Journey from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to PAKISTAN - By Road - On Car

From my experience, if the owners of the vehicles are US or British Passport holder Pakistanis, the problems on the route will be minimized since you will have your embassy backing you up on phone in case an issue arrises at entries and exits of countries. :)

Hey. Regarding ur dream going to Pakistan from Riyadh by road, am interested.

I have asked some people and read the comments too.
I think its very possible if not with family members atleast alone. The worst route will be to go via kuwait to iraq to iran to pakistan. The best route from my point of view is riyadh to UAE by road, from aby suitable UAE ports to Quwadar by sea, from Quwadar to any city by road again. The route i suggest is easy and short rather than passing by iran or iraq.

For ur infos; travel agencies provide a service called TripTic or "Trip Ticket" which is for for 1 year to all countries in the world for a one year period and it takes an agency 30 minutes to issue one. This Triptic costs around 600 to 750 SR and has certain conditions but very easy. Once u have it your good to go anywhere in the world.

I am planning to go around March or April of 2017 and  iexplore Pakistan for about 2 months. Then back to Saudi again.

Let me know if its suitable and if ur still interested.

Your information is almost accurate and i have also read about the trip ticket. But the thing is that car needs a carnet de tour pass to have custom free entry in the countries you mentioned whether it is through iraq iran route or uae to gawadar.
As per internet carnet passage is available on payment of a very significant amount against the value of the car.
Anyways i guess we are very near to solving this puzzele i guess and if u can contact me on xxx, may be we can coordinate well and plan the tour.


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Seems good,
but there is only 2 hours drive from kuwait Abdali to Iran khorramshaher,
in these two hours we will be in IRAQ, this is the only thing which need to be taken care,
other than that I hope iran and kuwait will not have any issue on passing from there, keeping in mind that kuwait is now a days not issuing on arrival visas to Pakistanis.
So, whats the plan,
how you guys are going to execute it?

What is trip ticket?

Thank you.

Kuwait visa can be obtained from embassy here in Riyadh. But chances of rejection are there.
Also i heared ferry service from uAe os no more available. We can take route from Oman.
Lets make a whatsapp group and post our ideas there to execute it sooner

Salam guys.
I live in Kuwait and I'm also planing to go Pakistan in my car. We can go easily to Pakistan. Guys you no need to go Kuwait or Iraq just get Iranian visa :)

-1st: we need carnet de passage / international car certificate + international car driving license.

-2nd: RoRo ferry from Saudia/Kuwait  to (bushehr city Iran) for car transfer.

-3rd: (bushehr city,Iran) to (Taftan border, Pakistan) by road  (Km.1454) and then taftan border to Quetta (Km.632) by road.

i am from riyadh KSA

this my dream also but my advice is different than all way not we can go by Sultan Qaboos Port, Muscat, Oman witches very near than the UAE port and about Trip-Tic
i asked one of my friend he is from lebanon he was sending his vehicle some time
as per he said that he take the trip-tic paper from al bassami Motors witches cost only 550sr and its for one Year but my intention is that muscat port need to conform 1st that thy are giving this service or not to send the if some one have friend in muscat so thy can aske to the port service people  hope we solve this

W/S Kamran.
Here in Kuwait they asked me kd.2035 / $6750 security deposit and plus need a Kuwaiti guarantor
If i want to go Pakistan in my car  😐
-My Car: Lexus ES350
But for GCC countries I no need To deposit money or Kuwaiti guarantor... I just need only visa that's all 😊..
But for Lebanon, Jorden, we need CDP only which cost Kd.35 / $ 115.

Hi kamran
Trip tic information is not available anywhere except SASco website and thier company is SATA.  When i call them from Khobar, they don't know it and waste time only. If you sre riyadh based, than you can go and ask them personally to answer our questions. I am sure a security deposit and gaurentee is also required as mentioned by one of the fellow. Merely 550SR for going to Pakistan looks a bit underestimated.
Anyways keep us posted

hi Mashadi
sure i will go one day to al bassami motors and let me conform 1st because me to not sure about that

Hi All,

The idea looks pretty good and we should work in it. I am sure we can get some way inshallah .

Let's make what's app group and start working on it. My mobile number is ***.

Will be waiting for you guys response.


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Hi, I have same plan and I think we can go as Qafla

Brother I just red about your plan, Happy to know that, Brother no need to go to Iraq as Iraq is a war zone, I am also i terested to do the same trip, If you don't lemme tell you the right rout map, you can go to dubai from where you can travel to kish island, Iran by fairy & from Iran you can easily travel to pakistan.
But first you have to confirm that:
1: If you enter in iran with saudi registration plates is it safe for you ?
2: Please confirm that on your return you will not be investigated by the authorties. Its better to discuss it with the concerned department before leaving the kingdom....
3: I onece heard there is a fairy service which has been started between pakistan & Muscut you can travel from that way as well, take fairy from Muscut to Karachi.
but don't forget to take a multiple entry visa of Oman.

I request to you make complete research before leaving, other wise you can trave somewhere else by road like Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Europe, Oman, UAE you can even travel to africa via egypt...

Please do inform me what your plan is & how you have executed...
anxiously waiting for your reply...

Profound Regards,
Hassan Haider

Bro, Get A class citizinship, Like U.S, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK etc...  this world will become heaven for you.......

Its too dangerous to travel in Iran with saudi number plates....

Asalam O Alikum,
Bro I am also intereated to go by road ,
please contact me via whatsapp: xx
Profound Regards,
Hassan Haider

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Hey everyone...

Great to know so many people are Interested in this endeavor... BUT

To be honest, I've lost hope for this project... keeping in mind the current economic situation, political Situation of the region etc etc etc...

Even if we somehow make it to Pakistan Border... the Border Authorities in Pakistan themselves will cause alot of trouble for us and the car... Taxes etc etc etc... too many issues.

Its a Lost Cause...

so any progress guys ?? or still dreaming .. think just a step forward and will find the way .

if u wanna go at end of 217. i will join u. plz inform

plz send me ur email to discuss in detail trip to pak at

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i wanna visit pakistan by road on my car. plz advise regarding documents required


Hello Brother

I am also planning to visit Pakistan from Dammam late this year ....

Anyone who have travel details who took this journey previous can you please share.


Are you still interested ?

did u find solution to drive ur car to Pakistan


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hello  guys

I am  also planning  go to Pakistan bay  rode  from  Dubai  to Saudi ,kawit,iraq,iran than to  Pakistan I have  some information
1: you  have  to  get  carnet the car and  car  insurance.
2:transit  visa for this country  wich wan you crose. 
guys  you  have any  other  information please  share

Well I simply don't see it Happening...

I started this 'thread' or whatever you call it, 4 Years ago... and I've been trying to do this even long before that... but nothing changed in last 4 years... and I dont see anything changing in Next 4 Years...

Only way you can do this, is sleep and Dream about it  :P

When i wanted to do this, I was younger and was willing to chase after Impossible dreams... now 4 years later im Older & Wiser and go after Realistic Goals...  :D

Its not really possible from here. Only thing which can be possible is to go Dubai or Oman ship car to karachi. Safest and possible way.

I have searched alot. only this way you can go.

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