Arabic and/or Quranic classes in Buraydah

Salem Alikoum,

Moving to Buraydah soon and will be looking to take Arabic and Quranic classes if possible.  If anyone has any references or advice it is appreciated in advance.  Thanks.


Hello Salem,

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I suggest you to have a look to the Language classes in Riyadh section please, it might help. Also feel free to post your demand for Arabic and/or Quranic classes there. :)

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If you live on the La Palma compound, you will have numerous people to assist you in this matter.

If in Riyadh there are some people have meeting every week or month to read quran I would like to be on this group

you will find Qur'an lessons  that in mosques for differnts time such as after Fajer or after Asser prayer  , that name (halaqa )
but for Arabic lessons it's difficult

thanks rowdy

cool, thanks,

once i get a little more acclimated and mobile ill get there inshalla


I will be looking for Arabic/Quran classes in Buraidah - I am a woman and will be living in the LaPalma compound - could someone please recommend and also tell me what life is like as i will be moving out there in August! I am English Muslim and have been told that the compound does not allow the wearing of Abayah? However, i wear long loose attire in England anyway so i just need this clarified?

Thank you,
Jazak/Allahu khayr

Assalamoalakum sister muslimah,

I can not believe there will be any place in KSA where wearing of Abaya will be disallowed including any compound (except probably  in a ladies swimming pool :proud ) . In KSA wearing an abaya will never be a problem, not wearing one could be.

Let us come to the learning arabic part: As a muslimah I am sure you could read the Quran, as an arabic student and then a teacher myself, I realized that understanding  Quranic arabic is a life long persuit, KSA is an ideal place where you will have the time, opportunity, motivation and the environment to learn arabic.

I suggest you start with madinah arabic course on the net ( I will send you the link).

Walaikumsalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu - Jazāk Allāhu Khayran for your reply.

I've been told that inside the college and compound abayah is not allowed in LaPalma for security purposes and I should wear western dress ya'ani maxi dress skirt etc and not all black - I'm confused as I also wear niqaab and the compounds are mixed and they said we can't wear our abayah so I'm assuming that means no niqaab? Am worried as I do not want to compromise my Islam and what's important to me! Yes I am western and a Brit but I am Muslim and Islam has becomes very important to me Al-ḥamdu lillāh - Khayr duas needed - if anyone has anymore into on this in relation to Buraidah I would appreciate it.

I can read Arabic Al-ḥamdu lillāh but my understanding of the language and the speaking is not there therefore need a good Muslim woman in Buraidah who can insh teach me ? Also when it is salaah time is the athaan also said in the compounds ? I am very skeptical now and just want clarifications ! It's ironic considering it's a Muslim country and I'm having to worry about practicing ! Subhanallah

Thank you for your reply

Sister Muslimah,

I appreciate and respect your beliefs. Hijab is a sensitive and controversial subject, this is probably not the appropriate forum for it, ladies in my family also began covering their faces once. When we spoke to some ulima علماء we found out that Allah has ordered "when you go out cover your self so that you could be recognized" . ( I will post you the arabic link in your mail). Being recognized has two meanings, a) who you are b) That you are a lady of respect and dignity.

There are other verses meaning " Do not make the life difficult for yourself".

Let us come to the second issue اذان . the area where I live in,  we can not hear it either, if you do, it is a blessing of Allah I do not feel it is very important.

Thirdly, learning arabic. You missed the whole point I tried to narrate in my last blog, that  you need to formulate your own pace and your own level of the course, which alhamdolillah is very easy because of internet. You will of course find female friends who will help you improve your pronunciation (تجويد ), and discuss grammatical confusion.  Remember not every body who speaks arabic is a good arabic teacher.

I pray Allah makes your life easier!

Jazāk Allāhu Khayran

Any links will be appreciated - and Al-ḥamdu lillāh Islam is simple and the prophet Peace be upon him always chose the easier option as lond as there was no sin - it's just a personal choice I understand the Islamic fiqh on it Al-ḥamdu lillāh - thank you so much for your help May God bless you and your family in both dunyā and akhira ameen.

السلام و عليكم      Sister Muslimah,

I have a lot of material on the subject of  Hijab, Pardah, Niqab .

Could you kindly post a separate blog by the name " Is a Muslim lady supposed to cover her face in Islam?"

I am sure a lot of confused women will benefit from this. They other expats will also know how the strict and "not so strict" schools of thought have to say on this issue.

Hello everybody,

We are going more and more off topic here. Do note that the initial subject is Arabic and/or Quranic classes in Buraydah.

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Assalamu aleykum
I'm also a new sister to buraidah. I realise this topic is old, just wondering if you'd found a place? I'm not living in a compound and havent found someone who knows anywhere yet.

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