where to buy moto battery charger

Dear All,

Any recommendation for a shop where to buy a battery charger? Preferably in or near Tuolkork.

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In nowadays, we are used to buy something in Amazon or official site. I bought a battery charger from bestekmall to charge camera battery when camping in Mountains. In this time, we need a charge to charge not only battery, but also about phone and laptop. It is bestek 400w power inverter. The way for me to handle this tool is to connect it with car cigarette lighter charger outlet. Hope this point is useful to you.

Theres a battery shop right near toul kork on mongreththy street before 1927 st, i cant remember the name, i believe they sell battery charger on mao tse tong street ( the westernized tool shop right beside the chatime past intercontinental hotel )

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