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We're planning to move to the Loja area in southern Ecuador.  Anyone know of any chiropractors there or anywhere else in the country?

I am a Chiropractor in Quito, been here 16 years.  The only American Chiropractor I know in Loja is Dr. Cary Frouman, he lives in Vilcabamba just ask around.

Oh, bless you for the info!  A D.C. in Vilcabamba is wonderful news.  If we're in Quito, we'll come to you.

Hi. Dr Cary Frouman is not living in Vilcabamba (Loja), he is now in Cuenca. In Loja there is no any chiropractor.
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I am also in need of a good chiropractor in Montañita, any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!


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*** Still looking for a host location if anyone has a massage table with adjustable legs. :)

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