New members of the Reunion Island forum, introduce yourself here

Hi Michael

Great to find you here. Would be great to share some of our aspirations and skills we have. I am in the same boat like you.  Did you finally make that move?



Hello Tina and english speakers,

I'm French Foreign Language teacher. And here is website for you. Hope you'll enjoy your new experience in La Réunion.

Best Regards.


Many thanks for your link and thank you for the best wishes.


Hello everyone,
I'm looking to relocate to St-Denis, currently living in California where I met my fiancé who lives there on the island. He is a musician and owns a small business, I am a holistic healer by hobby and create media content for a living. We were discussing where we should get married but ultimately we will settle on the island. I'm hoping to get some insight on how complicate(or not) this process will be, also how are other expats transitioning on the island?


Hi all,
Iam currently living in Cape Town but are very interested in immigrating to Reunion.
Can some one please provide me with the correct procedures and stes to follow
Alwyn Kruger


My name is Anna from Bandung Indonesia
I plan to research in University of La Reunion
So, I need more information about how to live there
Thank you


You have a 25-page PDF downloadable guide available at … /guide.pdf

new in reunion looking for work and to meet new people like myself


My name is Joelle. I am from South Africa and looking to relocate to reunion with my husband. We are newly weds with no kids and do not know much about the Island apart from what is available on google. However, we would love to know more about this beautiful Island from people who have been there for some time. From reading some of the prior conversations it seems that finding a job there would be very difficult. But as an English speaking South African what are my options? I have an Masters degree in Microbiology and my husband has a Masters degree in marketing and supply chain management.

Thanks a million to the person who created this community. I look forward to some responses and to making new friends

I am Lungani Nhlenyama from South Africa in a small City Pietermaritzburg, moving to Reunion Island to start a church but I need to secure a Job first. I have a bachelor degree and postgraduate diploma in Marketing and supply chain Management. i am however open to any job that will provide just enough salary to survive. I have 3 years experience in finance.


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