SAudi birth certificate attestation for UAE

My son was born in Saudi and he has got a birth certificate issued from Saudi.
Now we moved to UAE, and this birth certificate needs to be attested from Saudi MOFA and UAE embassy within Saudi.

does anyone know how to get this done from UAE ? or is this information is correct?

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Don't know if it correct or not, but if that's the procedure, it has to be done physically, so mail the birth certificate to a friend and get it done.


Can you please confirm if you were able to get through the attestation process.
I will be moving back to Dubai myself and your information would help me loads !

Procedure is correct as i also had to prepare a POA for UAE. 
You will have to do MOFA and the UAE Consulate Attestation, Procedure is very simple and can be finished in 1 Day.

MOFA charges : 30SAR
UAE Consulate : 187 SAR ( Approx).

After this you again need to attest the document in UAE from

MOFA UAE :  150 AED  ( If i remember it correctly)
and may be by Ministry of Justice, UAE ( you need to double check it). : 50-60 AED (Approx)


I am also interested to know the solution. I am in the same situation. isn't there a company in Dubai or Doha who provides this service?

I want to know the same question, my son was born in Saudi Arabia now we moved to UAE, is it required his birth certificate to be attested from Saudi Embassy for UAE visa or what alternative options we can adopt.

Many thanks in advance.

I am in dubai , my child was born in saudia , how can I get the birth certificate attest from saudia . Uae embassy is asking get attest from mofa

Can anybody tell the process

if you already have the Birth Certificate issued by Saudi Hospitals etc, You can go to saudi Embassy in UAE, and get it attested, Once they attest it, You need to get the certificate attested by the UAE-MOFA. and then it will be accepted by  authorities in UAE.

I called up saudi embassy they are saying that they need MOFA frim saudi to verify

@Ukh786  In which country are you based now. If Birth Certificate is issued from KSA then you need first local attestation from MOFA KSA, then it will be accepted by Saudi Embassy in UAE  ( or any other country)

My daughter's birth certificate is issued by Saudi government. I want to attest it so that I can apply for her visa in UAE.  Please let me know the procedure to get the required attestation.

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