Archery Shop in Riyadh?

Hi, I'm wondering if there are any archery shops in Riyadh.

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Why would you think that it is better to ask this VERY SPECIFIC question here in a GENERIC forum rather than asking it in the Saudi Arabia Forum where people who actually live there might be able to provide and answer???

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Sorry, I'm new here so i didn't know. Thanks for the tip anyway.

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unfortunately, there is a governmental place for Archery in Riyadh....  for male saudi...ony
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Hi Zahrina
wellcome into my Country :)
im sorry to say no there is no Archery shops in Saudi Arabia but if you would likee then i can help you with it :)
Do you have WhatsApp !!

In Jeddah there's an archery range at the Red Sea mall.  Its a game center called "In Ten So" I went and shot there but they have no instructors, I had to spend couple of hours teaching the guys about archery safety and how to instruct customers.  As for archery as sport it is not illegal in Saudi, I asked and checked to find no law against it.  I was a coach level three in the states, and used to teach a Joad program(junior Olympic archery division).  I would love to coach and start an archery team here.

In wat city you are in?

I live in Mjmaa about an hour and half from Riyad

I live in Majmaah Riyad area. Used to live in Dammam miss it.

Do we have an archery place in Riyadh ??

Just a question, so archery as a sport is not illegal in Saudi? Is it possible to ship a compound bow here for recreation shooting?

you can try this place for archery equipment:


as a place to train, I went to Saudi archery federation, they should start new classes within a week or two.
here is the location if u wanna try to ask as well:

another MAP

Do you know if they allow expats there, the last information when I checked was that they do not allow expats.

They took my info and didn't comment on that, Um still waiting their call once they start

where i can buy
compound bow and arrow in riyadh

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Compund bow how much price

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