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Hi Olga!

I'm new too!

I would like to thanks for giving welcome and l am going to tell you my project whem i will find opportunity of being there. I have bachelor's degree in horticulture. That is the leason when l will find opportunity my first purpose will be to put some thing study in practice for encrease your productivity of horticulture which will allow Israel country to develop.

Hi Everyone!

I have been a half timer in Israel for almost 5 years now. I am in the import/export business and my factories are here in Israel, so I split my time between Israel and the US....I'd stay here full time but I have to go back to the US every once in awhile for my work :)

I am spending more and more time here (Tel Aviv/Bat Yam) and am hoping to find some friends to hang out with when I'm not working (coffee, lunch, beach, shopping, etc.). I don't speak Hebrew yet, so it has been a little challenging socially. I am engaged to an native Israeli, who is wonderful (so is his family), but time for me to branch out!

Hi, I'm new too! Coffee, anyone?

Hi everybody,
I'll make ut short, since time is money.😃
My name is Aurelian, originally from Romania, studied in the UK and Germany.
I am desperately looking for a job in Israel, especially in Haifa, as an English or German teacher.
I have more and better qualifications, but since my Hebrew is not yet good enough, a teaching position would probably be the quickest way to getting employed.

If there us anybody among you who can really help - not just wishing me good luck - then please answer. I'm looking forward to your reply.
Thanks a lot.

Haha.....I m already having ice coffee at Aroma --- however, in Haifa 😃


Everybody, I look for a Job for management hotel I have an experience for to improve sales booking and to manage better the hotel !

Many thanks to track my request


Wow so many talented people moving to Israel. How many of you guys actually ended up moving here?
I'm from Miami, currently a student in Jerusalem. I'm interested in importing my motorcycle from Miami here to Israel. Anyone have an experience or leads? I've done plenty of research but I'd feel more comfortable speaking to someone who's actually done it. Thanks guys.

American football or Soccer?

maybe put an ad up on pin boards in the various universities in that area?

Private teaching in Israel is usually a word of mouth thing   
+ As far as online stuff is concerned, there's a number of websites people look for p. teachers at, e.g.:
the last one shows there's no listing for a German teacher in Haifa...

If you need help with placing your note in Hebrew there let me know and I'll try and help

im bebz,i working as caregiver here experieced here is full of enjoyment ,i.loved to travel the biblical tourists spots here ofcourse i love to visit the holyland Jerusalem .i love Israel but the people living here are.mixed nationality so its up to u how u deal.ur personality to have a new good friends..enjoyyy to the fullest we live once !Gudluc to me and God bless us

Hey...I'm a South African Greek.
Live in South Africa, cape town. I'm 22 years old...and I'm very looking forward to move to Israel. I do have some Jewish friends in Israel. They are mostly one of my reasons for moving.They taught me so much which includes independents,how to stand on your own two feet.
I believe staying in Israel will help me grow a lot. I really need this change of life. To start growing in different ways in life.

hi , im a sailior looking for job is isreal , but i donno how find thru internet , is there anyway is there, will u people help me to clear my doubts

try ZIM

I live in the USA and want to live in Jerusalem as an expat.  I am looking for a job in ESOL.  I do not speak Hebrew yet and realize I need to learn the language to increase my chances of getting a job.

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I am living in Ethiopia n  also am ethiopian,  i want to move Israel to visit the place that Jesus Christ died for me  .

I am a new member here and just read your post. How are things for you in Israel? All the best. Looking forward to your reply.

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I am Midy I will be traveling to Israel to study

I will also be in Rehovot starting 13th October 2015. Kindly give me more information on this interesting part of Israel.

Most people knows English. I am an Israeli citizen so if you have that language it can be enough for a while until you slowly learn Hebrew.

Hello everyone,

If you have any questions about Israel, i invite you to start a new topic on the forum Israel. This topic is only for the introduction of new members ;)

Thank you,

Hi, this is my intro. I'm a white American, part Cherokee, that does not speak any other language, who has a small amount of monthly money (900 usd) from being injured on the job, and struggle with some pain and a little disability, in an accident while in the American military. I have never fought, or desired to fight against other nations. I would like to live either in Israel or Jordan, in the South. I am looking at Modi'in, Beersheba, Paran, Eilat. I will do whatever work I need to do to survive. I want to leave where I am, because I feel I need to make a change, due to a credit economy, and this is where I want to go.

Hi all, glad to meet you and sorry for the delay!

My name is Fabio and I'm an Italian/European citizen that has been living in north Israel for more or less one year and half, currently as a tourist with unlimited work visa.

I moved to Israel mainly to live with my partner but contemporarily (although separately) I also got in touch with an high-tech startup (Open Source JVM/Java core technology area) from Tel Aviv (although then I didn't know they were Israelis too), I loved their project and their team and they liked me in return, so I started working with them (mostly remotely).
I'm looking for a new job right now but the time I spent there was immensely rewarding and helped me grow a lot.

I'm in love with this country and learning some more about it every day. My partner is an Israeli Jewish girl originally from Azerbaijan (of the caucasian sector) and I've been studying Hebrew on my own with her help (and her family's and friends) mostly since I've started living in Israel.
I can now manage everyday Hebrew, watch some series without using a dictionary all the time (I'm not a TV lover but I love good movies and series and I absolutely love "Shtisel", BTW) and slowly read slowly articles, blog posts, news and longer texts in general.
I haven't been able to attend an "Ulpan" because it's held in the morning where I live, so it was incompatible with my work schedule.
I managed to get to a decent level though, should you want to ask me for (or share) tips about self-study I'll be very glad to help.
I'm also interested knowing more about Judaism and Jewish culture.

I plan to learn more about other sectors of this incredibly complex and rich society, about their culture and their languages (mainly of the Russian-speaking and then the Arabic-speaking) as soon as my Hebrew level is (almost) comparable to my English one, or basically when I can mostly manage any Hebrew situation.

Hi everyone,

So I've been here for just shy of a year. You can read my profile for more info on me.

I'm looking for like minded friends.

I'm still deciding whether to stay here b/c my health that wasn't great when I left the US is way worse since I got here & I thought it was going to get better.

I'm not happy about it b/c I didn't make this decision to move here lightly, but I can barely work & the added stress of the constant construction & noise so I can't sleep is a factor.

I'm here for now trying to get help, so I hope things turn around for me.

I'm also contemplating moving to Be'er Sheva if anyone lives there or knows someone who does so I can pick their brain :)

Thanks & I hope everyone is well.

Michal or Michelle


givenfly :

American football or Soccer?

There are Rugby groups in Jeru...Come to play with us

Hi am new in israel

Please sir am a new guy here in israel, I dont no anyone here I just need a guard on where to start please sir.

hows your English accent if its good i may have some remote work available?

@zeldy > this topic is on the introduction of new members. If you have job offer, please post your ad in the jobs in Israelsection.

Thank you,

Where you from?

Tel aviv

How are you?

It would be nice to meet you in Isreal and also you can make it your home as its a blessing land. I'm also writing you because you are film maker and also my dream is to be a film maker. Let me know when you are in Israel.   Thanks

thanks hearing from you  and your welcome.

am sydon kalua       Malawian

I'm surprised to find a fellow SE Asian in Israel. Did you manage to land a job? And what took you there of all places if it's not too much to ask?

Hi, Michelle or Michal,
you wrote that you are looking for like-minded people. I read your profile, and among other things you listed travel and reading.  Could you make those more precise? For example, I spent most of my adult life on the road (slowing down in the last few years as I've settled in Israel, but I still manage to get some travel in) all over the world. As far as reading, I read a lot, but I have no idea if our reading tastes coincide. What genre do you like to read?

I am new here in expat and im planning to move to israel soon to be with my filipino and i want to know more about in israel if its easy for me to visit there first

Hi Cutipieayieh,

Israel and the Philippines established full diplomatic relationships in 1957 and Israel offers visa-free access to Philipino tourist.

There are over 30,000 Philipinos working in Israel. Mostly as caregivers. So it is possible to get a job in Israel if you intend to stay.

Philippine passport holders are interviewed at the port of entry in Israel and can stay for up to 90 days as tourists, as long as their passports are valid for at least six months beyond the period of intended stay, they have confirmed round trip tickets with onward flight, confirmed hotel reservation before departure, sufficient pocket money worth at least $2,000 and a letter of invitation from the sponsoring establishment or tourist agency.

Hope this helps, Good luck!  ;)

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