New members of the European Union forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the European Union forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the European Union if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello Guys

Just joined it. Please keep in touch.



Hello Nav,

As you are a new member, can you please introduce yourself? ;)



Hello, I am sandro from buenos Aires living in Manchester. Como estas?

Hey everyone. I'm super new, and my name is Hannah Brooks.
I just graduated law school in Cincinnati, OH (US) and I'm interested in pursuing a doctoral degree, more than likely in the EU. I'm hoping to research Transitional Justice concerns, as my professional interest is in International Human Rights Law

So I thought I'd drop a line and say hi.
Feel free to message me  :)

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This is Tina from Tehran. I love meeting people and getting to know a new culture.  I have so many friends abroad and would love to be in touch with foreigners, if you ever had a question,  don't hesitate to contact me ;)

Hello Im Wally Santos the place is good keep in touch godbless..

Hi Everybody,

Even though I am a member of the European Union forum, what I really want to be a member of the East Africa forum.

I just returned to London after 2 years in Tanzania and I want to return to East Africa as soon as possible.

Anyway, nice to meet you all.

Kind Regards


i am a trained Human Resources Manager, currently occupying the post of Head Of personnel Service in a renounced Category 2 Micro finance with an effective of 200 workers. Two years expierence in this position.
which to extern my expertise in international organisations.
My ambitions are unlimited in this field.

thanks for this I'm from iceland and i am going to move to bulgaraia

We plan to move and travel throughout Europe for two years. We will have our travel van to live in.  We know we will need health and car insurance for the duration of this trip. However, we would like to know if anyone knows the process for establishment of a bank account there since we will not have a fixed address.  And we plan to continue to file US tax returns while we are there.  We will be retired and do not plan to work while there.  Any assistance would be great.

hello when I moved to Spain fro iceland i just shown my  passport and paid 30 euro I paid taxes in iceland no problem. and i lived ther  fore 3 years but I do not know about usa but it should not be any issues Have a good trip

Hello all!

I am a Croatian currently living in Vienna, Austria.
Hope to meet new people here ...


I live in France, I'm manager in the professional integration, speaking english and spanish, I love to travel, I'm looking for a job abroad. 
Have a good day !

Hello All,

I am Nil presently working in Kuwait in one of the five-star hotel as a Human Resources Team Member and now looking for a change as Kuwait is very remote location and my field has very narrow path here.

Thank you in advance and hope to get something by this post.

لHi Tina i World love to do trip to Iran is it Nice

Hello all,

I'm Darron. I will be graduating with a BBA in International Business Administration this May. I excelled in my studies and received multiple scholarships and research grants.  I've worked in the financial, construction, nutrition, and credit industries. 

I have extensive leadership experience and am very competitive.  I know that nobody knows everything, so I try to learn more every day. I like people and am typically an optimist.  I speak fluent French and some Spanish and would like to learn other languages.  I lived in France for  2 years (1985 to1986), and wish to bring my family to Europe to see that there is more to this wonderful world than just America. 

Any advice that is helpful would be appreciated.

Hi everyone!!

I m Lily and I just moved back to Lisbon after living in San Diego for a few years. it was my first experience living outside of the EU and it was pretty great!! I was doing my PhD there, so lots of work but also got to experience the best of the country and found a very nice group of people there!

I think the expat experience is ABSOLUTELY GREAT, it does broaden one's horizons and helps in making a family of friends for life, because people are living under similar circumstances and expats share a unique mindset (if you 're lucky where you end up, I guess)

Hi I'm Hector, I'm Mexican and I'm looking forward to join any EU nation, hopefully within the next year. I wish you all best of luck hope we can help each other up.

Am Hussein. New to this group
! Looking for expat in Europe overall. Planning to move and live there in weeks. And need assistance in getting a room and job

Hey! My name is Louis and I'm from St. Louis (Joke :D). I'm actually from London. Just browsing here for information (for now).

Hi! Good day! I'm planning to work in UK however I'm having problems with the English exam because it's quite difficult to attain the required score for my profession. Hopefully by this year I'll be able to pass it as well as the board exams intended for my field of expertise. In God's will, I'll be able to move forward and start my work and further advance studies. Glad to me you all! Thank you for accepting my request to become a part of this forum. I'll try to help others (thru advices and support but not financially😁) once I've achieve my goal to go there. Thanks and God bless you all! 😊

hi everyone i am an RGN in Ghana since 2013 . Now wants to move to Europe

I'm recovering from blood cancer after being a swimming coach which I taught from absolute beginners to Olympic level I'm hoping to retire to the sunshine as text disease broke my back, looking for a little work and apartment in jomentien

I am from India and I want to start haulage business in Europe preferably in Hungary or Romania .. if not in these countries which Eu countries are best for trucking and also advice me which side should I focus more like loader of commercial goods or construction tippers according to the current market conditions there.


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