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Hi Horst... Any luck with paragliding in KSA? I know of Abha. I am in Jeddah and would love to fly my gliders as well in KSA. I am from Canada. Taif has a beautiful take-offs point, but although I was very tempted, I am uncertain whether if we are allowed to take-offs from there.
My mobile is ***. It would be amazing to connect with another flier here.

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There is take off point for Paragliding Planes in front of Red Sea Mall. you can rent a plane on hourly basis from there.
This is open only on weekends i think so if you want you can check out today !

I paraglide off mountains. What they have accross from Red See Mall is something called paramotoring. I need a mountain with high enough elevation so I can take off and fly!

I learned to paraglide opposite the Red Sea Mall, but they were towed launches. We also launched from the desert south of the Jeddah-Makkah road, but these were hills not mountains. Go talk to the Saudi Aviation Club people opposite red sea, join the club, get some paperwork and then enjoy yourself.

This is Murad from Jeddah
you can find it in Jeddah, King road near to Red Sea mall at opposite side

in jeddah there is club at the front red sea mall .
we have group for kitesurfing in jeddah if anyone interested to join us .

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