Looking for a Hindi language teacher.

I'm interested in learning Hindi, is there anyone with teaching qualification to teach spoken Hindi? Contact me at ste_danie84[at]

Hello stells,

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Can you please post your request in the Language classes in Kuala Lumpur section please? It might help :)

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hello mem/sir,
i m working here in malaysia n i m want part time if u want i teech u hindi i m availabel here.



contact details

Hi Setlla,

I am Sweta, I am indian and native speaker of Hindi. I am qualified Hindi teacher with Teaching experience in India. I can help you out. If you still looking for teach pls revert to me on my email.


It is good to see people who treasure and keep their dialect. There is a big community of indian immigrants in UK, many are in IT jobs. I notice none of them that I know teaches their kids Hindi, all speak English at home.

Hi sweta,

I would like to learn hindi. How can i contact u?


Hi I'm Lenisha and I'm interested to learn Hindi. Please contact me via my email. Thank you.

Hi I am looking for a Hindi teacher for my children who are age 7 and 12. Please contact me  if you are interested. Thanks

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Hello Radhika08

I invite you to drop an advert in the Language Classes in Kuala Lumpur for better feedback.

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I can teach spoken Urdu which is even better.I am an English teacher by trade but can teach Urdu too.

This is fahad and i m a pakistani but living and working selangor malaysia.
i can teach how to read,write and speak hindi and punjabi language.
if any body want tutor or teacher for these language plz contact me

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Hi There,

    My wife teaches Hindi and other subjects. If interested please let know.


Hi everyone,

This topic is quite old (2014) and is also outdated.

If you wish to give language courses, please post in the Language classes in Kuala Lumpur section. It is more appropriate.

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