New members of the Lebanon forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Lebanon forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Lebanon if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi i'm looking for British or Australian Expats in Beirut who are looking for some fun and exciting work in the movie business. We currently need men and women ages between 20-33 for a pilot to take part in voice overs in English.

Interested parties will need to read off a script in a studio environment and take voice over’s for certain characters in the movie.

Pilot this week and is not paid although if you are successful in the pilot we will offer you a contract.

Time allocated for pilot is 2hours
Please email me if interested. Cheers  xxx

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Hi, I think I have a job in Beirut, but I haven't signed contract yet.
I would like to get your opinions on American University of Science & Tech. In addition, I would also like to get your opinions of the Sovereign Investors and other expat organizations.
I am stuck in China and it's very boring. Language difficulties and my lack of interest in China are big obstacles. My French language ability is intermediate and I hear that ppl in Beirut are friendly.

I would like to hear what you have to say about living and working in Beirut.

Hi I don't advice you to come beirut because there is bombs in other way beirut is the best in education for all world &the most beautiful city u can see

Hi name is anthony.I'm a nigerian and I live in Nigeria..I love lebanon and everything about it..I would love to hook up with anyone from labanon in nigeria..tanx..and I'm 22 years old

Just landed in Beirut. Coming from Paris.
It looks very nice city.
I am looking into to expand other friends and expats

My name is Willoughby Ann Walshe. My maiden name is Kirkish, which I received from my Lebanese father when I was born in California. For 30+ years I lived and worked in Germany as a magazine editor. Now I am just completing Peace Corps service in Kyrgyzstan, where I have spent two years training English teachers new classroom methodologies and better English. In the future, I would like to spend time in Lebanon, becoming acquainted with the country of my heritage and helping educate students/teachers in English and/or German.

All is great in Lebanon, people are friendly, you can have fun, eat delicious food... Moreover life isn't expensive... Nowadays Lebanon is stable on the security level.. The university you mentioned isn't the best university but eventually the level of the education in Lebanon is high. Good luck

Hello thank you so.mush .i like to work in this domaine i do not have the great experience but i am sure that i am be well and , all life it "s an adventure so it is not wrong to discover or participate in somthing new , also i am happy to help any one ask me if i can do it i do it with a happy soul ..thank you

Hello everyone,

If you have specific questions about life in Lebanon, i invite you to start a new topic on the Lebanon forum to give more visibility to your questions and interaction.

Let's keep this topic for new members to introduce themselves ;)

I also wish all a warm welcome and thank you for your introduction. :)

Hello Everybody!! I am a Turkish Girl, 27 years old. I speak spanish, english and a little bit arabic (fusha). I love Lebanese people, music and fashion. I want to visit your country Inchallah :)  I really want to get lebanese friends to practice arabic with me. Kisses..!


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yee i am also too glad to join this

Hello all I new in the forum.. What's Lebanon like for Africans?

Hi There !
I am happy to join this forum !!

My name is Joseph Mwangi,i come from Kenya.Am on a job seeking mission,a driver,close protection operative or watchman.
Am a highly dedicated and disciplined individual recognized as a team player seeking to contribute to and grow with a dynamic,progressive and innovative organization.
My professional qualifications include experience working with both the military and civilian personnel in the provision of security services and disaster management.

Hi everyone! I am so excited to become a member of the expat community in Lebanon. I am looking to secure a position in humanitarian aid and assessment, but first I need to build my Arabic skills. I arrive very soon to Lebanon, and am looking for a place to live. My primary concern is to improve my Arabic, and I am a bit concerned about staying in such an international city, where French and English are so widely spoken. That being said, I would very much appreciate any advice on where to live in Beirut, as well as activities and opportunities available to those looking to improve their Arabic. I have gone from zero to fluent in Spanish, and I know that in order for me to truly work on my Arabic I must limit my English in all forms for as long as I can. I have a bit saved up, but will be in need of finding a job very soon, so I would also appreciate any information on the visa process. From what I can tell, it isn't that complicated, I can just renew my tourist visa to 3 months, and secure a residency once I find a job.

Hope this message finds you all well, and perhaps I will see some of you soon!

All the best,


SHUKRAN .Am stellah from kenya i came to work here as a secretary just 2 weeks ago and new here Lebanon is really a nice place.Most of the men are friendly but the females are are cold,they cant even afford a greeting.Today i got lost when was coming to my the office ....a taxi man offered me a lift.
but i love it here.....

People have  wrong impression about Secretaries, playful, easy...Moreover women are jealous :D
So be patient..Have a nice day :)

I am so excited. Yesterday I bought my flight tickets for my first - and for sure not the last - trip to Beirut. I have also booked a hotel in Hamra.
Beirut I am coming!!!  :D

Thats their opinion Muhammad....I will chacnge their perception.....My principals still stands regardsless of the country....
I will definately enjoy staying here.

Hi, everyone, I'm new to this forum.  I'm from America, I was homeschooled, did a fair amount of traveling with my dad and other groups for humanitarian work when I was growing up...finished my education degree and married the most amazing man (we met in college).  I followed him here to Lebanon where he took a job (he studied business).  So here we are in Lebanon since last October and are very happy.  We love traveling and exploring around and in the past year have been almost everywhere in central and north Lebanon (a few touristy places but mostly not). ;) We love to meet the locals and have made some great friends.

Although we haven't been here as long as some others, I'd be happy to contribute whatever I can to this forum.  Thanks, everyone!

Hello Anthony how is it going?hope you love it

Newbie in Lebanon forum,am looking for a lebanese in nigeria that can take me to lebanon ,I will work for anybody that can do that for me,am from Nigeria and I live in nigeria

Hi my name is Hisham.
I joined to meet new people. I am from Lebanon. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them if posted on the forum.

mwangij :

My name is Joseph Mwangi,i come from Kenya.Am on a job seeking mission,a driver or  a close protection operative.
Am a highly dedicated and disciplined individual recognized as a team player seeking to contribute to and grow with a dynamic,progressive and innovative organization.
My professional qualifications include experience working with both the military and civilian personnel in the provision of security services and disaster management.

Hi everyone, my name is Andy, am a Nigerian based in Malaysia, I wanna come to lebanon for a 2 weeks vacation in December. Am looking for friends to hang out with. Please contact me through my email : mimifash[at]

hi i am salah khalil i am Lebanese i am in the field of F&B I am interesting to invest in muscat In food & beverage business email salahbkhalil[at]


         this is Roula Dirani, was born in Bteghrine- Lebanon in 1977, married and mother for two kids.
I earned my Bachelor Degree at Law ay the Lebanese University Faculty Of Law in 1996.
i worked as a trainee lawyer for five years then i become a lawyer registered at the Bar in Beirut.
i moved to the U.S.A and i got my citizenship in 2010 and i came back to Lebanon in 2012.
i live in Hazmieh Mar Takla and now i am looking for a job as an Arabic teacher.



I already took level 1 with the russian cultural center in verdun 2 years ago but I need to learn how to speak Russian and make conversations in maximum 2 month.
Could you assist me here?

Hi all,

My name is kareem, i'm new here and your website kinda cute. I would like to surf more in it and make some friends too.

Wish you all luck

i am coming newly from nigeria trying to find job in lebanon .
i have ts 3 industriel automation. with 10 years experience in industriel production manager in food industry and asphalt industry.

Hi, i'm New in this forum, living in lebanon for 10 years but i travelled many times during this period. I'm half lebanese half french. I write on a blog in facebook le groupe des français et des francophones du Liban. To share our expériences in lebanon. I believe it s thé same here.

Hi, i lived 2 months in Nigeria And it was quiet awful. I was born in Africa Zaïre And hope u found à work here in Lebanon.

@celine0000 > welcome to I would invite you to share your expat experience with other members on the Lebanon forum.

This topic is specially for the introduction of new members and their project.

Thank you.

Hello, my name is danielle and I am fairly new to Lebanon. Looking forward to learning Arabic and making new friends.

Good morning,
i'm Batoul Al Azrak, 22 years old  from Bekaa Lebanon, i have a bachelor in translation from Lebanese International University, i worked in my dad's company (Azrak travel and Tourism) since my childhood, then i worked in translation companies in Lebanon, i have acquired many skills in the translation and in other field like travel and tourism.
i have the honor to work as a freelance translator and find my suitable work via your website.



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