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We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Slovenia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

I have the interest of going to Study in Slovenia in particular, in Lubljana to improve in my knowledge of Surveying & Geoinfirnatica

I am Lean D. Laurente from the Philippines who are currently working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as Supervisor in Zodji Factory of Pastries and Bakeries. I am a graduate of BS in Business Administration major in Marketing Management. It's gladly to hear that this was been made for those you are willing to work and live in Slovenia. Personally, this is my main reason why I am hear is to seek for accurate and real information on how to move and work in Slovenia and at the same, I am planning to take my masters in the mentioned country. I hoped that you could helped me to find an employer and embraced the beauty of Slovenia.
Thank you.

wow i am surprised people from other countries...CONTINENTS even know where we are:) anyway welcome people:) if u have any particular question i am here to help...let me just introduce slovenia a little a small country with only 2mio people, capital city is ljubljana...our neighbours are hungary italy  austria and croatia slovenia is one of the richest countries with water...good water...alot of lakes rivers some sea too...we have alot of green general is a beautifull country:) and we are in central europe so everything is near to us from the city i live i have 100 km to the capital ljubljana. 150 kilometers to venice in italy 400 to milano-italy 100 to austria...germany 300km ecc:)


I'm a Slovenian, but I'm hoping to one day leave this tiny country because of wanderlust :)

Unfortunately I'm still studying, so not enough money or possibilities for someone like me to just up and leave. Until then I'll be posting here too, helping people who I can't believe have heard of this tiny country or even want to more here! :)

I am studying in Ljubljana but I'm originally from the coast. So I can probably help & answer questions about both those locations! And if I don't know, I'm very good at googling ;)

My name is Marlon Derla i'm from philippines and i finished my university Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management. i joined here because i want to find a job in Slovenia any kind of job even it's not related to my degree. i liked working at home like cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing,gardening and many others. i am hoping that you could help me to find Job in your country. i've been to your country  and i really like it i just passes by because i went to hungary and i ride buss going to italy so we have stop over in your country. you can contact /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ if you can give me a job.  derlamarlon.brittany[at] thank you and hope to see you.

Basicaly m electrical engineer first i am looking  some kind of job and also planing a good shop of electrical material.You can help me in this regard or tell me the consultants please.

Hi all!

I am a Canadian/ Italian dual citizen looking to re-locate to Slovenia, most likely Maribor. Since I am a tour director working on the Danube I am on the road for almost 5 months of the year and think Slovenia is a great place to call home.

I have never moved from Canada to another country an would love any advice from Canadians in the area. Also how as a tour director can I get to Ljubljana or Graz international airports easily?


Hello everyone i would like to ask how much is the cost for the simple weeding in slovenia i have this girlfriend and i am working already to propose to her. do you have any idea?

Hi malagara,
I am also from philippines i have read that many filipinos are also interested to visit your country.  I am planning to visit coast side of adriatic....i am a resident in france for 16 years now..i think visa is not a problem..we will be travelling by car passing by venice..want to visit slovenia.croitia albania and montenegro..maybe i can ask some information for you while stopping in slovenia..

Hi everyone.

I'm a norwegan woman that wants to move to Slovenia. I fell in love with my boyfriend who is Slovenian, and now wish to move there to be with him.
But could realy need edvice about how people did it, since I also have a child that is moving with me. Any edvice would be much apriciated if anyone has experience with moving there with children.

Hi we emigrated to Slovenia from the UK after we retired and are raising our to young grandchildren who we are legal guardians to too. They now go to a local school and are bilingual in both English and Slovene. It is certainly a cheaper option than living in the UK.

I came to slovenia 12 years ago with my wife and my son, so if you need some advises i will try helping you. Please you can contact me at   contactcarlos1[at]
see you

Good morning i just discover your message we are a french family living in uk for 4 years our children are fluent in english more than french and we are moving to slovenia  our children are 8-10-11 how old were yours when you moved ?
Have they been directly to a public school in slovenia and wich language was the school.

Thanks for your help



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Hi when we moved the children were 5 and 6. They went to a local Slovene school, the school got extra funding to teach the children Slovene. It's a lovely school and some of the teachers speak English as they teach English in the curriculum. My children had no problems at all settling in school.

Thank you for your answer. We will move in April this year.  ;)

I just realise when i looked your profil you are from West Yorkshire, and we are actually in Sheffield ;-)

Hello Guys, I am currently working in Dubai taking care of business in International market. However as UAE does not have an immigration plan (no matter how long you stay here), I am planning to move on. Slovenia seems like a beautiful country to move and as I already have plans of setting up a business, I am hoping with the right connections and guidance, I might be able to open up a company in Slovenia. I have a small family with my wife and two boys. We hope to settle down in a quiet and beautiful place with wonderful people around.

Hello, faiyazhashmi .
If you plan to move to slovenia, I can help you in many ways, I'm living here since 10 years and knows well the country and the 'slovene's spirit'. I had an company here and sold it, now I'm planing to create another one, so I can help you also in business. You are right, Slovenia is realy a very beautiful place and slovenes are kinds and honest peoples. If you are interrested by my help, please email me at  jeanleblanc191[at]

I am from Portugal and I m living in Ljubljana. I concluded my studies in microbiology and I'm now working in slovenia

Hi Everyone,
My name is Balazs, I'm from Hungary and planning to live in Ljubljana for a certain period of time.
I've already visited several times the capital, the coasts, and the mountains, and I immediately fell in love in the country. I always wanted to learn a new language and as I recently turned to 30 I think now it's the time to change my everyday lifestyle. I plan to attend a spring language school next year and then maybe to find a job in a multinational company. Having a diploma of French teacher, triathlon coach and indoor cycling trainer; having experience of 7 years in multinational IT companies and shared service centers, I hope that I will find my happiness in each aspect of life.

Im John, 26, I moved to Slovenia and married my wife and I have been living in Slovenia a little over 3 and getting to 4 years soon.

Long story short: Still havnt grasped the language yet as I work online and speak to only english speaking people and I dont honestly get out much since going full time with my online business ventures.

i have been to Slovenia 2 years ago on a summer camp for 2 weeks and it was amazing :D

Hi, I'm from Scotland and fell in love with Slovenia on my first visit 29 years ago and kept going back. I'm not quite an full ex-pat yet - I bought a house in the Soca Valley area last year and visit it whenever I can, and plan to retire there in the near future. At the moment I'm still getting to grips with modernising the house and getting used to life in my village. Despite my Slovene language skills still being poor I've been welcomed with great hospitality by my neighbours, and I hope to learn as I spend more time there. I'm a web designer and internet consultant so I can work from there now that I have an internet connection.

Look forward to some interesting conversations here.

Hi ! My name is Marc and I am from Barcelona, Spain. Due to a european grant, I ended up living in Slovenia so it will be great meet new people.  It will also be great to learn a little bit more of slovenian(its so hard for me xd).

Anyway hope we can see and meet sometime.

Best Regards,


Hi all! I'm living in Kromberk, Nova Gorica and as a hobby I am a beginner beekeeper, started with 3 families. If there is anyone in the neighborhood into beekeeping feel free to contact me,  I'd love to learn and share experiences! I am also into outdoor activities, hiking etc. and music concerts, so if there are any events nearby, please invite me! :)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to  :)

@ Sambacat,  we do have an event section where members can post/create events to share. For the time being, we do not have any upcoming event, however, do not hesitate to create one of your own Ex. Hiking, gatherings...

All the best,

Hello everyone!My name is Andreas and i am  from Greece!I would like to come in Slovenia to stay and to work with my family!I want to know about the country and for the people there!How its the life, the economy, the climate and other aspects of life!Now i have my own job about weddings, flowers, and decoration.I like very match the nature and my dream is to live into  a forest to grow my food with my animals!Thank you!

Hello everyone,
I'm from Portland, OR in the US and I've been living in Slovenia since May this year. I was living in Maribor with my boyfriend until we moved to Ljubljana a couple of months ago. I'm quickly falling in love with the city and would love to meet some more people that live here!

Hi!  I'm enchanted with Slovenia. No words can describe how beautiful this little country is.  It is like a fairy tale with charming houses, castles and churches.  A haven for nature lovers with little streams and clusters of trees everywhere.  I spent the Christmas-New Year holiday with my boyfriend and his family in Slovenia.  That short period was enough for me to want to live in there.   

I am now back in the Philippines. While I'm glad to be home, I am longing to be back in Slovenia and the Slovenian who had captured my heart.  Question now is how do I start?  And what can I do once I manage to relocate? What business would be good in Slovenia?

I'd love to hear about other people's stories of relocating to Slovenia and your business advices.

Hi did you move as planned?

Hi Alibobs9

Preparing to move is a major decision we are still studying.  Our time frame is 6 months to one year due to the documentation involved.

Hey! I am from Finland and studying media as an exchange student in Ljubljana for February and March 2017. I'm looking for friends to hang out with and see the city. There's so much to do and I would love to share it with someone!
Message me :)
(or whatever you do on this site I don't even know)

Welcome all in the forum, am a Nigerian presently in Egypt. Would soon be in Slovenia but can I begin to learn some features about the country especially  Ljubljana . Although, I have read few about the country.

Hello, my name Chi tran from Cali USA i am planning to visit Slovania someday will u give some advise if i go there in the future like leaning they language etc.. hoping i receive some advise from you.

Hello Chi
If you plan to come here for some holidays, you will not need to speak Slovene. Mostly people from Slovenia speaks english. If you want to learn Slovene, you must stay here for few years and it will not be easy. I'm sure you will be welcome. What will you like to know about Slovenia?

Hello friends..i want to come sloviena .now am work in bharain as a heavy truck driver .i have international license so telk me what i do much montly income as a driver

I am the newest newbie in this forum. Hello everyone. Greeting from Indonesia. Many people knows Bali, but may not know Indonesia. Bali is not a country but part of Indonesia. I have the same reason to most of you. I want to work and live in Slovenia with my wife. Hoping to become a permanenet resident then traveling to neighbouring countries.

i hope I can be your friend. And i really really hope making my way to slovenia to meet you as locals and have jug of beer on weekend. Have a good good day and God bless you all.

Hiya all,

This is Daniel, a Spaniard living in the Slovene coast for the past 4 years. Please drop me a message if you have any questions about this beautiful country. And if you have already settled down and speak Slovene I could do with some practising, let me know.


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