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Ye,s it's complicated because you can't work in full-time (and it's above all student jobs) and you need French language.

To study, it's easier, because there are whole courses in English but, yes, remains the cost of accommodation and all the rest...

Sorry for all these news...

Hi everybody

My name is Carlos, from Portugal. Living in Lux and looking for a job (Car driver, music teacher for children, Excel datasheet, computer tech, etc). Good english, not so good french (improving), portuguese as native language.

Hope to meet nice people.


Hi! My name is Kali. I come from Greece and I'm planning to move to Luxembourg! I can speak English quite good and Greek of course! I'm looking for any job because it is necessary to leave Greece. I have driving license, ECDL certification (Word, internet, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Windows). To be honest I don't speak French so I'm looking for a job to earn living in order to learn French! I have experience as waitress, shop assistant and secretary in a school. I am very good at organizing! I am really willing to work hard!


Without speaking French in your areas it's impossible, let's be clear... French it's the main language used in shops and restaurants.

Concerning schools, try International schools where English is the work language and European school where Greek is one of languages (it's above all a school for European Council workers' children so, all european languages are used into).

Try also as secretary or assistant in companies where only English is mandatory. Some job websites to see what is possible.,,, etc...

Good luck!!!

Hi ,
I am Ravi from India , Planning to move Luxembourg soon ,

I am a IT Professional , Currently staying in Malaysia from last 4 years.

Thank you.


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