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Hiya! Getting married to a Serbia lad this year. Looking for all the pro tips I can get. Thanks so much in advance!

Hello everyone!

My name is Claudia, I am from Romania and currently living in Belgrade.
I am looking for information about how to be a freelancer / self-employed in Serbia and also to find out more about how I can get a visa to stay here for longer than 90 days / 6 months (I have already stayed 2 months), which is the limit from what I understood. Does anyone here know more about this?
I work in IT and market research, doing data processing and statistics for foreign companies mostly, so I work from home, on my PC.
If anyone can shed some light on this or point me into the right direction to find out more, it will be highly appreciated! :)

Thanks & have a lovely day! ^_^

What's up guys on the other side of the of the beautiful world  :cheers: 
I'm Amorchik I live in
USA , Oklahoma City , i'm 31 single
A fitness guy who care so much about
Living healthy fitness lifestyle
I love east Europe it's amazing environment the weather amazingly beautiful ,the food is tasty  :proud  and their vegetable and fruit and meats and products still healthy and not containing a lot of chemicals poisoning Preservatives materials like here causing weight gain or unbalance in hormone levels and different types of healthy problems , because I care about healthy fresh foods I love to meet and see people care about that because here in USA most people they don't cook man , their meals already been cooked in market and they just warm it up
( holy crap ) ya I know .
I wanna travel there check it out make some friends and maybe after that I'm gonna planning to live and work there
I have big plans to live and work there
As teacher and fitness guy 🙂

I saw you would like to work in Serbia in customer services. Your question was so long ago but maybe you are still looking for this kind of job. You can find this kind of job on next sites , sitel and than make search for Belgrade, trizma, looking always for new customer representative with languages you said to know.
All the best

Dear Kyle

I am interested in helping you, I live in Australia

However I have family and friends in Serbia and you could stay with them if you would like to.



I'm Vesna I live in Australia

My family are in Serbia

Would you be needing accommodation in Serbia

Also is it freelancing in arts?



I'm Vesna

I'm in Australia

My family are in Serbia

Let me know if you would like to acquaint and if you may require accommodation with your fiancé


hello !

this is rizk I would like to subscribe and to having a lot of info about this Great country actually ,

yea I already surveyed and read some about it , but still need of touching the real actions and trying by personals and individuals , thus encouraging me of pursuit my moving with a business over there   ..

My email : domestic[at]

thanks in advance

Hi ,

I'm new here and I'm planning to move to Serbia ..

I read a lot of what the respectful members had posted over here , really it was useful to know some info about the country you decide to move to , but mainly I need an economic info , the market response and the Financial variable to start my business accordingly ..
i need to know alot about the bank rates for facilities and the risk assessment for real estate jobs  re- lease and property selling environment

If any one feed me back it would be deep thankful deed and I'm so appreciate his / her favor .


with thanks

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