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Hi all,

Newbie on the Serbia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Serbia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hey I'll break the ice!

I'm married to a Serb, based in the US. I've been going to Serbia almost yearly since 1996 when we met (we were only 18 then) so I feel like Serbia is my second home. I've had a lot of time to think about this (I'm 36 now), and after working and saving money, and having 2 children (second one is due in 11 weeks!) We feel that it's best to be closer to his family.  I love how close Serbian families are, and I think this would be good for my kids to be around their Serbian family.  We currently live outside the Philadelphia area, where I grew up.  I'm a bit of an international mutt myself, since my mother is from Thailand. I have spent time living abroad before, so I'm not a stranger to cultural differences.  This I think will be a fun experience for our family. 

Moving to Serbia key items about me:
- We plan to live in Kragujevac
- I am going to wait until the baby is strong to make a big move, so that means, our move will not happen until Spring of 2015
- We plan to downsize as much as possible, but ship over larger items that we don't want to part with: ie: beds, larger furniture items, possibly my x3 bmw...
- I currently work for a pharmaceutical software company based out of San Francisco. I probably won't work for a while in Serbia, since I'd like to take off time for a bit to focus on the transition, but work is definitely something I'd like to continue eventually
- I can speak some Serbian already, read and write cyrillic, however I am horrible with the complex grammar!
- I don't have any friends in Serbia so my biggest personal concern is making friends and maintaining some sense of belonging there. I'm sure the kids will be fine.


Hi again Veverica and Administrators. First. I have to apologize for directing traffic from this forum to FB, There are just lots of people to tap into there and as Serbia doesn't have as big of an expat community as other more popular destinations, I thought it may be helpful to expand the search net! :)
Next, I recommend the book "Career in Your Suitcase"! it is amazing. It may be super helpful. I cannot recommend it enough!
Third, Livemocha is an online language learning site that is free. It was doing so well, Rosetta stone bought them. They are still free! you should check it out!
Best of luck with the new baby!
Feel free to ask me any questions!

Hi. I'm Solomon from Ghana. And I am now preparing to come to Serbia. To live and work there.I feel that country soo much. Thanks

My father's family came from Jugoslavia, the problem is that my father died when i was six. That's the reason why i don't speak my originary language and is the main reason why i want return in SErbia  to learn.
Other reason is that i've a good friend in Beograd, Milan, and i miss him a lot when we are not togheter in Italia or in Serbia, but is true that i've friend here too. Relation of friendship are very important and i understood that in west Europe is becaming more difficult to have friend and LIVE your relation of affect in a real rapport.
Third reason: during 1999 i was every day to protest against the Nato war in Serbia and Kosovo, and i felt the pain of a nation of a population, now, i think, that Europe has forget what uppened during second war, half a century ago, something more, in Serbia the memory is still alive. I growed up with the tales of my granmother about the Serbia there was the war, terrible, almost 10 years, but after that, people lives with a different consciousness.

Good Luck, I don't think I have any advice. But I wish you the best! :)

Hi I am Jack from London and I am moving to Serbia!

I've an interview for a position in Belgrade. I am interested in knowing the expat version of an acceptable montly income for two people. The information I seem to find (other than numeo, which just gives individual costs) is woefully old. Thank you in advance!

Awaiting any reply and welcoming any iniciative...

Well, it all depends on your expectations and habits.

A family of 4 (Serbian nationals, I will explain why it is relevant), parents with two children, will manage to meet months end with approx. 700 to 1000 EUR per month. As an expat, you will probably not be too familiar with places where goods have acceptable prices, or you may not even want to bother. So, I would say, if 2 of you have (together) 1000 EUR a month, you won't save anything, and you won't really enjoy much, but you will be just fine. However, if you have, let's say, 1500 EUR a month, maybe more, you will be able to afford to go to restaurants, cinema, theater or whatever else you may wish.

Just as a reference,

Depending on particular part of town, you will get an apartment for anything from 150 EUR and up. If you are really demanding, it can go up to 1000 EUR or more.

Monthly bills (electricity, water, heating, phone, internet, TV) will come around 100 EUR, or up to 200 EUR, depending on your needs and habits.

Food... well, 1.5 liters of milk will cost you approx. $1.6, kilogram of pork around $7, kilogram of beef around $8 or so... loaf of bread around $0.75. Clothing will come expensive, at least compared to the USA. Ordinary T-shirt will cost $10 and up, trousers $20, etc.

I hope you got some idea of how much you really need.

My name is Aruwa James. i am a football scout based in Lagos, Nigeria. i will like to use this plaform to network with football scout and fifa license agent in Serbia.

my names are Alonge Femi John, i live in nigeria presently, am a photographer and video editor here in nigeria... i wish to travel to belgrade if i can see anyone on here to help me work and live serbia...

Hi I just came to Serbia over 2 weeks  ago. I'm living with my boyfriend in a small town named Backa Topola. We work together on cruise ships  for years and now we decided to move together. Since the beginning I  had a very good impression about the people here. Very friendly indeed. It's my wish to meet Cuban people living here.
Por favor me gustaría conocer cubanos que vivan o trabajen en Serbia. Saludos a todos.

My names are oshodin austine nosa , a Nigerian  I reside in Lagos state of Nigeria , a medical laboratory personnel.
I wish to travel to Serbia for a short visit during annual leave holidays.
Can anyone help me  to get invitation letter?
Thanks in anticipated cooperation

Hi All thank you so much for having me...
Im interested in living and working in Serbia for awhile (Belgrade)

Im new to all this where do i start can be a bit overwhelming.
Do they projects that allow for working and staying in Serbia (Belgrade)


My name is Mark McKay and my plan is to look for work in Eastern Europe - and hopefully Serbia! - in the second half of 2015. I have my Certificate IV in TESOL from the University of Adelaide, as well as qualifications in Adult Literacy, Vocational Training and Assessment and Career Development. I am planning to commence my teaching degree either in Semester 2 this year or the start of 2016.
I currently teach English to multi-cultural classes of adults at a municipal council, and also to newly arrived (asylum-seekers and refugees) in a Government School - many of whom have very little English skills and may not have even been to school in their home countries (students from Somalia and Afghanistan come to mind).
My family (who have a Serbian background) and I travelled through the Balkans in 2013 and loved it! If I was able to secure a teaching position for even a short time this would give me the experience I desire to look at a longer term in the years to come.
I believe that my point of difference is my relaxed approach and my Australian accent which may be a welcome difference to British and American accents (although of course I may be wrong there!). I can also bring an Australian Curriculum that may be of some interest as there is significant Balkan diaspora in Australia. I am very laid-back, have a good sense of humour, patient, tolerant and can adapt readily to different situations and levels as required. I seem to be able to quickly gain the trust and the confidence of my students and I feel that I am able to relate well. What I would be interested in seeing is that how well that may relate to a mono-cultural class...
If anyone has any hints for some schools or private colleges to contact can they please "give me a yell" (Australian Idiom!!)



Hey all my name is shenice and we'll I'm planning to move to Serbia to be with my soon to be husband but before doing so I want to make sure I'll be employed before going there currently that's the only thing keeping me from moving so any help regarding finding  a job in serbia novi sad would be helpful my email 07skullcandy[at]
With any advice or help  :dumbom:

Hi Shenice,
Good luck with your move. I live in the deep south of Serbia. You will love NS. It is a gorgeous northern city! I would recommend you to join the Novi Sad Foreign Visitors Club and the Belgrade Foreign Visitors Club. There are lots of people who could help you there! Good luck. The Balkans are a challenge!
Tina from Chronicles of Serbia blog.

I'm Dijana from South Africa, Durban. I would love to meet other South Africans in Serbia online or in person.

Hi all,

My name is Jelena,I am Serbian, living in Belgrade. I know a lot of expats living in Belgrade and have been a part  of expats' life here in Belgrade, through my career and private life, for years now.
Currently, I have more free time, since I work as freelancer,so I thought of offering Serbian lessons to anyone needing it.


Hi, my name is Alan and I am a British Doctor  originally Scottish ) who has been to and fro- ing to Belgrade a couple of times a year for about 8 years due to family connections.

I have now been here in Belgrade since April and am beginning to think of relocating and spending most of my time here with a little in the UK.

I would really like to start to meet a few interesting people living locally.

I am a Consultant Psychiatrist who last lived long term in Oxford so I am also a good listener :)

Maybe this may lead to something ?

Hi there Jelena,

How much would you charge for such Serbian lessons?
At beginner level....

Kind regards

I am a pharmacist coming to Serbia end of July for a noble cause assigned to me after a successful selection by my company!
I will be working for counselling terminal patients of cancer who are on palliative care.
I will be working as part of a local NGO to raise funds for the place for this patients.
I am inviting all of you to come forward and help me by whatever means you can!
Looking forward to see you in your Serbia to serve your people.

Hi All,
my name is Leonardo and I have an engineering consulting firm based in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and UK. I like travelling a lot, and I also come to Serbia 3/4 times per year. My next coming will be in October. It would be nice to have some lessons of Serbian language while going around the city.
I would also  like to know people (engineers/economists) motivated in working in Business Intelligence field.
For above said purposes and for friendship, please contact me.
Ciao to all

Welcome :)

I am half Italian and looking for my father in Italy since I was 21. I am in Tutin Serbia now. So close. I came to Tutin from South Africa end August 2014. If you have any advice for me how to find my father please let me know.

Contact Jelena

Hi, I am Dijana from South Africa,  now living in Tutin, Serbia.  I Love Serbia. South Africa used to be a safe country but no longer. I can walk anywhere in Serbia day or night and feel perfectly safe.


I am thinking of moving to Belgrade but am undecided.  I have heard positive and negative things.  On the positive side, great atmosphere, food is tasty and fresh, the people are friendly and open.  On the negative, the pollution from factories and cars, unreliable bus system, and a society that favors smokers.  The latter doesn't seem like a big deal, but I'm thinking I couldn't live in apartment building where someone smoked.  It's not just about me, but I couldn't stand the thought that kids would be exposed to it and it would be accepted.  But then my mind suddenly jumps to things like walnut pie, kebabs, burek, and fresh paprikas every day--and I want to get on the plane.  The surrounding forests look like a dream too and the thought of getting away on the weekend to monasteries and mountains.  Like I said: undecided.

Hello I am of Serbian descent but, have grown up in the u.s I go back home to Dalmatia often and speak with an american/dalmatian accent. I was hoping to meet some of my Serbs who wouldnt mind spending some time and getting some drinks, while also helping me brush up on my vocabulary and grammar.  :) Please message me soon since I will be here only for about a week or two. Thanks

Hey Jelena Ja se zovem Aleksa I will be in Belgrade for about 2 weeks and was hoping to brush up on my grammer and vocabulary. Please let me know if you have some free time to hang out or if you can direct me to someone around my age (23) to hang out with. Thanks :)

Maybe come on a holiday first, to see for yourself. I suggest as winter goes into Spring, so you can get the feel of Belgrade when cold and also when warm?

Hey all,

I'm an American looking for work in Serbia, particularly around Novi Sad. I've been at the University of Arkansas the last 4 years, and I'm looking to go start up an adventure overseas. I'm looking to learn another language (I already know 3 languages) and be in a challenging environment.

If you happen to know of any work, or are willing to help me practice some Serbian let me know!

God bless,


I've been in Novi Sad for a year now and it is really great! The food and the people are so amazing. I'm looking forward to meeting other people who share the same interest of travelling and eating.

Vidimo se!

I am new in Serbia, living in Belgrade where I know no one except my fiance. Interested in meeting possible friends.
I am originally from Jamaica.

Hi friends, newbie in this community an Novi Sad as well. Keep in touch to go out, have a drink or just talk a bit.
The language is a big barrier here, but I'm doing fine.

Have a great day!

Hey guys,

I didn't realize this thread existed. I just created an account and shot off some PMs. I've been in BG for a few years now. I'm an expat living here in Serbia and looking to meet some other expats or locals who speak fluent English (my Serbian is ok but can't really carry an intellectually stimulating conversation in the language if you catch my drift). Shoot me a PM, drinks on me.

Hello to everyone from lovely Novi Sad :)

Hello everyone,

Canadian (and Mexican is that makes sense) living in Belgrade. I lived here for almost two years before, and I'm back for the time being. My husband is Serbian hence the move! Love Serbian food!!! and I'm somewhat proficient with the language.
Ok, this was just a quick intro :)

Hi all, my name is Miriam, 30 years old, from Italy. I am looking for a job in Serbia, I want to live there as soon as possible. I am mothertongue Italian and fluent in English, French, Spanish. I am looking for jobs like customer service, etc. If you have any suggestion about jobs, companies, links, etc. do not hesitate to contact me. I can teach you some Spanish or Italian in return. Then I will ask you things relates to the country etc. that interest me a lot but I need to find a job first. Thank you a lot :)

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