Looking for Electronic parts store in Riyadh

Hi everyone.
I have been here since march, but I still can not find some things in city. I am looking for a non-wholesale shop selling electronic parts and components.

Namely: Resistors, LED-s, connectors, Breadboards, Breadboard cables, Potmeters, switches.
I need them for my hobby: ARDUINO. Sure, I can just have them shipped in, but it takes a lot of time, and if it is available locally I would rather not.

Shop names will not help me, I also need GPS locations.


I know one shop called Mejdaf,

Mejdaf is the sorriest excuse for an electronic parts shop that I have ever seen. That is, is you are talking about their main office on King Fahad road. They only keep a handful dozen types of connectors and less than half a dozen types of switches. And no electronic components at all.

Unfortunately this is the only major shop that I know here, actually they don't care about these parts because it's "consumer culture" here, if you have a problem without guarantee then drop your device in garbage and purchase new, the maintenance will cost you a lot of time and money with low quality.

abarghouti :

the maintenance will cost you a lot of time and money with low quality.

That's a nice joke. I can not buy new, as I am trying to make the prototype for something, that would retail for around somewhere between 1200-1800 US dollars. That is, if someone actually made it...

But it would be nice if I did not have to order every part I will use on my bredboards shipped in directly from China or Taiwan using eBay...

Hey Tolmik,

I have just arrived and would like the same. Did you find anything?

have to try with Al mijdaf probably u find ur purposes there

Thankyou for the reply. I will check them out this weekend.

Electronic components distributor, offer all parts for your need.

Mejdaf is best.

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