New members of the Czech Republic forum, introduce yourself here

Hey, I'm Ryan. I live in Toronto, Canada but desperately want to move to another country. I just lived in Florida, USA for 6 months and I loved not being in Canada.

I have slavic origins and I am interested in a masters degree in finance after which I want to live in Prague. I am here to find out just how to do that.

hello, well i actually i'm planning to move to prague in a few months... and i am a little scare.. so if anyone around here have some advice...

Hi all! I've just joined, but I've been living in Czech Republic since August 2014. I live in Tisnov, a small town outside of Brno. I'm happy to make friends, share advice, or be a host if you are traveling in the area (ex to Brno or Porta Coeli).

Hi Jenny! If you're interested sometime in the future (I don't live in Prague and would make the trip), I've been meaning to go to the Jewish Museum (it's not actually as much a museum as it means checking out the historically Jewish synagogues and cemetery). It's a bit expensive, a 25 euro ticket. But I'm also interested in the art museums!

Good evening everyone,

I am looking for some Kiwis living in Czech Republic as I would love to get in touch with them. I am really interested in New Zealand history, culture and people. I have spent nearly one year in New Zealand and since that time I can't stop thinking about this beautiful country.

Thank you for your reply.

Love Alena

Hi, my name is Shina. I am from Nigeria and I have been here for about 5yrs already. My main reason for joining this forum is to share my experience in Prague, CZ and also to see what foreigners are mostly interested in... perhaps if there is any way I can help.


I'm Javed Iqbal Khan Khattak, working as researcher in Czech University of Life Sciences

Hello Everyone,
I'm Javed a researcher in Czech University of life sciences, love to travel and explore new cities and places, i'm in Prague from last 3 years. if new one need some help you can ask. i love to meet new people and show them the city . best wishes

I am looking for a native Farsi speaker to pick up my Farsi in exchange for English. I live in Vysočina


If anybody is interested more about rural area of east part, let me know. Travellers alwayas welcomed :)

Hi everyone,

My name is Sheila and I am a law student from the US who will be working an internship in Prague this summer. I'm extremely nervous but also excited at the prospect! I don't know anyone in Prague but can't wait to change that.

I'm looking for a private apt to rent for two months starting in June, so if anyone has an idea, please let me know!


Hey, I am Gaston from Rwanda, I currently a student of Engineering Physics in Germany. I would like to visit Prague for 2 days. I would like anyone who can help me with anything. like a place to stay, some basic culture of people over there and so on.
Thank you,
Kind regards

Hi, South African planning on moving to Prague. My partner has been offered a job, I need advice on visas and best course of action to join him for at least 12 months. Any South Africans who has done this before?

yes, I have an advice... Don't be scared ;)


I am recently moved from London to Brno to work for American company , same company where i was working on london. I like this place , people and culture. I can speak English , Russian and little czech. Planning to take some course.

Hello everyone,

This is Dev from India, looking forward to move to Zlin, Chech Republic.

Little bit concerned about this, as don't have any idea about Zlin.

Any suggestions/views/reviews regarding this are most welcome.

AirBNB woukd be a great start for just a month.

hello everyone

I am  an international masters student in France who has been offered to study Ph.D. at the Czech life sciences university beginning from the coming winter term

My few questions were

1 What opportunities does Czech offer international students  especially people planning to enter into the research and academic world like you

2 what are the chances of meeting new people in terms of socializing and networking.

3 what prospects were there for part time jobs for international students who are mainly English native speakers in Czech.

Hey , im looking to make friends from all over the world who lives in prague, anyone interested just hit me up .

Hi Maria!

I'm also a Filipina. Can we be friends?

Daphne :)


I am from India, Got Job offer to work in Brno. getting VISA for Czech seems to be difficult from India. Fully confused.


Hi. I was moved by my company from Russia to CZ. Looking for friends, active people who are not too lasy to meet up and to travel small distances in CZ, may be someone is practicing paragliding?

Hi,I am jfouzul. established Czech Company planning to move there.I also studied in Russia.Moscow in the field of medicine.Please if you have whatsup or any contact no,please send me.
email: ***
Skype : ***

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Iam from Vietnam and I intend to move to Czech next year. I would like to settle down my life in this country. Therefore, I apply for a Master course in Brno. I myself try to learn Czech language cause I hope to find a job after finishing my course. I used to work and live in Japan for 1 year as  au pair in Financial field. I choose Czech cause there I have lots of partner which is an advantage for my future business and plan. I would like to become an European citizen.


I've been living in Prague for 9 months now, I'm French and British, working for a company here. (Before you start asking, I found my job on LinkedIn)

I'd like to find people to practice my Czech (beginner) and my Korean (advanced) with.
I can help you with French or English. PM me if interested please. :)

Hello everyone,

My name is Anthony, I'll start working in praha from the early december, since i don't know anyone in this city i'd like to make new friends from all over the world :)

I've a native level french +a decent english, also i'm starting chinese.
don't hesitate to contact me,

see you soon :)

Hi I am ajay from India I visited many time to Czech Republic now I decide to move there asap planning to open resturent in Ostrava  but stuck in visa process it’s seem difficult to get long term visa please people here help me for that so I can do it easily 🙏

Chris from Greece got a job offer at Brno. The date is for February.
If I accept the offer see you there at beer party's.

I have been a member for a while, but have not introduced myself.  I am from the U.S., currently living in Washington, D.C.  I plan on retiring early next year and moving to Prague.  I have always wanted to live in Europe and will finally have the chance.  I plan on taking a TEFL course and teaching English to supplement my retirement income.  I have a small dog and a cat that will be moving with me.  I'm sure they won't be as thrilled with the move as I am...

Hi, I live in Ostrava and can help you with something if you want.

Hoping to find information about how retirees can qualify to live permanently in the Czech Republic.

Czech Consulate in Washington has no such information posted.

Hello, My name is Ted Hoffman (40). I was born and raised in Boston,MA USA. I currently live in Olomouc Czech Republic (The capitol of Moravia). My home is in Horni Nemesti (Main/Upper Square)  I'm looking for any English speakers who would like to site see or just grab a beer. I have been in the Czech Republic for two years and have been taking my time seeing all the amazing sites here. I also love the beer......

You would first need a temporary residence status (Generally 5 years of continuous residence). After that you can apply for Permanent residence. There are two rule sets for either depending on your nationality (EU Citizen/Third country citizen). Since you have not indicated you current status, I am assuming you will need Temporary status first. I am posting the link below with the requirements from the Czech office of interior. I hope that helps. … 09Mg%3D%3D

Hi Ted, don't wanna be rude, but Olomouc might be only "historical capital city of Moravia" like few centuries ago...I guess you are late, lol. Nowadays it is just 6th largest city in the country. Have a nice day :-)

Status of jcphotographic is retired veteran,  US citizen, with graduate degree from the Berlin University of the Arts.

I would hope to find opportunities for teaching art in Prague.

Hi, I'm Indonesian, newbie in Brno.
Looking for weekend activity friends (foodie, gym, hiking, exercise, dancing, or just people watching) in Brno or Prague. Please add me if you're like minded. Thanks!


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