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Hi frnds. I m a professional Driver having lcv license of India and my wife is post graduated and having diploma in cosmetology. She is working as lecturer in college as cosmetologist from last seven years.also she obtained advanced courses in beauty makeup and hair treatment from topmost professional houses of India. We want to settle in Fiji. Is there any possible jobs for us in Fiji and how we can get that

Thank you very much,i am happy to hear from you?any way my name is Awuah Sampson i am footballer from Ghana and i want to play in Fiji,so please i really need your help so that i can move there now?
Thank you

I am new in this blog.I want to move to Fiji and live there.but I have no idea,how to start.but I have a plan to work there firstly.than start a agricultural based business.because I am expert on this business.can you help me about this .

Hi guys,

my name is Jay. I am really interested in living in Fiji, I spent last year living in Europe and Scandinavia. I was hoping to make some friends before I made the leap.


My account is a couple of months old now, but I think I haven't posted in this thread before.

So basically my life is s*** so I just want to have one last chance to experience happiness before I accept my life is just gonna be s***  forever. So that is by trying to move from Finland to Fiji.

The thing I worry about the most is my cat. First of all I hope that she's gonna survive the transportation with the quarantines and everything. Then I hope that in case I have to come back from Fiji to Finland, I can take her back with me. The problems are money and time, but mostly money. If I go under 10k, I might not have enough money to take her back with me, yet I would have to leave the country :'(

The plan is to prolly invest to get a permit to stay, which is why money is a huge issue especially if the investment fails.


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Hi im carol, retired chef fr Australia, bought a house ,now perm resident, would like to enjoy daytime lunch with other residents . I am on FB.  Live near pacific harbour

I'm sorry about the bad language. The day I wrote that post I was in a bad state mentally, but now I'm better.

I live here fr Australia  what info do u need ?

Hello Carol
My hubby and are are planning a permanent move to Fiji within the next few months, from Melbourne.

Selling our house and accessing super funds, so that we can buy a residence and also a holiday rental for income, as we are still too young to retire.

How did you find the move? What hiccups, if any did you have?

How do you find life in Pac Harbour and how easy or difficult was it to buy a house there?

Had you been to Fiji prior to relocating?  We have been a few times and sussed out where we would like to live, etc.

Thinking seriously about Pac Harbour as the place for our rental.

Hope to hear from you soon :)


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Hi 4 got to mention  im fr the gold coast shipped my pekenese over, , bought a container   worry free,  bought a car 4wheel dr Ford Ranger pickup..will consider selling also,   aplied for Permanent Resident,  things fell easily into place after that, no rushing back after visa runs out.  Luv it here, cheap as chips, grt weather,  people r outstanding.. my resort is low maintainese lots of ozzi,s hidden away in their rainforrest houses, like me, peace & privacy, pac hrb is a elephants graveyard for me  bit boring.  & im 77. Haa.

Happy 2 help. I live here from Australia,  best move i ever made, bought a house, 4wheel drive, applied 4 perm resident  not rushing back when visa runs out. Send more info  if i can help

hi im kaliova from fiji recently moved to hannover germany.

Hi, I'm Hellen. I have just arrived in Fiji as GM for a start-up company. After having a very full social calendar in Papua New Guinea for many years, and the greatest group of friends a girl could want, I am now starting over and would like to meet other expats living in Suva. I will be heading out for a week or so next week, but once settled in my new home, I would love to start entertaining again. Please send me a message. Cheers, H.


Thanks for this forum. I signed up because I might be working in Fiji soon if I will be the luckiest applicant to be accepted to work at Fiji National University. I want to know if how is life living in Fiji, How much is the cost of housing or flats there? Is there an income tax deducted? How is transportation in Fiji? what is the cost of living there? how about the security?

Thanks. Any information will be much appreciated.


Hi Mann,

Accommodation should be supplied by your employer, but you can get some well priced housing. Yes, tax it taken out. Getting around is easy, even if you don't have a car. Buses and taxis are cheap. I hope this helps.

Hello Helen,

Thank you so much for this information. This really help me and I if  i will be taken in there to work, I will ask my employer if my accommodation will be provided. Thanks much.


Wow! I wish I can meet you Ma'am Maansky and Ma'am Helen soon in Fiji. :) If God permits me to go to there. :) By the way I'm Billy and currently living here in Dubai. :)

Hello Billyboink, will be glad to meet you if ever my plan will push through. Thanks for adding..



Message me if you need any assistance/advice/recommendations in moving to Fiji. I'm a resident, born and raised.


Hi I am a Filipina American and I would love to move to Fiji. .how is life there please help me get an idea on how it is in Fiji It has been my dream to move there ASAP.  But I want to know more details on how life is there in Fiji. .thank you  and God bless.

Hi I really been thinking of moving to Fiji.  I was wondering how is the weather does it get very hot? And how much is the monthy  rent for place .also is it safe to live there I am a single woman looking for a place I can relax...thank you looking foward to your helpful advice. God bless

Hi did you move to Fiji yet? Can you tell me how you like it there?

Hi everyone,

Welcome on board  :)

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All the very best,

I have 18 work experience in administration, human resources and training.  I have worked in commercial, regional and international organisations.  I am flexible, fast learner and a good team player.

Hello,i am an ecology researcher from south africa. Soon moving to fiji, never been there, met anybody from there, or indeed anybody who ever planned going there! Looking for somebody with expat experience, esp saffas, of life in fiji willing tochat and help my mental preparation for my move to this island nation!

Hi I will be going to Fiji soon! I am nervous but excited at the same time...

Ldee, i got news today my work in fiji starts soon too, alsonervous and excited, good luck!!! When you

Hi ,
Life in Fiji is always an adventure; sometimes surprising.
I live here since 2012 and it is a beautiful country.  The people
are friendly but also opportunistic due to the poverty.
The weather is mostly fine.  We do get cyclones sometimes;
Winston last year was very strong and did lots of damage.
People are used to starting over here.  Lots of things grow
here; even in a small garden plot.  Some items are difficult
to get and often come late.  Still, we will continue to live
here.  It is a militaristic government and some freedoms are

Thank you for that info☺ I am excited to move there but was wondering about immigration are they very strict? I can stay there for 4 months visa free..


I'm mike from Philippines, i just past my interview to work there in fiji, very excited to find about the culture and to fill the life there.

I live for already 10 years in Fiji. One of the best spots to immigrate!!
Beautiful...always warm..and save!



Hi im new to this group.
From fiji.chef  is mt proffesssion
Would like to work in the pacific island work n  visit at the sametime.
Pls anyone can help me find the job.

Can helpu find a job in a resort.
As im a head chef of one of the resort in the yasawA group fiji islands.

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Am from Papua New Guinea and very must interested to accept a job in Fiji, am very much interested in sales and marketing job as this my field of expert here in Papua New Guinea.

Helo brorher maybe i can help you out in fiji.
Pls contact me.

I'm janelle, from Australia living in Nadi. Been here for 9mths with my partner and daughter. Struggling to find my feet. Boredom has kicked in and haven't really met people.
Considering trying to find work....but think that will prove to be difficult. Fingers crossed 😐

Wat kind of job you looking for

Something within hospitality. I have been a supervising housekeeper in a five star resort as well as done 6mths in reception. I have ran my own cleaning and home maintenance business as well as held a position as a cook.

Also have done some bar work.

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