Can my wife work in Jubail?

My company, a petrochemical company, wants to transfer me to Jubail. I talked to my company and they are willing to hire my wife and transfer her to Saudi too.

Our consultant in Saudi said "With regards to your questions, I am sorry to inform you that Ministry of labor office didn’t give work visa for Female who will work in any Petrochemicals or Industrial Area. Some company is able to give a work visa like in hospitals and schools."

Is this possible? Can female employee obtain work visa in Saudi?

Yes, females have selected options for work visa's.

but in your case, if she came on a family visa as your wife, she could after that join you in your company as an employee and even transfer from your Iqama to your company. the important part is to get into the country. it's kind of a legal loop hole.



if its Jubail though, MisterStrech might know better.

^ True.

Much better for you if she comes in with you on your Iqama, then seeks her own employment.

Now, a word to the wise...I believe what they say about no females in Petrochemical or Industrial Area employment.

If she is a nurse or teacher, then the areas mentioned would be the employment possibilities she has.

Weigh that one carefully.  She may never find work, though you have some.

Good luck.

So... my company cannot transfer a female worker from US/Canada to Saudi but they can hire expat's family members in Saudi?

Like I said, my company is willing to hire her - she's an accountant. So employment is not a problem. Is there special restriction on Petrochemical company or Jubail Industrial Area?

Is there any document that I can read? The thing is that I do not want to go through all the trouble and move to Saudi, then only find out she cannot work. She makes a good salary here in USA.

there are no female workers in petrochemical industry here, females work only in hospitals and schools, as suggested by others, you should accept offer on family status so that she can join you after your probation period is over, and then you together can find a job for her in schools or hospitals, she can work as accountant in girls only schools..

Not sure about that "female worker at industrial area etc." because my company is planning to hire female workers in our facility in Jubail industrial area. The building even have half of space dedicated to female workers and the hiring is already in progress for customer service, accounting, receptionist etc.

valor123 :

females work only in hospitals and schools, as suggested by others,

Not true, valor.  There are some that work in businesses that cater to females only, or have a female-only section of their business like a bank.

valor123 :

she can work as accountant in girls only schools..

Don't think that's true, either.  I know of a Korean woman (married to an American) who is working as an engineer.

I also know of other women working in banks, salons, etc.  If the company is willing to hire her and can arrange the proper sounds good for her.

I do agree with you that bringing her on a family visa (your Iqama) is the wisest thing, initially.

my second wife name in not on my passport. will it create any problem to bring my wife to KSA

yes female can as per my information. like pharmaceutical company.. as thre r many females work in jeddah jumjum phrma.. yes medical and teaching jobs are commen for females in saudi.. but yes in sabic 1 affiliate in HADEED PLANT I Heard females work. as engineers also from USA,, inside industail area i never saw myself,, but i heard it from friends as i am also workimg in 1 affiliate. but in Saudi Aramco in dehran dammam even saudi females also work,, since few years,, back. hope i try to answer your Question

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So women can only work as teachers or nurses, is this correct? How can I get a job as a teacher, volunteer or paid position? Thanks

@Mon Yasmin: Read what MisterStretch had written, there are other options, but that depends on the company and what they are willing to do.

but for teaching positions, Come here, apply for it and then if all goes well, you get it. :)


Plenty of ex pat women working in various positions in Aramco, women even drive within the compound!!

I have recently moved from india to jubail. i am a software engineer working as SAP HCM consultant. is it possible to get a job in sap hcm field here. are women allowed to work.

if not sap, then any junior level job is okay. what are the choices.

pls help

i am looking for job desperately.



Hi chinabee!

Is your company still hiring female employees as of the moment? Thanks!

Cuna :

Hi chinabee!

Is your company still hiring female employees as of the moment? Thanks!

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