How safe is it to work in Kurdistan Iraq

Just wondering how safe it is to work in Kurdistan Iraq ?

totally safe.

You wont find a place that safer. The security is very high. I can even leave the house without locking the door. Try searching for a house in a compound.

For man as above, it's safe. I'm here one year and it was ok. But for women it's different. I wouldn't recommend taking taxi alone. Walking on the street with my wife always bring attention, almost every guy stares and when she's alone they throw sometimes inappropriate comment. No offence to normal people, but it is middle east and respect for women is still a new thing. Just few weeks ago 16yo Syrian girl was raped by 6 men. Good thing they caught them all.

But as I said, from professional point of view it's safe. On business meetings my wife has no problems when she's alone. We can go together to the park and have a picnic.

If you want to check latest news about Erbil and Kurdistan google Rudaw website, that's local news website.

Very safe

I felt very safe.  I live in the States and felt safer in Kurdistan than I did in many US cities.  The people are beautiful and nice.

100% safe

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