New members of the Wales forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Wales forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Wales if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi! My name is Angel. I have been living abroad for the last four years (Seoul, South Korea). However, I am back in the states now. I've been back here for about a month.  I'm planning on moving to Wales in about a month or so and am trying to get an idea about the cost of living. How much would I need (a month) to live fairly well (not expensively)?  Thanks for any help you could give.  :)

I am already in Wales/Cardiff
I am trying to get in touch with Greek people.

Hey there! I am Diana, been living in England for 5 years, but have just moved to Cardiff for work! Don't really know anyone here, so drop me a message if anyone's got a free evening to go for a pint! :)

Nelummm :

Bonjour tout le monde,

Je m'appelle Pauline et je cherche des français sur cardiff pour m'aider à me renseigner sur quelques infos importantes ( transport, compte bancaire, téléphone ... ) ! Je suis déjà à cardiff et je suis actuellement logée chez un gallois mais je ne vais pas rester longtemps, je voudrais trouver une coloc !!

Est-ce que quelqu'un est dispo pour qu'on se rencontre et pouvoir parler de tout ça ?!

Merci beaucoup et à bientôt !

Pauline ou Nelum ( mon surnom )

Hi and welcome to

As this is an Anglophone forum could you please post in ENGLISH so that members can understand your post and perhaps then offer information or advice.

Hi everybody ,

My name is Pauline and I moved from France. Now I'm in cardiff for 5 months. My aim is to learn english because I don't speak very well english. I'm lloking for a share room and a job as cook.
I need help to have information ( Transport, phone, bank account ... )

I hope I can meet french people to help me.

See u soon.


Bonjour Pauline,

Je vis au Pays de Galles depuis un peu plus d'un an maintenant. Je serais ravie de pouvoir t'aider si tu en as encore besoin :-)

Mon mail c'est perrinmarine[at] (car je ne me connecte que très très rarement sur, si tu as des questions hésite pas !

A bientôt

marine casta perrin :

Bonjour Pauline,

Je vis au Pays de Galles depuis un peu plus d'un an maintenant. Je serais ravie de pouvoir t'aider si tu en as encore besoin :-)

Mon mail c'est perrinmarine[at] (car je ne me connecte que très très rarement sur, si tu as des questions hésite pas !

A bientôt

ENGLISH please....

I am new in cardiff, seeking new friends. I dont drinkbut if anyone like to join for coffee or little get together :)


my name is kirsty Kelly im a 29 year old hairdresser living in south wales looking for possible jobs away.  I work in a lovely moden salon in Swansea as a master stylist but looking to travel and experience new things further. I have 13 years experience in hair and specialise in wedding and prom hair as well as extensions(easylocks- no glue or heat needed) ladies and gent hair cuts and colours. looking forward to some feed back x


Hubby and I will arrive for a new life in CARDIFF, Wales from February 4th, 2015.

Middle aged Aussies who've been living these past 13.1/2 years in America!  Now relocating to live in Cardiff, Wales.  Depart for UK on Sunday 1st February!   I'd welcome ongoing communication with anyone living in Cardiff area!

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Agostino and I'm just moved to Cardiff Today.
I'm looking for a Job to Improve my english and my skills.
I'd like to work in Hospitality, beacuse people contact involves me to personal growth.
I'd like to work for a year here in Cardiff and then move to another country.



Hi my name is Maxbeen living in Wales since 2007 with my wife and 4 children.  I run my own business and love watching my boys play cricket and playing golf.

My two oldest boys are professional cricketers for Gloucestershire which I'm very proud off.

Welcome to this Maxbeen!
Hubby and I are Aussies who've spent the past 14 years living in USA until we relocated & arrived into Cardiff, Wales on February 4th, 2015.  We are in the process of setting up to run and own our own Start-Up Hand-Crafted Soap, Bath & Body Care Business!  Curious what line of Business you 2 are involved in?

Hi there, my name is Rene and currently living in South Africa.  I have received a job offer and awaiting the COS, so all fingers and toes are crossed to get it very soon.  I am married to and we have 3 wonderful children, ages 3, 8 and 10, any advise on schools in Cardiff areas are welcome as well as areas to stay in. thanks!! :cheers:

Hi Rene,

We just moved to Cardiff, Wales ourselves on March 4th.   
Advice for you: "We Stayed here and despite it's fantastic location; we will not recommend this Self-Contained Temporary accommodation to anyone; "DO NOT STAY" at this particular apartment:
"ALL IS NOT AS IT STATES IN THEIR ADVERTISEMENT". Request for details of our experience?
1 bed flat to rent in Bute Crescent, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF10 - 35686113 - Zoopla. "SHORT-TERM RENTAL"
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As for Long-Term accommodation: we chose to live in Glan Rhymni, Cardiff. Wales, Pengam Green. Cf24 2TW, United Kingdom.  We are thrilled with this area as the neighbors are extremely warm, welcoming and friendly; coming across to introduce themselves during our 1st few days of arrival.
Currently their is a house for Rent directly next door to us as well; a really nice executive style house For Sale in the next street along: 14 Page Drive, Pengam Green, Cardiff, CF24 2TU
Should you require a property to rent or purchase; we can absolutely recommend our Realtor to help you find what your looking for.  Irene listens to your needs and therefore was able to locate and guided us into this property that fitted our every need and request!   Empty Nesters so Schools?
Pengam Green is centrally located: 2. Miles from Cardiff City Central and 3. Miles from Cardiff Bay.
Please feel free to ask anything and if I can I'll be happy to try to assist you with an answer for you!

Cardiff Locals are so supper friendly towards strangers from everywhere!  Wished we'd moved here in 2001 instead of America; but hey, we are here now and we feel so blessed to be living here in Cardiff in this 10 year old Community and Modern Styled home in UK.

Hi Aussie Dreamer > if you want to answer/communicate with one particular member of this thread, please send this person a private message. If you want to talk about a subject with all members, please start a new discussion on the Wales forum.

Let's keep this thread on the introduction of new members and their projects. :)

Thank you,

Hi, I'm Ruth, my husband is Dave. We have a house in Merdanya near VT, but at the moment we are still in Wales waiting to sell our home. It's only been on the market for one month and no signs yet of any interest, I know it's early days but I'm impatient and not really keen on the move in the autumn/winter months!
I hope to set up a small dog care business, a boarding kennels but on a small scale, maybe just 4 or 5 dogs. I hope to attract expats who are looking for dog care while they return to the UK to visit family etc, and of course Bulgarian dog owners.
I am a nurse though, but doubt I can find work in VT without being able to speak Bulgarian (at the moment, but hope to learn). I don't mind that though really, looking forward to having my own business for a change.
Take care

Hi Everyone!!
My name is Raúl I m from Spain and I ve just arrived to the City of Newport.
I m trying to find out everything about this lovely area and of course I d love to meet other people, have a drink, etc.
(Yesterday I went to the Transporter Bridge and it was amazing even with vertigo!!)
Nice to meet this forum! Thanks a lot and have a good time.
PS: I m very good at helping with Spanish if anyone wants to chat in my lenguage :)

Diana8 :

Hey there! I am Diana, been living in England for 5 years, but have just moved to Cardiff for work! Don't really know anyone here, so drop me a message if anyone's got a free evening to go for a pint! :)


tom78q :
Diana8 :

Hey there! I am Diana, been living in England for 5 years, but have just moved to Cardiff for work! Don't really know anyone here, so drop me a message if anyone's got a free evening to go for a pint! :)


I move here a week ago and don't know nobody. Where u from?

hi diana I'm going to wales soon is it possible to keep in touch with you?
christine sy ************ viber

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Hi everybody,

Please note that the forum is not a chat room.

This thread has been created for the introduction of the new members only, so let's avoid drifting off topic please. :)

Thank you,


Hello dianne
we can contact each other if u like I am from wales we can talk more in viber.

Hi my name is Sophia I live in Swansea in wales I am looking for Arabic friends and partner and want to learn Arabic I have a big internet in Egypt history

Hi, I am Gianluca and I want learn english to cardiff.I live in florence. :) Bye bye

Dear All:

I am thinking very strongly to move into Bangor (Wales) and very interested in making friends. I have been living in the Southwest of the USA between Arizona and Texas in the city of the Cruces. Anyone familiar to this part of the USA will tell you it gets too hot and very dry desert climate. The beach is some 800 miles going either East or West from me. I lived in wales when I was a young lad studying in Gwent (Newport & Mon), in Lancaster and Manchester and London. I love Wales and especially wish to live closer to a beach and my choice appears heading towards Bangor.
Very interested in making friends. I am very active and travel internationally to do consulting and online teaching. Hopefully will link with expats who can share their experiences.
Cheers, Mohammed . 

PS: Speak one word of welsh, few French, few German, Fluency in Arabic and my English is pleasing to my ears

Good morning everyone. My name is Chass. I am currently working as Nurse in the United Arab Emirates.

I am planning to enter UK by March. Is there any job there for Nurses and/or Auxillary Nurses?

I would love to work at Nursing Homes.

Hello everyone,
I am canadian just arriving in Swansea and of course looking for friends to book activities over the weekends!
Tons to do overhere but much more fun with friends!
Just contact me!
... et je parle français aussi!


Originally from Pietermaritzburg in South Africa, I have been working in Newtown in Wales
since April. I love it here...the summer was very beautiful.
I am hoping to meet any ex-pats (not necessarily South African), who are living in this area. It would be nice to have company while exploring new places.


Hi Anastasia

What is it like to live in Wales? I am 19 and would like to move there in the near future. What is the cost of living like? Will I be able to readily find a Job? Will I survive?

Thank you

Hi Linda

My Name is Fabio Topham, I am living in Pretoria, South Africa at the moment. I am only 19 and I would like to move to Wales hopefully in 3-5 Years time. What is it like? Will I be able to sustain myself? are there Jobs readily available?

Thank you


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