Data Analyst with advance excel, macro / vba, seeking job in Malaysia.

I am a Data Analyst 10+ years experience, currently in Bangalore looking for job opportunity in Malaysia.  I am expert in advance excel, macro / vba. Could you please guide me to get a job in Malaysia? Which is the best job site? I am also planning to come on visit and do the job search. Kindly help me on this.


Companies that are looking for foreigner labour hire directly from India. So look first around the resources available in your own country. It is rare to be hired off the street in Malaysia - so doing some research will save you time, money and frustration. You could contact some of the  people on the forum who are asking more help about the level of their financial packages and get in touch with them direct, to see how they were hired.  One note of warning, there are lots of job scams unfortunately, so keep a special eye open for unsolicited approaches and superficial interviewing with a quick job offer to follow.  Good Luck.

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