An overlooked place.  I am orginally from Manitoba, and am willing to answer any and all questions about Manitoba!

Hello Ceylon,

First of all, thank you for your initiative.

I will open the door and ask few questions:

When we hear Manitoba we think about Winnipeg (its capital), so what are the others most known cities in Manitoba?

What are kind of the most offered job in Manitoba?

Where most of the expat are living?

thank you

Winnipeg is the Capital of Manitoba.  The other "bigger" cities (they are not all that big, all have under 50,000 people) are Brandon, Portage la Prairie and Thompson.  There are lots of smaller cities and towns in these areas.  Medical professionals seem to be in high demand, especially if you are willing to work in the northern part of the province.

Thank you,

And : Where most of the expat are living?

There are large ex pat communities in Winnipeg amd Brandon, and to a smaller extent, Thompson.

Thats' sounds great !

So tell us a little bit about their daily life.

How they spend their time? do they had hard time to find a job or is it quite easy?

How they feel living their?

things like that you know ??

Thanks again

Jobs really depend on what they are willing to do.  Thompson has a mine, and Brandon has a meat packing plant.  If you are willing to work for either company, the job search can be quite easy.  I am not sure how much either company helps with the immigration process, so it might be easier to already be eligible to work in Canada.  I do know that the meat packing plant in Brandon has a lot of workers from Central America and China working there.  I don't know how much this site likes links, but check out

Hi Ceylon,

Isn't Manitoba one of the coldest places during winter?

How's the opportunity for a person who's experience in banks to apply a job there? Is it pretty popular?

Thanks in advance, you're so cool :)

Btw, I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia

I want to come to canada under manitoba provincial nominee programmes. how can you help me. my name is babalola oluseye, a nigerian. i am a degree holder who is currently working in a college of education in nigeria as an auditor/due process officer. get back ASAP. thanks

Hi Ceylon,

Can you, tell me more about the standard of living in Manitoba?

Is it more expensive to live there if you will compare it with other Canadian cities?

I am R.N here in the Philippines,and i already started my visa application,and Manitoba  is one of my top 3 choices to settle with.

The following information was taken from … rview.html

The secret of Manitoba’s low business costs is a cost of living that allows Manitobans to live better for less.  Living costs here are some of the most affordable in Canada, with house prices, auto insurance, electricity, university or college tuition and more all available at some of the lowest costs in Canada.  High quality public health care is available free to residents.

In fact, after paying the basic personal costs of taxes, housing, child care, auto insurance and utilities, a family of five earning $75,000 per year is left with over $25,000 per year more in Manitoba, than the same family in Ontario.

Those benefits are felt just as strongly at higher income levels in a province that boasts some of the least expensive executive homes, vacation homes and green fees at tournament-quality golf courses.

Thanks to all of you here, especially Ceylon - alot of good info here. We're an African/Indian couple, 24 and 26 and are planning to move to Winnipeg.
   How are the job opportunities there, for a copy editor and network(IT) administrator? I have checked a few sites but still looking for more information. We've considered the nominee program but it'll take a while.

  And another thing I wanted to know, If i get there first-will it be easier for me to get my spouse to live and work there, after I have the permanent residency or do I have to wait till after getting citizenship?

Many thanks,
Muammed B.

Hi Ceylon,
My heart reaches out to the province of Manitoba ( Winnipeg) especially due to its low cost of living and low unemployment rate. My name is Ravikumar kammampati from India ( Chennai city) . I am 45 yrs old. My wife is also 45 yrs old. My son is studying in XIth std ( 16 yrs old) My daughter is 9 yrs old. Our immigration papers are through and we are supposed to reach Canada before the date of expiry of visa on 30.08.2011. I am searching for the job of Food Service Manager or supervisor and my wife is searching for the job of payroll clerk or personnel clerk based on our qualifications and experience.
(1) What are our chances of getting a Job in winnipeg ( Manitoba)?
(2) Is it a right our part to choose the province of manitoba or any other province would be better ?
Please advise
Ravi kammampati

What are the chances

Im a RN from the Philippines. Looking into working and migrating to Canada but I dont know where to start and which province to move to, but Manaitoba is in the list. Id like to really make sure there will be jobs available for nurses before i take the plunge and work on my visa and nursing registration. Are there jobs for nurses in Manitoba?

Hi Ceylon,

Hope you are doing great. This is Usman. I am new to this forum. Let me explain a few things about me. I am selected under the MPNP "Skilled Worker Stream" to work as a "Financial Analyst". My last step of medical is complete and I am just waiting for the PR Visa to Canada. My sister sponsored me who is a Canadian Citizen living in Steinbach, Manitoba. (it is 30 min drive from Winnipeg).

I did my Masters in Finance from USA and so the type of job I am looking for is something which relates to finance in Banks, insurance industry orsome other company. I do not have any work experience and I just did few internships before but I have a Finance degree from US. Now do you think that I will be able to find a Finance related job. I have been searching for jobs but they are not many and I never received any reply from those I applied. I was looking for jobs in, etc..

I am really worried about the fact as to what I will be doing once I am here in Manitoba. Can you suggest me which city I should plan to move in Manitoba which is may be a Finance hub! and what networking is important for that matter.

Let me know please.


Ceylon :

An overlooked place.  I am orginally from Manitoba, and am willing to answer any and all questions about Manitoba!

what is the most nationality has satlled in winnpeg?


I want to know that, One person living in Manitoba as PR more than 1yr can show his support [2 family Support category Visa] at a same time.

He has already sponsor his nephew & now he wants to support me as family friend but asked me to wait until his nephew gets the visa.

Is it true or not?

Please answer me as soon as possible.

Samir & Himani

Hi Ceylon,

Thanks so very much for such wonderful and interesting postings about our homeland.... miss it very much after eleven years here in Brazil. Keep up the good work! You and a few others will have me keeping a much closer eye on things in the Canada Forum.... very interesting indeed.

However, will never forgive Manitoba for the day I froze my nackers off at the corner of Portage and Main at MINUS 40° C in a roaring blizzard. hahahahaha. Just kidding! I was there because I wanted to see if I could handle it. COULDN'T.... obviously, that's why I'm here in the tropics now.

Warmest regards,
William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

Hi, am a Nigerian too. Have you relocated to Manitoba yet?

Hello. Are u in manitoba yet?


Im going Canada 'winnipeg' few month later..

cold you give me sum info?


Hi ceylon,
I would be coming to Winnipeg as immigrant soon and would like to know which part of the city is considered best for family living. Moreover, i am a technologist and what are the possible job opportunities. I would be grateful to your reply.



can u give me info about bloodvein rive ?



God day!

I want to ask something, my common-law partner has a brother living in Manitoba Canada and he wants to sponsor my common-law partner, can i come with my boyfriend as an immigrant?

Thank you,

How are you? I hope you and your family are well with the grace of God.
My wife and I are currently applying for FSW Immigration in Canada. She is a nurse by profession that is why we decided to apply for immigration in Canada. She took the ACADEMIC IELTS and scored 6 in all areas (listening, speaking, writing and reading) but Immigration Canada would not accept it as proof of language proficiency. Hence, she was advised to take the GENERAL IELTS but unfortunately she has a 5.5 score for Reading Test which doesnt qualify her for the FSW category. Our Canadian Consultancy Firm gave us another option and that is if we have friends in Manitoba, then we can come to Canada. We have known a lot of family friends and distant relative but they are living from different parts in Canada.
This is to let you know that we really need someone in Manitoba who can be our friends and would gladly receive us when we arrive in Canada. I know that God uses people as instruments to help others who need help and make their lives better. I do believe that there are a lot of jobs there where we can easily find after we arrive.
We do have a 7 month old son and we want to give him a better future just as what any parents would do for their children. Rest assured, we can easily find jobs and become economically established because we are hard-working, experienced and not lazy individuals.
We would like to ask for your favor if you can grant the desires of our heart to come to Canada and realize our dreams and help our families back here in the Philippines.
We hope to hear from you.
Thank you so much in advance.

Mr. and Mrs. Japhet Torredes

good morning all. am from nigerian and am trying to migrate to manitoba. pls can anyone help me with a link. as i dt have someone there who will endorse my settlement plan. so can anyone help me

hi, i am a registered nurse, female, 28 years old. Anyone of u here from winnipeg? i am searching for a female filipino roommate to share with the rentals. Thanks

I will like to come to Manitoba,how may u help nominate me?

Hello Ceylon;
I am so glad you can help out with some answers.
I am childcare worker,I would like to work in Morden,Manitoba but when I made inquiries on how to apply for the MPNP through an immigration agent,I was told that I would have to a get job offer before I could be represented.
Most the of job searches don't have offer for international applicants.
Please help me out.


I am willing to move to Winnipeg - Manitoba with my family.But i only need someone living there to just send me an invitation letter and settlement plan 2. and i am ready for any costs.

Appreciate your kind assistant.

Thanks & Best Regards.

Hello Dear,

Could you please explain briefly the procedure how to immigrate to Manitoba?

Thank you all

Hi Chawki,

this thread is a relatively old one, i suggest you create a new detailed topic on the Winnipeg forum so that you may get some responses. Furthermore, make sure to read the Living in Canada guide to gather as much information possible about the formalities.

All the best,

Hi Ceylon,

Absolutely great idea to help immigrants like us with more information about the place We are going to live in.

Truly thanks for your messages! Btw, Is there any documents about Winnipeg, MN for us to refer about all fields of MN? It would be so helpful that documents is as updated as possible.

Merry Christmas 2016 every one!

Hi Ceylon, my name is Connie and I'm currently based in Saudi Arabia. My foster parent is from Brandon and I've been planning to visit her to meet up in person but I don't want to have her doing a lot of efforts as she is not that young anymore.

Could you please guide me what steps should I take and what are the requirements if I want to avail of a tourist visa in Canada?

Appreciate your positive response. Thank you and you have a good day!

Hello Ceylon, I need some clarifications, My daughter just hot admitted into University of Manitoba, Does she have to pay full tuition before she applies for Study Visa.

Hi james
Its good to see that we hav an experienced gentleman here on the forum.

I am Indian working in United arab Emirates as a sales officer in banking and financial industry.
I need your assistance on getting a job offer from an employer in manitoba. Also want you to kindly refer me some of your references there in manitoba to assist me to get in manitoba as a immigrat.

I hope you will provide me proper guidance and your kind support.
Thanking you

Abu dhabi

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