New members of the New Caledonia forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the New Caledonia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in New Caledonia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Alright, I'll bite (for my first post).

Although the little flags down the bottom say I'm in New Caledonia, actually I'm not yet. I'll arrive in Noumea in March to live for at least a few years.

I'd be interested in meeting people who are into mountain biking or rock climbing. I'm also planning to pick up a water sport while there - probably kayaking, as I think I'm too chicken and time-poor to get into kitesurfing. Anyone who's into heavy metal or craft beer would also be good to know.  :)

And I have to improve my French (currently pretty bad and covered in rust), so I can post in the main forum here!

Hi tantrum and welcome !

thanks for your introduction. I am sure you will have lot of fun in New Caledonia, and your French will quickly get better with practice :)

Hello Julien and Tantrum  :)

I'm moving to Noumea in April, after a 24 hours flight from Montreal. I'm really excited to get here (btw it's -15C where I live right now) and I'd like to meet people with same interests. I'm originally from France and currently living in the cold weather of Canada Montreal. I'm a photographer/videographer and web integrator, but I've worked in the bar/restaurant industry for a while. I'd like to find a part time job in Noumea as a bartender and build up a clientele for my company.
I'm into surfing and I'm looking forward to spend a lot of my free time in the water. I heard it's a bit more complicated than just a walk to the beach, so maybe someone from this blog can help me get to the waves.

Hi everyone!
I'm an American student.  I'm spending this coming summer in New Caledonia doing research on climate change and health in the region.  Although I grew up in the Western Pacific, I've never been to New Caledonia.  Looking forward to brushing up on my French, snorkeling, and meeting new folks! 
Hope to see you all soon!

Hi All
I'm from Sydney and have been here for about 8 weeks now, not very good with my French which has made it difficult to meet people on the social side of things. I have been reading about the catch ups at the Coffee Club and was wondering if any of the men get there or is it only the Ladies that make it? I am working here but can make time to meet other expats as I do miss a decent conversation in English. Is there any evening drinks with the Boys/Couples or should we arrange one?
I also have plenty of free time after work and would be happy to help out people with English lessons and perhaps pick up a few more French basics for myself. 


Hi there,

Nice to "e-meet" you here.
I am French and, from now on, I will be working between Singapore and Noumea (50/50) since my husband lives there.
I am very much looking forward to meeting English speaking people so I can keep practicing my English ;-)
I only lived a short period of time in Noumea ( 10 months in 2011) and went few times for holidays in between, so I would be happy to discover new places and people with you.

Is there any afterwork drinks, lunch, week-end ... or activities organized to gather english speaking expats ?

Hope to meet you soon !


Hi all,
I am Australian and currently living in Sydney with my french girlfriend.
We are both avid lovers of the beach lifestyle, good food, music, and enjoy snorkelling and surfing.
We are planning on moving to New Caledonia in the next few months, its looking like my girlfriend
may have already picked up a job in the hotel industry, I personally work as an audio engineer for radio broadcasting and also as a media manager for tv and journalism and am currently attending a TEFL course in Sydney.
We are currently going through the process of a PACS, but i was wondering if anybody has any advice on
the best way to either pick up a job in New Caledonia or any way to assist in making it easier to get a working visa,
or long stay visa.
Nice to meet you all, and thankyou for your time and patience in advance as im sure these questions are
asked regularly,
Cheers, Linc  :)

Salam to All and i Hope my message will find you with a best of your health and good mood.
Hi I am Faheem Ahmed and living in Pakistan.
and You know we are living here 3rd class living no clean water no light no jobs but in spite of all these I Love my Country. I want to move New Caledonia for working and want to sport my family.
I need job Any king of job.

Bonjour! My name is Elise and i was born in Australia, however have a French passport as my father was born in New Caledonia. My French language skills are very limited however i am interested in learning and spending a few months to a year or so living and hopefully finding some sort of work in New Caledonia along with my husband and 3 year old son. I am a Social Worker and my husband is a Carpenter/Builder but we are willing to do any sort of work to get by. Does anyone have any advise? Where to live cheaply that is also fairly nice? Any sort of work for us? Schools for children? Where to begin???

Kind regards,


Hello my name is Elise and i live in Australia. My father was born in New Caledonia so i have a French passport. I would like to find out more about moving to New Caledonia with my husband and 3 year old son. I'm interested in finding out about work opportunities, cost of renting an apartment and schools.

Kind regards,


Hi Linc, did you find any info or have any advice you could pass on to others wanting to move and work there?

Thanks, Elise

My name is Artan and I live in Albania.I would like to move to New Caledonia for working.

Hello everybody,
my name is Kia from Jakarta, Indonesia. Well, I would tell I am not newly abroad in this beautiful country. I came in June and was for holiday, but then I can see myself lovin this country and now I have a temporary residential card for 1 year validity. So maybe I can get the opportunity to have a job here, can be anything. Previously in Jakarta I am a sales and marketing Manager in a German base company in the field of Logistic, warehousing, transportation. Hope to get something as a start to get to know people here, improve my french which now is still lost somewhere, maybe also can be meet all new folks who can share experiences in a nice evening, drinks and built a good networking. See yaa all soon.

Lots of luck and best wishes

Hi all,

My name is Einar and i am from Iceland.  I am new in Numéa, New caledonia, i just arrived in december, 2014.  I am a certificated mason, and have been working in the building industry for over 13 years now. And i hope will be working with that in caledonia also     I speak english, swedes and Icelanding, but my france is very poor.  But i have started in a france course.    I would love to meet other english speaking people in Numéa, caledonia.  Would be great to get to gether over a beer one evenings ?   

If someone is up to a coffee or a beer in the week, just send me a message.

Einar Þór

Hello Hello lebon okwa !? Moi c'est Jo, je suis d'ici Noumea Nlle Caledonie , je joint ce blog parce qu'une amie allemande va venir ds qlqs temps et je voulais savoir s'il y avait des allemands sur le territoire ou des gens qui parlent allemand, voila , ne vs inquietez pas, elle parle aussi English ... Thanks to all, ;) 

Hi All, my name is Jono, and I am originally from New Caledonia, currently working here in Noumea. I've been travelling abit the last 2 years and have met quite a few people from all over the world and it just happened that a friend from Germany might come and visit sometime soon so i was just wondering if there was any german speakers here in NC ...... & if anyone'd like to meet a german girl in afew weeks, spend some "Calerman" times, let me know so you can get to speak German & catch up while she is here . . . . ;) Thks.

At present I am living in the Netherlands, looking forward to retirement in about two years time. I hate the cold Dutch winters and want to spend my retirement years in the tropics i.e. New Caledonia. Fortunately I speak French rather well. But not as well as English. Therefore I hope to meet lots of  English speaking fellow expats after arrival in Noumea. At the Coffee Club?

Hello Mimi from guinee Conakry lives in morocco Casablanca
.am a student in British workshop here in single I speak good English french and Arabu little am also looking for job too from Mimi in morocco thanks.

HI All,

I'm Yessy, Indonesian. I was living in Singapore  for a few years, I've been in New Caledonia couple times, but this time will be staying foe few months. Trying to learn French and meet up new people here. Keep me in loop for every event!


Good morning all
I am an industrial electrician for more than 25 years and  also do stand by generators
And I am a self employed got my own business in electrical engineering and air conditioning and standby generators in Auckland new Zealand
My contact details are xxx
I am a electrical inspector in nz and have all the quafications with me

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I am looking for industrial electrical work in new Caledonia

yessyyulda :

HI All,

I'm Yessy, Indonesian. I was living in Singapore  for a few years, I've been in New Caledonia couple times, but this time will be staying foe few months. Trying to learn French and meet up new people here. Keep me in loop for every event!


Dear Yessy and every one

My name's Trang. I'm from Vietnam. I need your help for some information. Can you help me?
Thanks in advance!

I intend to travel to New Caledonia for abt 3 months next year to find out more abt it. I can apply for 3-month-visa.

After that, I also intend to  live and work here. But the first, I need to get visa with at least 1 year to stay in Caledonia. I have a master degree of International Trade. But I think it has no value in Caledonia. Moreover, I can't speak French, I start to learn it. To get 1-year-visa, I have to find a job there, isn't it? Is there another way to get the working visa easily

Pls give me some advice. I'm looking forward to hearing from you all

Thank you

Hello everyone,

We just moved to New Caledonia from Singapore. Looking forward to meet other expats around !

French language skills- Non existent at the moment, but starting classes soon :-)

Hi there, we are considering the move to New Cal as my husband is from there, the 3 younger children would move with us so I would love to hear thoughts on The James Cook School and the 5 bilingual schools too.
My husband is a Chiropractor so we need to do research on that side of things yet and I am hoping to be able to do my work online.
I know there is uncertainty ahead with the referendum pending so I would love to hear how your feeling about it!
Any thoughts are welcome, thank you kindly

Hi there, Im newbie in this forum.
Well, I can say that I really missed New Caledonia. I worked there for 4 years. Im so in love with the place especially the green fields and mountains.  I also been to the nearby Island like Ouvea and Isle of Pines. I will never ever forget all the times that I spent in that heavenly paradise.
I wish one day I can go back to New Caledonia. :)


My husband and I are also looking to move to New Caledonia for around 8 months May to December this year. My husband is a french native and I am an australian with very limited french.   

I am also really interested in school info - my kids are 8 and 10. I have explored James Cook because their web site and facebook page are so good but now wanting to learn about the others too.

I am also interested in the possibility of myself teaching english in New Caledonia.




My husband and I are traveling around the world for a year so we aren't really expats but this looked like a good place to get some help.  We are currently in New Caledonia and will be here until November 29.  We chose this beautiful place as our children aged 9 and 6 attend French Immersion school at home in Canada and we are hoping that they get a chance to work on their French skills.  We are looking for any opportunities for them to work on their French by meeting up with other children (after 3 months on the road they are desperate to make some friends) as well as to find a tutor that can help with their oral skills as well as their reading skills.  We hope this forum is the right place to help us with that.  Neither my husband or I have much French unfortunately.



Hi Marlayne,

I thought I would just reply to you because no one replied to me when I asked a question on this forum!

We are a family of 4 from Australia (although my husband is French born) and have been here in New Caledonia since August. Our kids (9 and 10) have been at school since August in a bilingual school here in Noumea, but we will return to Aus in late November. We probably aren't the 'right' family to meet because our kids only have basic French and convert to English if they are with English speaking kids!!
However, if they do want to have a play, can easily meet with you or if you need any help or questions re New Caledonia I am happy to help you.  We have travelled a fair bit around the island and to the Isle of Pines.

Kind regards,



Im an irish nurse/English teacher, hopefully arriving in New Caledonia in February. Im still learning french, might bravely call myself at an intermediate level. Although thrilled to be moving still a bit anxious of the french with the differnet accents and dialects.
Looking for general information about living on the beautiful island, tips on jobs apartment search. Anything and evrything welcome,

Thanks a million,


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