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hey my name its yassine 30 years old , i come from morocco , i was playing as a football professionnel in switzerland and belgium and netherlands  many years than when i get injury i stop football  , i will move soon to croatia , i wanna make a friends they can help me to discover this beautiful country , feel free to send me message , peace and love and much respect.

Welcome Yassine. My sister-in-law married an Amazigh and loves Morocco :-)

thanks lucyland , welcom to morocco , yeah amazigh they are good people , :top:

lucyland :

Welcome Yassine. My sister-in-law married an Amazigh and loves Morocco :-)

Sorry to intrude but i'm an amazigh from morocco and my wife is from Sibenik, now i live here with her and i really am falling in love with this country more and more everyday

yesska10 :

hey my name its yassine 30 years old , i come from morocco , i was playing as a football professionnel in switzerland and belgium and netherlands  many years than when i get injury i stop football  , i will move soon to croatia , i wanna make a friends they can help me to discover this beautiful country , feel free to send me message , peace and love and much respect.

Khoya Yesska marhba ana 3aych f Sibenik,

Hello: This is my first step in considering a move away from my home country. My grandparents emigrated early 20th century to the USA. I am an adjunct professor of a community college and a writer.

I am an american who has been fed up with the crime and bull crap of my country for many years.  I have had the opportunity of living abroad for many years.  I met some one very special and her two daughters that live in zagreb croatia and i truly want to marry her and be part of their lives for the rest of my life.  Im very responsible so i am trying to locate a job to best support them in this endeavor.
I'm very skilled in all phases of contruction,  welding,  concrete, carpentry and so forth.  I have two apprenticeships in welding and sheet metal mechanics.  Not to mention five one year industrial trades.  I love working and im a very hard and dependable worker.  Ive worked in all these fields of construction for over 25 years.  I hope and pray that someone can point me in the right direction.  Hopefully i get a chance to hang out and enjoy great conversation and life with you in croatia.  Im very mellow and laid back.  I'm just tired of the madness of the states.  Thanks so much

Hi Brian and welcome to the forum,

I know what you mean about crime as is one of the reasons I wanted to leave the UK. When I was a kid I lived less than 3 miles from the village school but never dared go there by bike as it would have been stolen or vandalised. I used to go on the school bus but lived too close to qualify for free bus travel so my parents had to pay. In contrast, in my area of Croatia I see rows of bikes outside every school, most of them not chained up or anything. In my tiny village a couple of kids ride their bikes to the bus stop and leave them there while they are at school. Similarly, my next door neighbours leave their lawnmower out most of the time and rarely lock it away.

I wish you luck with the search for a job but unless you speak Croatian it might be difficult. My suggestion would be to try and find someone with similar skills who speaks English and see if you can form a partnership. I thought about doing something like that if I find I need some extra income as in theory I am retired. I had my own business in UK repairing domestic appliances (washers, dryers etc) but could not do that here because I don't speak Croatian. If I do start up here I will probably look for a youngster who I could train up. I did have someone in mind who was unemployed but he found a job in an office that administers farming subsidies.

Hello Michelle.

Just do it--trust and believe. I consider dealing with Croatian (and Bosnian) paperwork like a "Spartan Race"--a lot of obstacles thrown in front of you but the end result will be satisfying :-) It will help that you have ties to the country and if you have any proof of being involved with Croatia-related activities in the US definitely get ready to share that information. (At least that's what I was told in Split since my father, ethnically Croat, was actually born in Bosnia-Herzegovina.)

Thank you so much for contacting me.  If you need help i would definetly help you.  I took auto mechanics and small appliance repair in school.  Who knows we may be able to make a good business together.

Hi, we are from Los Angeles living in Trogir, looking for people to hang out with!!!

Hey how are you.  Im from texas and used to live in cali.  I hope to be there soon.  Would love to come there and meet yall and hang out.

Hi everybody,

I am new to this forum and site. I am a Croatian living and working in Croatia, some 50 km from Zagreb. We've moved from Zagreb to an area that is 30 min from the main square. But now our living and working conditions have changed and we are in the process of selling our house.
Close to us there are living a lot of expats from UK so we've decided to offer our property here also.
I have just placed an add here and I am waiting for an approval. Our house is in Remetinec, Gradec. Please feel free to browse our add and ask questions.

Looking forward to meeting u all here,


Hey A/all

Yes I know I have an Italian Christian name, Dalmatia Veneta, in Croatian terms Im short enough to be an Italian, more to the point, a giant Italian. My Sir name is a lot more complicated.
I prefer to be a small fish in a big pond. The problem is being from Australia I cant really be anything. Bar a few spots that I can only take for a short time, I dont like Italy. I cant afford Croatia anymore, trying to buy my family home back and starting a business is murder. Red tape high taxes no jobs scams and the infiltration of those that cant be mentioned. If you have your $h!t together a network and Get F#@KED$ or tourist$, there isnt many places in the world like it. #Plitvica Im an outlaw in Australia because i dont call myself Australian, Im  a free man on the land, not a bunch of 1Z&0Z in an American corporations ledger on traditional Aboriginal land. 18C+2 triggers anyone with in Cooee, lets just say not a creat place if youre a comedian, a pack of smokes is almost $40 a schooner is $10+ and I cant stand teenybopper or the pokie machines.
Now the question is, what to do what to do, go home see my family,  get back to work and get my PhD for xxx and giggles, or spin a globe and take a road trip to the place I shoot it??? What do you think? Ill have a think about it some time after I hoof this.


A lot of what you say I don't understand but you say you can't afford Croatia. I see from your location that you are at the coast, where property prices are high. My circumstances are different as I don't plan to get a job or start a business in Croatia but I am living in a part of Croatia where property prices are very low. I paid €14k for a farmhouse with outbuildings and large garden.

Its mostly a play on words. Red Tape means government rules and regulations, as is red flag, communist rules and regulations.
The house I want was in the family for 300 years

Hello everybody,

I'm new here and i hope you guys can help my. Let me intreduce my self first.
I'm Maren, 20 years old and i'm from Belgium. I have a son from 10 months and my boyfriend (the father of my son) is a pilot and works for trade air. He's flying from osjiek to zagreb, dubrovnik, split etz. I miss him so mutch because he's 3 weeks a month working in osjiek and one week here in Belgium... So we wanna move to osjiek but it's not that easy... We have to find a house withe a garden, i have to find work, we need a lot of money to move oure stuf from belgium to osjiek... If there's someone who can help me to get a job overthere ore just can give me some information, that would me nice :)

From Belgium to Osjiek & wanting lots of money from it ?!?! ROTFLMFAO
Done be a PINKO GANNET! Make lots of money online, bring it back to Osijek & employ "The People" #R.E.S.P.E.C.T


We NEED a lot of money to move to croatia. So first we have to save it before we can go. I DON'T WANT a lot of money :o it's a big different if you need a lot of money ore you want a lot of money. Please reade my topic good before you say someting !! I just asked if someone can give me some information about getting a job and stuf because averybody NEEDS money !!

Read what I said!
If you could make lots of money you wouldn't be asking here.
Get an education in the stock market and make money online, or sell your skills online.
J.O.B.S don't make a lot of money, read the art of the deal and art of making money

Hi Maren,

Don't let them scare you. I am Croatian living in Croatia, was working for one German company that had me running around EU which made me realize that this country is beautiful. Yes, the reality is that a lot of young people are living Slavonia (and Osijek) for EU countries looking for jobs. But that doesn't mean that there are NO jobs available here. It is just how you shape your reality, because your inner world will be reflected on your outside reality. So, expect worst, and you will sure get it.
Anyway, where we live right now, there are a lot of UK people here that sold their properties (land, houses, flats) and moved here. Not only retired people, but my immediate friends are two young couple that told me, that if they stayed in UK they would not have any kids. Now they have two.
Croatians are... well... you have to move and live here, get to know people, and you will see.
We are what we are, but if you come to small place, people will help you.
There is a lot what you can do here, there are maybe some things you haven't considered you can do... just be positive. If you move from apartment to apartment in your home town it is stress, let alone moving to another country. Hey, one of my University friend got married to a girl from Kenya. Can you imagine that cultural shock. :)

My name is Josh. I'm 56.  I work in CT and have family in NY.  I visited Istria two summers ago and am mildly obsessed with 'retiring' to Pula or Rijeka in a year or so once my teenager is off to college.   I'm keen to make acquaintance of any US ex-pats who've currently made the move.

I look forward to getting to know my way around this forum and hopefully getting to know some of you.



Are you still in Zagreb?  You are amazingly brave!  I'd like to hear more about how things are going for you?  How are you making enough money to survive? (if I may ask).

Hello all!

I will be visiting Split solo 22nd June for 7 nights.  If anyone is around to sightsee or have a drink any time during that period feel free to drop me a msg! 




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