Internt for VPN access & VOIP Telephone usage

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I hope people coud share their experiences regarding follwoing:

My job location initially will be in Lauanda and then Soyo. I have to have good internet connection, so could use VPN to connect other network AND VOIP telephone.

I am planning to bring my VOIP phone, so could easily get in touch with my family obviously to save money. Would it work there?

Secondly, I have to use VPN connection, so could access my other network. Existing internet connecton would help to support VPN?


Dear Ahmed,
The internet service in Angola is very unreliable.  Most people buy prepaid calling cards to make international calls or use a good callback service like Alliance Callback. That's your best bet.  Good Luck! Brian


I use BrainTel, it's good but depends on internet service which is very unreliable as pinted by 1111111.

I hope in Luanda you can get some better internet, not sure about soyo.



I would see on Google first which Internet service providers are there and whether they offer VOIP services and VPNs . Ask someone to contact Unitel and Movicell, they are the 2 major cellphone networks which also offer 3G type Internet and could probable help with VIOP and VPNs, but unfortunately as the previous posters have mentioned mostly everything in Angola is unreliable, technology also. See and

According to this article Movicell already upgraded most of its Analogue systems in major provinces to Digital. So I think this might work for you depending if they offer the services equired.

See … s-id=24493

I am in Angola now. Staying at Viana. The Unitel Seervice is good for internet as well as telephone.
Calling home is bit costly but Net is reasonable. You pay around 80 USD for the modem and then 45 USD per month for 2GB, speed is okay in towns and faster at home, if you use early in the morning.

Dear Dinesh,

What is cost to call India and Unitell is ok for this?

The sim cost and the calling tariff ?


When ever I use Internet I never forget to use VPN which give me online security during the use of Internet. It is also a perfect technology for live streaming. I would suggest you go with best vpn software.

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