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Can somebody please answer my query, I have been married here in KSA but wife is still on her father's sponsorship. Now if I will have a baby then is there any issue to get baby register in KSA?
Please also copy me on "

Dear Shahzad,

First start with documents:

Aqad Nikkah : Marriage certificate... is that attested by your home country embassy and MOFA ?

after that, if you want to get your wife transfer done...

get a covering letter from your sponsor, and same from your father-in-law's sponsor...

Get your original Iqama and passport, same for your wife, both covering letters and go to Jawazat... outside Jawazt there are a lot of offices get "Istamara" printed from them... get all the documents ready and pay two thousand SR on your Iqama... bring all documents to Jawazat and they will give you, your wife's new Iqama in few mins...

I hope all details will work for you///

Best of luck,.

Dear thank you so much for your response,

Actually I am looking to change my company in near future for this reason I want to keep my wife on her father sponsorship for the time being to avoid new visa hurdles and processing.
Changing my wife sponsorship is not an issue since my current company HR office will execute all of the process on my demand.
Now my query in this scenario is,

1. Upon the birth of my child (INSHALLAH) can I proceed for my child berth certificate and later Iqama?
2. Is it allowed for me and my wife to leave Kingdom on re-entry visa?
3. Is there any other issue in keeping my wife on her father's sponsorship for next couple of months?

appreciate your humble approach and helping effort.



As long as you and your spouse have a valid IQAMA & Passport, you can get the birth certificate from the hospital.
I was on Business visa and hadn't IQAMA, and Hospital issued me the certificate, only checking my passport at that time.

Ahwal MADNI: they need IQAMA & PP of parents along with Hospital Certificate.

EMBASSY: You need to have the passport for the baby before applying for the IQAMA, for that if your wife has CNIC on married status. You can get the passport. Before the passport apply for the Baby's NICOP.
Valid IQAMA & Passport required.

JAWAZAT: at last, you need to get the IQAMA for baby, for that you need your wife to transferred on your iqama.

you can msg me in case of any issue...During the process,
Hope it helps...

You will probably have trouble registering your child unless you transfer your wife over under your sponsorship.  I do not know that for sure, but it follows logically considering that the law requires married women to be under the sponsorship of their husbands.  Now, once a girl gets married and stays under her father's sponsorship, the government will not know.  But, once you have a child, then they know.  Once you go to have the baby registered, and to get the birth certificate and then his/her iqama, they will see that the mother is under her father's and not her husband's sponsorship.  I don't know what they will say or do, but I guess they will refuse to issue any documents until you get your wife under your sponsorship.

Thank you so much Zeesham and Trapezius,
Your guidance is really very helpful, at the end I see that I'll may face trouble for my child Iqama and I heard that there will be a penalty for being late in Iqama, now..

1. If there is any penalty then what are the details of penalty?
2. Is there any possibility to re-transfer my wife sponsorship back to her father in case I leave kingdom?


Dear Shahzad,

Penalty on Iqama is in case if the child is above age of 1 year, else there isn't any fine... for re transfer of your wife incase you leave KSA yes it can be done same as right now you are transferring her from her father's iqama, now for first transfer bank fees will be 2K, if you transfer her back on her father at that time it will be 2nd transfer and fees will be 4k...

Dear Berrystag,

As you mentioned that it is possible to transfer my wife back on her father sponsorship with 4k fee but what about the child sponsorship?

Your wife can't transfer back to her father, unless you have some serious wasta.

A friend went through this recently, but his daughter was divorced and living in Dubai with her child.  He wanted to bring his daughter to Saudi under his sponsorship, and her son as well.  Even then, he needed wasta, even though she is divorced.  So, for a married woman with a child to be under her father's sponsorship, nearly impossible.

Dear I am planing to keep my new born baby without IQAMA for around 8 to 10 months so that I could end up with my sponsorship problems.
In the mean time my wife will also remain on her father this a right idea??

And what will be penalty of for baby Iqama? is there any other possible issue which I could face?

I don't know about penalties, but if your wife will remain under her father, and your child will be iqama-less for some time, I guess that's doable.  Only problem is, they will not treat/see your child at hospitals if s/he doesn't have an iqama, at least I don't think so.  Please confirm that.

Good day. I am Noufal, I have one problem about my brother Iqama, My family are came from India before 5 year (2010). We could not take Iqama. The brother visa was issued in the under name of mother. So can’t issue insurance under sponsorship my mother. What reason? How change now brother sponsorship to father? What need required document to submit to be taken Iqama? Please help me…..

Good Day, .May humbly request how take print out from air port.Because my little brother iqama problems.My families were come from India to the Saudi Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport at last 2010 after delivery. My little brother visa issued is also the name of my mother. So I could not take Iqama for my brother Yesterday i went to Jawazat Office, then the Jawazat staff told me to be adding full information to Airport computer and upgrade information after printout my family arrivals details. If i come to consulate give me recommendation letter, I hope Your best suggestion.

Im the mother Can i put my child as my dependent..

Dear Bro,

Do you have a sample format of the Covering letter from the company.

actually am under the similar situation, I have all the documents except the covering letter (NOC) from the company.

And I don't think my Company's HR must be aware of this letter.

So, just for the purpose of his understanding I need  the format of the letter.

Kindly provide the sample format if anyone is having...

Thank you

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