looking for friends

I am Omani, 33, fluent in English and Arabic  looking for good friends for useful discussions.

Hi Omani,

Thank you for your post.
Can you please tell us more about what you mean by "useful discussions" please?
Do you have a particular topic on mind ? :)

Thank you,

Expat.com team

useful discussions means culture , information, experience sharing, and might be business talks.


i am interested in  knowing more about cultur  in oman ; in addition  i like to improve my English and Arabic .

thank you

are you in Oman now?
It will be my pleasure to assist you in learning both English and Arabic.

Yes sure,we can be friends as am also planning to relocate to muscat,am dele and from nigeria u can reach me thru (Moderated: Please avoid leaving your contact details on the forum for security reasons)

I am Omani 😁
You can learn Arabic or English  by meeting me and chatting.
I like to make friends from outside 🇴🇲

Hi am wahab from oman if u have Question about Oman am ready

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