New members of the USA forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the USA forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the USA if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hey... Not exactly new to the USofA, been here for about 1.5 years. Been working for almost a year now. Just wanting to see/read how others are prospering/staggering in a different culture.

hey, I'm zied 26 years old from Chicago,IL

hi, im Kanika from india. Im planning to move to USA for a job . A recent graduate in the field of travel n tourism and event management. Let me know if there are any job opportunities in this field .

Kate from Los Angeles

I took the early retirement and spending most of my days traveling around the world.  I love to go fishing as well as sightseeing many beautiful beaches!

Hie my name is Thomas Gama I am currently living in South Africa and I just finished my high school I wish to move to New York foe a better living I hate the way my life is right now due to poverty and I plan to change that given the opportunity. I am a very energetic individual who is good at multitasking and m into IT and gadgets hence i want to work and take myself back to school and get a degree.

hypnoman1 :

Hi. Thank you. My partner and I are hoping to buy property to rent in the Orlando area and would appreciate any recommendations for property management companies.
Thanks in advance

Try Disney

hypnoman1 :

Hi. Thank you. My partner and I are hoping to buy property to rent in the Orlando area and would appreciate any recommendations for property management companies.
Thanks in advance

I live in Orlando and can tell you the easiest way to find a PMC is just google one.

Hi my name is Gwen.  I landed on this site after a friend shared a blog post on Facebook.  I've been living in LA for nearly seven months and trying to find my feet.  I started a blog to get myself out and about and have found myself home more often than that writing for it and getting it technically right!  I need to strike a balance before I go stir crazy.  Look forward to talking to more expats (and as a result spending more time at my PC?!). Cheers, Gwen

luqman here new member :)

luqmankhan :

luqman here new member :)

Thanks for all the information.

Hey I am From Bangladesh. A new graduate in Law. I just take decission to move in USA. If anyone like me please contact with me

Thanks, for the advice. There is a lot to see & do here :-).

I have just joined this group. I live in NY USA.I am a professional .I got this blog by accident .Nice to meet new friends from all over the world

Welcome Jemen.
Do you live in New York City or somewhere else in NY

Bob K

Hi I am new to and I live in California. My fiance and I are in the process of him moving here from Algeria.

Hello. I'm a student of the Ivan Franko National University of L'viv. I visit this site to raise the conversational level, because my level of English is rather small in my opinion.

If it is interest for you there is the link to Wiki of my university -

just moved to LA Sherman Oaks, would love to have friends to show me around

talofa everyone!

we (family and i) somehow started on a small island in the pacific at my precocious age of four, traversed the globe somewhat haphazardly - zigzagging our way through almost 20 countries on summer breaks, living in three of them for four years or more (dad's work), ending up in NYC almost ten years later, out of all places, lol...

growing up in NYC as a polynesian FOB teen was a transformational eye-opener, to say the least. ; ) as the proverbial cultural "melting pot", it seems fitting i've landed here in new york where as an outsider, we still all fit right in. the sub-cultures that thrive in inner-cities are about as authentic as they come. makes me feel right at home.

nonetheless, seeing two of my five sisters already taking their own leeps abroad to dubai and australia, from NYC due to their professions, only fueled my own urge to look for another part of the globe to explore, live and work in, taking that ultimate step of a "journeyman" for myself.

in hindsight, i can't believe my father dragged us all over the world for over ten years, without missing a beat, and here i am somewhat apprehensive to move from nyc, hahaha....

getting that itch, lol



I am a teacher form Savannah, GA.  I will be traveling to Paris with a friend in June and neither of us speak French.  I am hoping to find someone who would help us how to get around in the city.

hello am Jenny, from Kampala Uganda,very interested in coming to USA,I am very good in Computer Skills,Good Customer care experience.

Hi All,
I am very interested in the forum and I'm technician logistics and IT.

My name is George Cantreph.A young and determined person from Ghana who is keen to be an entrepreneur in future so as to provide jobs for others in Africa.lndeed l undertook my first degree at the University of Ghana and obtained a Second Class Upper Division in Economics and Sociology.lts therefore my dream to carry on with my Second  degree in U.S.A.

Hello we reside in WV I am writer and boyfriend travels the globe taking photos. He is currently stuck in Nigeria
Very interesting blog

Hi! I'm Jorge Mongelos, I'm from Paraguay, I moved to Rice Lake, Wisconsin, I'm here since 12/18/11, I'm married, I have a three years old son. I'm the kind of person that enjoys meditate and contemplate about human nature, and how it develops under life's momentaneous circumstances, I love to see the lights and shadows of it, I enjoy to play chess I really love it, I hope someday I will find someone who really loves to play chess like I do, I like to watch shows, movies, I enjoy to contemplate and analyze music, how the musical instruments mix their sound into a beautiful and armonic sound, what musical instruments are used in the music and so on, I'm a frendly kind person, a little bit reserved perhaps but that's because I like to analyze people before trust them and open to them. Since I moved here I didn't have any luck making friends, I don't know If I'm doing something wrong, or I don't understand how to socialize here, I really don't know, but I still hope to make friends and enjoy life here, since I'm married with an American Spanish/ESL teacher that went to Paraguay to be with me and chose marry me, and I'm still trying to figure why, LOL, anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my introduction!

Hi All,

I'm MrsPresson. I moved from the Philippines and currently in North Dakota, USA. I've been here for about 7 months now. I've had "weather-shock" more than anything. I was born and raised in a tropical country that is only 18°C (64.4°F) at its coldest (in the Metro) moving to a state where-35°C (-31°F) without windchill is the norm. Haha.

I am a Higher National Diploma H N D in Accountancy in Ghana with four years working experience in the field of Account and Credit & Marketing. It has been my dream from infancy to live and work in U. S. A

I'm vince and new to this

I am new here, a friend from the US send me this blog.
I'm from Mauritius. I speak creole ( native language) , French ( fluently) and English ( my conversational level in English is medium)
My dream is to move somewhere else and start a new life in a new place. So why not in the I would like to meet new friends , read and learn how others are doing there, and learn and see through the eyes and  experience of the expat there.


hi, i'm new here.
im mina from algeria,i have 30 years old and i'm very intersted to come to live in america for a job.

                                                   thank you


I am Erin from Reno :) I am aspiring artist. Happy to be part of Expat USA community,

Hi All,

Janna here from Philippines. I am 29 years old.  Happy to be a part of expat.  One of the reasons that i wanted to move there in US mainly because to get a job there, but apparently it  seems so hard to get in there  :(


Try going to Atlanta..they kinda speak English there..LOL

Welcome to the forum and bring a translation book with you, especially if you get out in the rural areas :D


Senorita welcome to the forum.
Where are you from and where in the US are you relocating to?
What is your MS field?

Bob K

Am Calvin Hatta currently living  united state in California,Happy to be a part of expat,i just want my dream to be come true

Welcome Calvin and what would that dream be?

Bob K

Hello, hope to hear from someone soon.


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