can he still be married

Is that real?!!

I had to write on this blog simply because.....

Back in March I  met and fell in love with an Egyptian man...It was very unexpected.
He was perfect, a gentlemen, handsome, sweet, deep in thought, intelligent. Soul-mates as he called it.
He was visiting and I met him a week before he was leaving for work again over sees. It was like a movie.
Long story short... we kept in touch for 4 months and he said the most wonderful things to me...
We said we would remain "friends" because we didn't know what the future held being
his work situation and not living in the States.... But I knew our connection was more.
It was pretty magical....
UNTIL.. a few weeks ago, I got a message from his WIFE!!!!
Apparently she looked through his phone and found a prior conversation of ours and reached out to me.
She was actually very nice and we talked for a bit. I was very honest with her because
we both didn't know we existed and we both felt bad for each other. I had asked him so many times
if he was married and he always said no, or he WAS married. Now, because I am an understanding person
I was like ok... maybe we really did have a connection, and he didn't know what to do about it because
maybe his life situation in Egypt wasn't the greatest, or maybe he was in a minor mid life crisis- confused
about what to do with a woman he has known for 12 years, versus meeting someone like me who was different.
I was trying to show compassion because we really don't know where people's mind states are.
What is real and what is not...
In any case... what bothered me the most was- after his wife and I spoke.. she told him about our conversation
and he told her I was a liar. She said she knows HE is lying because she can tell by the content of our conversation that we couldn't be just friends like he stated. She even knew by the things I said he said to me, she said he would say the same things to her. If anything I feel bad for her....I feel so stupid- I am not delusional, I know what happened between us and over 150 emails of content I can't make up. It was pretty surreal. Regardless if we had a connection I could never trust him so regardless I have to move on.. It just hurts.  A small part of me wishes he would just write to apologize and say something.. anything... so I can feel some kind of closure. I guess I wonder if it was real... or if he was just a really clever guy. I guess I will never know. Oh well... I would still love to visit Egypt though and know not to judge all people based on that one experience. However, when I told my friends that I was seeing him... they ALL warned me and told me that Egyptian men are liars and con artists. But I will keep good faith for all people, as I am intelligent to know there are good and bad people all over the world...


Hello    I feel so sorry for you: your distress is obvious. I am going through similar distress with my Egyptian 'husband' (we only had orfi 'marriage of convenience' in a lawyers office in Luxor, not a legal marriage in Cairo). Something sounds not right with what your husband says and does.  Our friend spiritstallion who messaged you is right: find a cheap but good lawyer to give you advice. I don't know if it helps, but you can phone an Egyptian lawyer who speaks English via the British Embassy in Cairo website. The link is … of-lawyers    Look for one who specialises in family law: I phoned one of the lawyers on the list myself and he was very helpful.
I wish you much luck.
Take care


Hello. It is very odd that he said he did not have his ID with him. I think that every Egyptian man always carries his ID in Egypt in case he is stopped by the police for any reason. Surely he would be unlikely to leave it behind when coming to the UK?!!??


Hi Corina.  Our sister Karnak is right. Go out there, confront the wife and tell her who you are. You will of course need to take a friend who speaks fluent Arabic (maybe someone from this site who lives in Egypt). As you will already know, a lot of misunderstandings can occur if there is a language barrier. 
Good luck Corina; I really hope you can sort this situation out and be happy again.

This is a very good suggestion

I'm not surprised by this story at all. welcome to the world of "Egyptian men". dump him like the piece of trash that he is. he's a liar, he's probably still married to her Islamically and that's why it was legal for him to marry you. No honest woman would sit in front her ex-husband with her nighty. No respectable man would allow himself to sit in a room with his ex-wife dressed in her nighty. He's most likely using you for the British Citizenship. Dump him as soon as possible. This has "trouble" written all over it. By the way, this is VERY typical of Egyptian men. it's like they use the same handbook.

These stories are heartbreaking, to all Egyptian men: how dare you destroy women lives for your own interest.. we foreign women are human beings and our lives and time are at stake.. you selfish pigs!! And to Egyptian women sending your pig husbands to get legal immigration status.. you're no better than a pimp.. you're pimping your husbands for a "better life".. you're disgusting

If you really fear God stay away from using foreign women for your own interest and convenience.. God will judge for it

I'm married to a divorced Egyptian man with a son.. everything seems real but something keeps not clicking the more I think about it.. when I first met him it seemed like he was still talking to his exwife.. the night gown incident seems familiar to me as I once came home and found him talking to her on Skype and she had a sexy night gown on.. I used to notice a lot of text messages coming in and asked him about it.. he said it was his mother but I didn't buy his lie so I had someone translate the messages for me and my suspicion was confirmed.. lots of text messages from his ex.. they seemed like love messages.. one message he told her he loved her and his son.. time passed and he told me that he love me and we got married.. it's been five years and have taken two trips to Egypt to meet his family.. everything seems fine but I always ask myself how could he have been divorced but still romantically talking to her then shift and say he love me.. I used to argue with him and tried to detach from him but he always followed me.. last year we traveled to Egypt and vacationed in Luxor.. he excused himself and went to drink his tea on the roof.. I quietly went up there and found him talking to her.. he said he was talking about his son.. he got his green card and is now rushing to get his citizenship.. he had a quarrel with a former close friend of his and that former friend sent me a message warning me that he would divorce me after the American citizenship and that the divorce document he presented was fake and that the real one was two years later.. I thought he just told me this because they had quarreled but I'm so confused.. I have given six years of my life to this man.. work so hard to maintain a living with him..

The wife is probably fully aware.. they all are.. they don't mind to send their husbands to prostitute themselves to get the documents.. and then they think the husband is gonna bring them to the new country.. pieces of trash

Egyptian men.. be careful to mess with Hispanic woman.. we don't play around.. when a man do us wrong things can get very ugly for the man.. and the wife in Egypt.. we can make your life hell

I dont know what to say . but you need to be strong to face this person. we all human beings hate anybody useing us. i feel your heart is in a deep broken so Iam supporting you from all of my heart.
Takecare dear

Dear..I am so touched by your story..that I registered to reply.

Let me clarify some points.
1- He can return to his wife as you can divorce and return back for 3 times but after the third they can't ..unless a big scenario of marrying another man*real marriage* then divorced then they return back....*Only 1 kind of divorce is with no return and I dont believe this is the case...he is keeping his family*

2-If she was pregnant when he divorced her and get back to know that after marrying you...I think the divorce is not considered because he was notified of the child and he can withdraw after acknowledgment.

3-No lady stays with a man in night clothes..It is so obvious they have a wife_husband relationship...

She got him back once you got married because she was pregnant and maybe she did not believe he will really go for you...but apparently they are having their marriage back as a family.

4-He will never tell you the truth .he is happy having 2 women life and a family and he is positive you will never know the truth in his homecountry..moreover this laptop mistake was a gift from Allah to know the truth and where you stand...maybe he left it bec he dont want his wife to see his relation with you but he was shocked that you explore his laptop..while he was totally happy for years keeping both of you and knowing you believe that you are only his queen.

Finally...he can be married to her ...and having a wife_husband relation borned baby...night each 5 months...

Take care of yourself..Think wise...and partial truth is shown can reveal it all..and decide what you really want .

Lies don't live forever....I am really sorry for your broken heart and living in a lie..

Wish you know the proper information from lawyer,embassy,court,religion man...and your life to be lightened with truth....You deserve that..You took him divorced and for you only.


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