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We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Benin if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

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I have been offered a job in Benin, Cotonou, and am slightly uncertain whether I should accept. Not becausei have not lived overseas or travelled before, but because of my concerns about education, health, quality of accomodation and socialising in Benin. I've lived in Indonesia, Pakistan, Uganda, Suadi Arabia, and visited most countries in Africa, so more or less know what to expect.

I have 3 kids,a ll schooling in an international school (14,10,6) and we are expecting a fourth in June. Therefore, I would like to find out more about expat life in Cotonou.


Thanks for your email . Benin is my place of birth , but i have lived and work as a chef in Nigeria for 12 years . So am currently in Nigeria at the moment and am seeking for full time job as a chef .


im   NKENDJUO jean roger     i was borned on 29 mai 1975 at ekona in the sud  west of camaroon.  then later on  i follow my studies up to the degree of bachelor in litterature.   im single with two young children living with their mothers.  im living alone in benin cotonou at dedokpo.  my phone number is:  [Moderated: Avoid posting personal informations for security reasons].  i haven been working with many company   as logistic manager chief personnel human ressource assistant manager    or stoekeeper. i speak french english  and german.   i worked in gabon,  in congo   in  nigeria   , in camaroon.  thanks

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currently in Lagos Nigeria
travel to Cotonou in November for 3 months

Hi everybody,
My english is not perfect but i'll try to give some information. Hotel and guest house price range from 10 dollars to 140 dollars per night according to standing you are looking for. To rent a flat you have to foresee 60 dollars at least per month. But also there, price range hugely. Take many contacts and do many searches to find what you need before coming. Hope this will be helpful.


I was born here, in Benin and spent my whole life here.
I feel confused to only reguster on this website now. But am here to stay.

I am Telecoms consultant for an Indian company but also running my own company in the It industry.
One of my favourite hobbies it meeting people and share thoughts and habits.

Am a nice guy, so feel free to contact me anytime for anything.


Am a single mother of two I want to relocate to benin to start a new life with my kids l. Am an ND Holder in Banking and Finance and currently studying  Bsc Entrepreneur and Business management at national open university of Nigeria in my last yr.
I need a house and a job that can last me and my kids

Hi! I am an indian national looking to move to Benin from  febuary end 2015.I am employed with a indian company which wants to open a branch office in Benin for sourcing agri products like raw cashews.Moving to Benin for this purpose only.would like to know about life in Benin for Indians like me.people in Benin in same field do contact me on ****

Hi every one I'm just relocating down to Benin from Nigeria.. I am a self employ business man. I need some help here please..

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Hi everyone.  I am a 60y/o African American female who is seriously considering expat'ing to Benin since I learned from my DNA that my ancestry is largely Beninese.  I am ready to leave the USA and gain new meaningful experiences.  I am a professional Regitered Nurse and an attorney, but I am not looking to work but to serve in some way.  I do not speak fluent French, which would be a serious draw-back but does not deter me.  Interested in hearing from the Forum on their thoughts and opinions. 


Thanks for your intro.  I am a single African American who would like to relocate to Benin after learning from DNA testing that I am largely from there.  I would love to do some volunteer work.  I am a professional with degrees as a Registered Nurse and an Attorney.  To the Beninese members, can you offer any advice? 


Names are Muibi Balogun, my family moved to Cotonou many years back then I headed out to Ghana to complete my first and second degrees which am almost done with the second.

I moved back home last month as I only have my project left for my second degree. I have been trying to see the scope on ground to ascertain how life and getting a job would be. It currently looks bleak but I know God opens doors and would make a way.

I am going through the few contacts I made when I first arrived here. My dad wants me in the family business but that's basic trade and I want to get corporate and be able to manage more intricately and not the African style. So using his contacts would not be too easy hence the need for me to dig deep within and look beyond.

A little about me, thank you.

Please contact me directly on Facebook or Messenger
Alan Young

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Hi I'm called terry and I have a girlfriend from southern Tagalog in the phillipines sh wants rotor relocate to this country how does she go about it


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