Starting a new job in Taicang

can anyone help make my move a little easier please?
Thanks :)

In what way?  Taicang is already a very easy area for expats with all of the advantages and disadvantages of being so close to Shanghai.

I am interested in finding out where the best place to rent is in that area or is it better to commute from another city as starters.

Of course anyone who has lived there could probably pass on some wisdom about the area that could help my transition.

My personal advice would be to live as close to your work as possible.  Taicang and Shanghai have enough of an expat population that there should be members of this website who currently live there and can give you better information.

Yes I hope someone will provide advice on best apartments...  I would like to live near work and want to choose a place to live quickly so I can focus on work.

I previosly spent two years living in Shanghai but I traveled so much that I was in hotels (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Singapore, Bangkok...) more than my apartment; so, decided to try again in a job with less international travel.

Anyway lets see what help I may receive.

Thanks for your posts and wish you all the best :)

hi, I have been offered a job in Taicang. I would like to know if there is any expat community there and how is life in general. I live in Madrid but had lived in Istanbul for 3 years. I would go alone first and then my girl would move with me (3-4 months later)

skype is elalbert1981 and would be great to hear from you!



Hi I am living in both Taicang&Shanghai,Maybe we could do some explore in Taicang.

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my advice is ask your company for help renting an apartment, better to live to your work place

got it

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