Hello Kuwait

Hello fellow bloggers,

I have been in Kuwait now for two weeks and must say I am enjoying it, but, looking forward to making new friends and having something called 'a social life.'

I presently live in Salmiya, but am moving to Salwa soon through work.

Great to meet you all.

Welcome to Kuwait @mswright. You are at luck cause there are so many cool people doing all sorts of things out there. Being a member of this blog will get you (as it did with others) in touch with many of the groups and activities going on in Kuwait ... and believe me there are. Here are some resources you can check out:
- Of course this blog (check out the activities section in the directory)
- … nt-season/

Just tell us what your hobbies, interests, favorite places and activities are ... you name it, you'll find it ;)


Thank you very much for this, I plan on searching through them.

Hobbies are running, pilates, writing, drawing, cooking, coffee ... quite endless really.

did someone say running? :D :D :D

Yes, and I have already liked the Facebook page  :top:

then i guess we will be seeing you on Friday morning :D

you are welcome in kuwait toni

Late? Dude its 2 years old!

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