me to expose my self..

Am a male Zambian looking for a job as an electrician in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Currently in am working working as an electrical foreman.


Hi everybody,

I am Manish from India.

I am looking for jobs in Accounting & Admin profile.

Hi,I want some one to help me with congolese passport application in pretoria and how much does it cost.i realy want to apply, Presently I'm living in south Africa Thanks all.

Hie all. My name is Brigtwell Mchunu and I'm currently staying in S.A which is my home. However I would love to work in the DRC.
I'm a qualified heavy duty auto electrician and I wonder if anybody can help me with opportunities or information

Daniel693 :

Hello hope everyone is doing well, My name is DJ I am from South Africa and I am currently working and living in the congo I arrived here about a month and a half ago and I am enthusiastically working my way into this place challenging at times but fun none the less.

Please I would like to get in touch with you


hi this is danny here from howz life dear.wt do u do in congo and where do u work here.

I'm in south Africa Danny and I need a job that side how can you help?

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On April 1, I am moving to Kinshasa. I would like to connect with some people (expats or locals), to learn more about life in Congo. I am from the United States, and I will be teaching English for 6 months.

It is quite difficult finding information about expat life in Kinshasa. Any help would be much appreciated.

And if anyone is interested in practicing/learning English, I am interested in sharing languages. I want to improve my French!

Thanks everybody :)


We've moved to Kin in September - my spouse works for an NGO, and I am an international development consultant in between contracts. The contract I came here for has ended a bit earlier than we had anticipated, but this is par for the course, in that profession. So, we are here, but most likely, it will not be forever.

Best thing about Kinshasa is the Centre Equestre (riding center) - we go there every Sunday morning in a successful attempt to relax and keep our sanity.

If you are looking for a place to stay, we are moving out of our apartment - I've put an ad about it in the housing section.


I am James Dengure from.   Zimbabwe I am a job seeker .I am a qualified diesel mechanic I would like to work in the Democratic republic of Congo
Anybody can help me get a job my email is ***

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Welcome to the forum

If seeking work please post your details in the jobs section at the top of this page.

For security reasons it is unsafe to post any personal contact details here on the open section of the forum.


My name is Bronwyn Ndlovu a South African, I am looking for employment in the DRC in the office administration, Contact centre team manager or personal assistant. I am looking for this relocation as my husband is from the DRC and we are planning on moving at the beginning of 2017. Please if you could kindly assist me in finding on I would really appreciate it.

Hello everyone,

I am Shams from Chennai. I got job in Lubumbashi. I want to know about Lubumbashi, please guide me about

Do's n don'ts
People around
Transportion in city and
Internet and tele communication


I am Pathy Kanyinda, 36 old years, living in South Africa, I worked full time paid volunteer in May courtiers: South Africa, Argentina, Ethiopia, and Dubai. I am looking for any paid volunteering opening within my country DRCongo. I can be contact on xxx

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Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Pathy Kanyinda, please drop an advert in the Jobs in the Democratic Republic of Congo > Volunteering section. This thread is only dedicated to the introduction of members.

Thanks in advance,

hello members
i am Ramazani, a Congolese and have been studying outside my country (DRC) with a degree in community development with a major in international development, i would like to get a job that will make me use and implement the skills and knowledge i have as far as community development is concerned. i have 6 years experience in development and management field.

thanks and hope to hear from you all

hi i am yusuf from india tamilnadu chennai , now i am newly joined here in private car company lubumbasi, we are dealing japanise used and brand new car through online

thanks / regards

hi shams how r u , i am yusuf from chennai me too new here in lubumbasi happy to text you

Hi All,

My name is Taoufik, but everybody calls me Ben. I am originally from Tunisia (North Africa), but have been living in London, UK for the past 20 odd years.

I have come to Kinshasa, DRC, to join my wife who works there. I am interested in meeting people, socializing, going out and possibly asking now and then about how to  make living easier in Kinshasa.


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