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I just wanted to share that we recently used an online pharmacy to get a generic prescription medication that was not available here in Malta, and the brand-name version was too expensive. The experience was phenomenal. We were anxious as there are obviously a lot of scammers out there and then we weren't sure if Malta customs would let it in or of there would be any tax/duty to pay making it not worthwhile, but as it turned out the Online Pharmacy we used required a prescription and contacted our Doctor to verify (so they are above board and ethical etc) and then dispatched the medication on Friday and it arrived on Saturday! Even though the Online Pharmacy was somewhere outside the EU, the medication came from Frankfurt and so was quick and did not get hung up in customs, so nothing extra to pay and no delay. We are very happy with the experience.

I'm not sure if I can post a link to the company on this board. If Ricky or the admins tell me I can, then I will...if not I will happily share the name via PM.


please use the PM system ;)

Hi Tim ,

It's interesting for me too !Please send me the link . How do you send the original prescription or do you just say you have one and give your  GP's contact details ?


Hi Ricky,

I'll send you the details by email/PM.

They accept a fax or scanned-in and then emailed. In our case they wanted to follow-up with the Dr, so we gave them her email address - not sure if that's standard or if something wasn't clear on the scanned in know what Dr's writing is like!


Good to hear that is an option.

yes i would be interested too

PMs sent to biddy and toonarmy on this.

I can't guarantee you'll have the same good experiences we did, but I have no reason to think you won't. They DO require a valid prescription sent to them and confirmation from your Dr., as they are a legitimate operation and not some dodgy business as far as I can tell.


Hammersfan - I think I can give you more than one reason to think that the "good experience" can't be guaranteed - first and foremost the huge price differences between online pharmacies and local pharmacies reflect standards that must be observed by all the companies in the distribution chain. In the case of online pharmacies, the buyer takes full responsibility of the outcome of treatment, whereas when you buy from a local pharmacy, the pharmacist, wholesale dealer/importer who supplied the pharmacy and manufacturing company who supplied the wholesale dealer have systems in place which guarantee that you, as a patient, will get the best out of your treatment. Amongst others, these include constant temperature monitoring of stock, checks of licences of medicines and suppliers (to ensure you are not using counterfeit drugs) and many others - systems which obviously cost alot of money to maintain. If you're happy to buy a medicine which might either contain no drug, more or less drug than indicated on the label, or even worse, another drug instead of that indicated on the label - than I agree you should go for the online cheap medicine stuff as you did - possibly risking your own health/life! :D

Sounds too legit for me...   The pharmacy by my house I just ask for something and they hand it to me :)   God bless malta.

Though I am amazed there is something online in malta...  it's a big step forward.  :)

( no I will not PM anyone info on my pharmacy )


You make some good points. I agree 100% with you that the potential buyer should do their own research before making any buying decisions after weighing up any cost/benefits and risks - not just for medicine but for anything (that inexpensive electric cord could electrocute you, after all).

In the case of the online pharmacy I used, my research gave me a level of satisfaction that the medicines would be safe and effective that I found comfortable. The online pharmacy are themselves a CIPA licensed Canadian Pharmacy and are approved by

Of course, as the below news report highlights, there are NO GUARANTEES even when buying from your local pharmacy as the drug manufacturing and distribution process isn't reliable and safe as you seem to make out. … tive-meds/

Also, I worked for nearly 20 years in the Medical Device industry in the USA. Our products had rigourous trials to go through before approval by the FDA. Even after this, some of our products killed or harmed the patients they were supposed to be helping...again there are NO GUARANTEES.

But yes, I think we both agree that one should do one's own research before buying medicines online. and ultimately it is caveat emptor.


Guzeppi - I presume you own or work in a pharmacy

I dont know what you all use, but when I was in Iraq/afghanistan we used all the time.  It was the only way to get some items the US or British military couldnt or wouldnt supply to us.

things got to us quickly, though I am not sure how they verified anything....   


( if mod's want to kill this cuz I added the link...  sorry just trying to help )

Hey Chad - that's interesting. have a lot of products I wouldn't mind buying from them, but when I try and checkout they say "The product is restricted due to destination country import restrictions." and it's nothing too controversial...Wheat Thins/ Fish Oil, so maybe they don't ship to Malta?


hmmmmmmm I just emailed them, Ill post the reply as soon as  it comes in.


Cheers Chad.


Short version they will not deliver to malta, Long version below.

We're sorry, but we are unable to process your prescription at this time. The™ pharmacy and our fulfillment partner, BioScrip Pharmacy Services, Inc. are only licensed to fill prescriptions written in the United States and its territories. The prescribing physician must be licensed in a U.S. state or territory, and with the exception of APO/ FPO/ DPO military addresses, prescriptions can only be shipped within the U.S. or to U.S. territories.

I am the Responsible Pharmacist (RP) of one of the major drug distributors in Malta - and my job is to check that medicines in the official distribution chain are of guaranteed quality, safety and efficacy.... though it would take another 4 or 5 pages to describe all the activities which we carry out (pharmacovigilance, quality assurance, Good distribution practices, training and so on). EU GDP requirements are becoming more stringent every year, and even though no-one can and will ever give any guarantees as Hammersfan rightly said, contrary to online suppliers the percentage guarantees of official supply chains are continually improving. I have nothing against online pharmacies - in Malta they're still not available though any Maltese can buy from an online pharmacy abroad... as was the case with Hammersfan. Infact, once online pharmacies are regulated (locally), i think they are much more convenient than other local established pharmacies.... one wonders whether the expenses they will incur to bring themselves in line with legislation will be reflected in the prices of the medicines they supply - in which case the major advantage described above would be lost anyway!

Thanks Chad - too bad though, it's nice to have choices.

Also to get back to my original post about the online pharamcy I used - regardless of the very important issue of how safe etc. the medication is, I was really reporting that:
a) I had found an online pharmacy that shipped to Malta; and
b) it was not a financial scam (which was one of our big worries at the time).


Guzeppi :

once online pharmacies are regulated (locally)

by locally, do you mean in Malta ?

Yes George - it is illegal to host an online pharmacy in Malta until now, but within 5 years or less they should be launched.

Does anyone still have the details of this pharmacy and can you please PM it to me, thanks

Hi Eaqle,

PM sent to you with details.


hey hammersfan please PM me the pharmacy and your e-mail address please

Hi Tim,

I need the details of the pharmacy.
Could you please send me a PM?

Many thanks for your help.

All the best,
Valentina :)

PM Sent.

vale.86 :

Hi Tim,

I need the details of the pharmacy.
Could you please send me a PM?

Many thanks for your help.

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Valentina :)

Hello Tim,

I would be very pleased if you were so kind as to PM me the details of the pharmacy.
Many thanks in advance.

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Hi darmatian > just to inform you that this is an old topic since 2012.

PM sent

I'm also interested to have the link to this online pharmacy. Thanks in advance.


As my information is a few years old now (I left Malta in 2011) I will post the URL of the online pharmacy we used but all I can say now is that when we used it in 2010/11 it was reliable and legitimate, but other than checking that the website is still working (it is) I cannot say anything about the last 3+ years as I simply haven't had to use it. Good luck.

Please send me the info!!! I need to get meds for my kids :)

Rusianne :

Please send me the info!!! I need to get meds for my kids :)

As above

It's mid-2017 and online pharmacies are still unavailable in Malta  :/

Aldo_In_Malta :

It's mid-2017 and online pharmacies are still unavailable in Malta  :/

We use Chemist Direct and have not had any problems.

Good Day,
My husband (UK) & I (USA) are planning to move to Gozo next September under the OR program. I understand that we will need private health insurance.
I am a type 2 diabetic - will this be considered a pre-existing condition? How does this affect my private insurance?  I am currently on medications of metformin & trulicity (expensive in the states) how would I continue to get this?
Any help appreciated...thanks in advance.

i use chemist direct from UK and don't have problem at all, i need something specific for my son and never have issue;s with delivery

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