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Hello Everyone!
I am from Ukraine and already 9 month living in Lebanon!

I have great experience in marketing, sales and project management above 8 years in Ukraine and now i would like to find a really interesting job in Lebanon.
My 1st education - medicine college. I am a nurse with experience in surgery and intensive therapy depts. And 2nd education - psychology in university, bachelor degree. During the studying at university same time i was working in the business school by sales manager and studying leadership,  management and marketing. My working experience - it is more than 8 wonderful years. I has been practice by working in business structures - business school (sales management - 4 years), publishing house (marketing - 2 years), business consultancy company (client management - 2 years), my last job - Center for Innovations Development in University (marketing).
I have great skills of organizing the events, conferences, planning ad campaigns and projects. I am good in administration and undersand the base of financial management.
I am speaking fluently English and my two mother languages - Ukrainian and Russian. And i just start a little bit understand arabic :)
I like any open air activities, sport, books, self development, trainings, conferences, art,  exhibitions.
My very big hobby - creating vitrails as a glass artist :)

Hi Liudmyla,
I work at Kemiatech, a chemical company in Shweifat and one of our products is transparent glycerin soap.
This soap is sold as 8 kg blocks. It is a high quality soap that can be melted and poured into molds just like wax.
Many hobbyists and professionals buy our soap and create their own brand and market it. Some have also made their own franchise. You can do that too since you have experience in sales and marketing.
To learn more and sea the soap, you can google clear soap or check our site or related sites:

Hi for all I'm new here I looking for job in Sweeden  hair styles for women I hope to find I have many diploma  and I have many skills experience in my job

Thx for aĺl

I am from Sweden, married with 3 children. Moving to Beirut this year.
Any swedish living in Lebanon?

hello everybody
I'm hary, single, 29 y
i'm in lebanon since 2008 and i'm still here  nowadays
i'm looking  for a  job

Hi Guys, this is Fabio from China lah. I'm right now working for an NGO in Beirut. Really really love the city so far haha! Hopefully there could be something cool to do in this forum!

I don't know about teaching jobs (maybe Berlitz center?) but there is a party tomorrow night in Batroun on White beach and a marathon in Jbeil the next morning! Join! ciao

I am Jean. Living in Beirut i work as engineer in a company. I speak arabic, french, english, italian, and Learning russian. Like reading, hiking, discovering new places and new cultures. Looking for friendship and meeting new people from the world.

I am also coming to Lebanon on some project work and I would love to make friends. I am Indian and I would love catching up with other expats.

Hi yes  been almost 6yrs here in.lebanon and planning to search another country because  here very low salary that's  the big and 1 thing reason.thankyou☺

Enaj, where are you from, what did you do in Lebanon?

Well , I have a project in Beirut for two months ,
I'm l have some time to enjoy the country & see new people form different cultures, I like the Lebanese food enjoy it so much although , there is time for gym or walking at kornish, I'm free Saturday's and Sunday's if some one want to join discovers nice places

Nice to talk to you :)

Hello :)

I hope this message finds you well.

My name is Karim. I am Engineer planning to study in RWTH and work in Germany in January. I would be grateful if you could help me with my German and in return help you with your Arabic. I have previous experience teaching Arabic to Germans.


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I'm Beste, 24 year old translator from Turkey and I currently live in Lebanon for 3 months now, I'm learning Arabic and looking forward to get to know more about Beirut and Lebanese people and make friends and find activities to do here. I want to spend my time in the best way possible here.

hello my name is Taline,
I am lebanese Living in Lebanon. I want to relocate to Cyprus. I would like to know more about this country. All my life, i was dreaming to go there. and now that i have a family, i want to share my dream of living to cyprus. Hope it will become reality.

hi taline
sure you will be happy in cyprus
when do you plan to come?? do you have a close visit ?
i will be happy to introduce cyprus to you :)
let me know please about you, why do you like cyprus ??

Eyi Gunler Beste. benim adem Taline. I will be so happy to help you in any way you need.

marcharis hello. Thank you for your reply. I am planning to come next year. I love cyprus because of it unique island and beauty. Calm and pleasant

hi guys am from Egypt coming lebanon in december looking to know new people :)
cheers ;)

HEllo ,i am Anthonny from LEbanon . Only travelled to syria and turkey before .I am the owner Of dorms/furnished rooms in Byblos Lebanon for students, families and  tourists.

While actually learning spanish i will be gladd to make friends to learn some spanish and teach in the same time arabic for non arabs.

Anthony, check inbox

hi tony how can i contact u

Aust is a great university and english is very common in lebanon too. Getting a job in lebanon as an expat is a lil hard but life is awesome though

Hey how are. Nothing wrong to visit and check out the country. It is not as bad as u hear on the news definitely beautiful night life and great food

Hello everyone,am Shee~row a Kenyan.Been in Lebanon for close to Two yrs now....It was my greatest desire to travel here and thanks God he fulfilled my wish...
I love everything about Lebanon the kind &loving people,food,climate and the physical features!Looking forward for a longer stay....😘😘😘😘😘


My Name is Abi.. I shifted to Beirut 1 year back.. I love it here.. its a fantastic city.. dunno how active this forum is for expats getting together etc but would love to meet some people from my country here..


i think to move to lebanon and live in there but im still confused because i dont decide to move to lebanon because there are some arabian countries in my mind  :(

but maybe next year i wanna visit to lebanon ;)

Hi everybody.
Most of my life I expended in my home country, Spain.
i had the opportunity to visit some other countries and learn about their culture and traditions.
From 1st September I will be in Beyrouth.
I would like to refresh my languages,english, french, and learn some arabic.
In my free time I also like to try to keep on shape. I like running and sports related to aerobics. I also played football (soccer) when younger.
I would appreciate some tips on sports (gyms, places for running,etc) and where to improve my languages.
Thanks for having this forum

Hi dear,

My name is Lucien Haykal and i have 16 years of experince in production of POS, exhibition stands, printing, signages, etc...., i am really looking for a job in turkey and to make a good friends.

Best regards

Thank you for your welcome. I find Beirut an adventure and looking to connect with other people who speak English and enjoy life.

Looking for contacts in Cyprus for Eid. Need to connect with fellow Lebonese expats who have established themselves in Cyprus and know the ropes. Have a friend who wishes to relocate from Beirut to Cyprus. Would value any tips or contacts. In Cyprus from 11th - 17th Sept. Email dewde33[at]
Gypsy 33

welcome Gipsy. I arrived two days ago. I am also looking for friends english or french speakers and World like to start my firts steps in lebanes language. I Could teach spanish as exchange

Am in Beirut, but coming to Cyprus 11th Sept. Perhaps we could meet.
Gypsy 33

Ok, this week I am still adapting myself. I also joined a Gym, so I have to get used to my new schedule and way of living. Most probably we could meet before you depart and share experiences. Where you from?.
you can email me to ***

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Sorry I am looking for someone in Cyprus to help a friend move there. good luck in Beirut.
Gypsy 33


My name is Marc, I'm originally from France and I'm now living and working in Lebanon.
I'm looking for new friends to hangout with and have some fun :)

Hello Marc ,
My name is Ali .
it will be very nice to meet ,
if interested , just send a message ,

profali :

Hello Marc ,
My name is Ali .
it will be very nice to meet ,
if interested , just send a message ,

Hello Ali,

Ok it will be great, I'll send you my number, it will be easier to communicate through whatsapp.

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