Personal lo an hollandi bank for expat

Hi, i need to apply for a person al loan. Im wondering if other banks can grant me one which doesnt require salary transfer requirement. If you have any suggested banks it will best for me.

Good luck with that one !!
No bank will give an expat a loan without the transfer requirement. This is so you cannot default on payments and if you do they can have your bank accounts frozen until you make the payments.

im fine with salary transfer to any banks but my company has no freaking tie up to any bank and they wont.......are there any other options or even a better installment company that is lenient?

if your company doesn't have a contract or agreement of some sort with a bank, most likely they will not approve your loan application............

I tried sending an application to SABB, my salary has been through their bank for 2 years now, and I got 2 credit cards in good status with them as well, still they did not approve my loan application because my company does not have an agreement with them....

and my wife was so happy that they didn't approve... because we did not need another headache......  :D  :dumbom:  :offtopic:

thanks kabayan! haist nako sakit ng ulo ko i urgently need this loan..... ;'(

Hi andrei19,

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You may apply for a credit card and use it to get cash advance.

I am currently employed in Saudi Arabia ang I have a loan in Saudi Hollandi bank. I wish to transfer to other company in Saudi which offers much better compensation. How could I possibly join the company without having any problem with the bank because of my loan?

If you are going to change your company you must put in mind that the bank which gave you a loan will get your indemnities from your ex-company and frozen your account until you settle down this matter with the new company. That's why you must speak with your bank and check that your new company have an agreement with the same bank otherwise you will suffer a lot if you doesn't have quick cash to pay and close the loan.

Hi i just want to know if when i re loan my account wen my contract is 4 yrs... and i already pay 2yrs and 6 mos..when i re apply my loan again... thanks  who rply me.

i have bank accounts in NCB and AL Rajhi. my salary account is NCB but they are giviing only 55,000 SR loan for one year. my monthly take home salary is 14,194 SR ( NOW ). I WANT LOAN FOR MIN. 3 YEAR and  160,000 SR

@limelight78 : Were you able to get the personal loa n? If so, from which bank and with what % of interest?

no problem you can transfer directly to another company and later submit new iqama copy.

I got a loan from hollandi jubail, and I'm planning to go exit, so how can I pay my loan amount from india, and let me know any deferment will get drom bank or not,

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